Ramen Nagi aka Butao Ramen Manila

Monday, February 03, 2014

FINALLY got to try Ramen Nagi aka Butao Ramen (Manila) in SM Aura last Friday! :)  I have been really excited to try this place since it opened late last year.  Everyone who has tried it in Hong Kong has been raving about it and it got me curious.

Most everyone I know who have tried this place (abroad) has been telling me to head on to Aura when the mall opens so that we won't need to wait that long to get seated.  Well, as luck would have it, we got there at 11:30am and luckily, since we were six, we immediately got a table.  Just a note, I found it really funny and odd that some patrons REFUSE to share a table.  There were two groups ahead of us and both refused to share a table with others.  They wanted a 'private' table thus, they needed to wait.  I admire the management of Ramen Nagi for insisting that patrons in 2s or 3s share a table, makes it more practical.  You're not there for the ambiance anyway - you're there for the food.  I like that the management is firm on the sharing a table policy!  Good job management!

I didn't want to take pictures outside the restaurant, and so I took one inside.
Of course it has to show my Connor!  Hahaha...

So we were seated immediately and were given the papers to fill out our order.  I got the Butao King for my kids and the yayas, I ordered the Green King while my Panget got the Black King.  Initially, it was me that was supposed to order the Black King, but then I convinced my Panget to try it, he says that he won't order the Green King - and I was intrigued by it.  So I told him that I'd get the Green King instead so that he can order the Black King.

Our orders arrived within 10 minutes.  Introducing:  the Green King, the Butao King and the Black King!

Green King
look how green it is! :)

 Butao King
the most basic ramen of all!

Black King
the blackest badass of a ramen!


They were all good!  I loved my Green King very much - it was different.  It was a well thought of and I was surprised at how the taste of basil and parmesan cheese were incorporated perfectly in a tonkotsu (pork) broth!  I definitely will order this again and get all extremes (except for the spice).  I enjoyed how different it was!

As for my Panget's Black King - it was also good and different!  The broth was really rich and black.  My Panget had to add condiments to make the taste more flavorful to his tastebuds and it worked!  He though that it was a bit too oily.  I think he means that the broth was quite heavy/thick.

The Butao King was the most basic and simplest ramen of all.  The Yayas were all so happy with the noodled, soup and they were amazed on the oh so soft pork belly.  I can see it on their faces that they were both satisfied with the dish!  Kailee and Connor kept on eating the noodles and loving the broth too!  Too bad though that they don't have a kid's serving for the ramens.

Ramen Nagi offers a wonderful change to the basic ramen.  Alternative flavors that were all well thought of.  I hope that the ramen gods are happy about this!  Hahaha... or are they shaking their heads in disagreement?

The flavors are not something your will want to go back to every week to have your fill.  I still prefer Hokkaido Santouka (because of their set meals!) and Hanamaruken Ramen for the classic Tonkotsu ramen.  But if you get bored and want to try something different - then head on to Ramen Nagi, but please make sure to order the Green King or the Black King - as these are the house specials.  They also have the Limited King - which changes flavors monthly.   I also highly suggest that you give in when asked to share a table with strangers - for a change, you know! :)

For the record - we still have a favorite - and that is Ichiran Ramen in Tokyo!


Ramen Nagi
SM Aura


  1. Wow! :D I love how their customize order slip looks! :D and the black king, looks superb! :D

  2. Just went there yesterday for lunch. Black king was my ramen of choice & I super loved it! <3 I could feel my heart constrict with every slurp of the cholesterol-filled black squid ink & rich pork broth hehe. I'm too old for this na Didi! ;P

  3. Looks so good! Hope to taste that Black King..I like to try it.

  4. Hi Myx! Scary looking si Black King! Pero masarap

    Hi Jane!! Ibang level si Black King, in hokkien, ya-dyet! Hahaha...

    Hi Aliz! Go! Try it!