My Medela Freestyle Pump

Saturday, January 18, 2014

01/21/2014 Update:  Since I opened up my pump - I thought I had nothing to lose by turning it on - and it's ALIVE!!  It turned on and is working!! Hooray!  Maybe my pump just needed some cleaning.  Hahaha!!  Thank goodness, I didn't throw it out!

My Medela Freestyle pump konked out on me in Singapore.  Good thing I  brought my Medela Harmony pump with me.  Imagine the STRESS!!  I immediately sent an email to the customer service and got a reply to give the hotline a call.  So when I got home, I called Medela's customer service to ask for help.  I honestly wasn't expecting anything - I just needed help and comforting words.  But what I got was the exact opposite.  There was no sympathy.  I knew that my pump was way out of warranty, but I just needed to hear comforting words such as 'We'll see what we can do to help you' lines like those with no definite answer.  You know - to empathize on what I was going through.

What I was told was 'We can't help you with your pump because it's way out of warranty'  I also complained on the black dust that I found inside the battery's space and the cold cold lady I was speaking to, told me 'The Black dust is not harmful in any way' - Ohhhhkay, try and convince me it's not harmful.  What was worse was that they were unable to find my email!

So when I was told that there was nothing that can be done with my pump.  I decided to open it up.  I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose.  And so I did - I was honestly shocked because the machine was small.  I mean it was all hidden in the bulky exterior.  I was impressed though because for its size - it had so much power and it served me well for my two kids and I am very thankful for that.   But it does makes me wonder though - why does it emit black powder?  See for yourself - you be the judge.  So, here are the series of pictures on what the pump looks in the inside.  Enjoy!


  1. Hi didi.. I'm having my 2nd baby next month and i want to know how to breastfeed and kung ano ung mga kailngan kong gamit bukod sa breast pump and ano ung mga kailngan ko para sa proper storage ng breast milk ko. Thank you in advance. And advance happy birthday.

  2. Hi Jessa! Thank you for your greeting. Its actually belated na since it was last Saturday. But its the thought that counts.

    As for breastfeeding - In all honesty you just need your boob and your baby to direct feed and that's it. But if you don't plan to direct feed, then you will need:
    a) breastpump (manula or electric)
    b) bottles that can fit the pump
    c) breastmilk storage (milk bags and bottles)
    d) Cooler & Ice Pack (so you can store your milk if you're at work or is away from the baby)
    e) Freezer/Refrigerator (for you to stock and store respectively)

    Email me if you need more info.. Kasi so far yan palang naiisip ko :)
    Good Luck breastfeeeding! :)

    Love, Didi

  3. Hi Didi good day, im just wondering when did you bought your freestyle pump? Cause a relative from u.s. gave me 2 preloved freestyle (lucky), the other one got a manufacturing date at the labels at the back and has a different labeling style from the other one, however the other one that looks like yours (labels at the back) has no manufacturing date,im trying to sell the other one so im kinda looking for the newer model i guess. The one tgat looks like yours has a black dust aswell and the one labeled as 2014 has no dust at all,however what I noticed the one that lokks like yours has a stronger pump from the 2014 one, uhhgg now im having a hard time which one to use.

    1. Hello! I don't think there's a newer model of the Freestyle. Newer unit maybe, but not a new model. Baka it's not a freestyle pump? Kasi the freestyle just looks like this, walang changes sa itchura and make of the pump. I'm guessing its a different model.

      To be honest, I don't think it's a good idea to sell your pre-loved pump. Imagine the mom who will buy it and it might conk out on her, kawawa naman diba?

      There's a Medela distributor they MIGHT be able to help you. BUT baka hindi rin kasi they're very biased on the pumps not bought from them.

      Good luck!!

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