Transient Global Amnesia

Monday, January 27, 2014

Amnesia is just something that I read about and watch on TV shows and in movies.  But last Friday, a day before my birthday - it stared at me right in the face.

Last Friday morning, I came to my mom's house with a strange and disturbing surprise.  When I got out from the car, my mom's helper told me 'Di, si Mommy mo, walang maalala!' (Di, your mom, she doesn't remember things!) she had this worried look on her face - it was a scary type of worried look.  I hurriedly went inside the house and found her sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed and she was teary eyed, she looked at me and said 'Di?  Anong nangyayari sa akin?  Bakit, wala akong maalala?' (Di, what's wrong with me?  Why can't I remember things?').  I held her hand and asked her a few questions.  I asked her what her last memory was, and she said she doesn't have any.  I pulled Kailee towards her and asked if she knew who Kailee was - and she said yes.  She knew everyone around - the house help, my kids, our driver and our boy.  She said she couldn't remember anything that happened the day before and the days prior to last Friday.  My mom has a very good memory - she remembers things, and so this kind of behavior is really strange to us.  She was just sitting there, teary eyed - looking helpless, staring into space.  Confused.

She kept on asking us if she went to Mass that morning.  She asked this almost every minute.  Then she would ask what day it was - and I would tell her the date.  She would then reply 'Diba birthday niyo bukas?' (Tomorrow is your birthday, right?) After a few second, she would ask again if she head Mass, and what day it was.  This question and answer portion went on for the next two hours.  Our driver was so worried that he told me that he wanted to bring my mom to the hospital for check-up, they were worried that it might be a mild stroke or high blood.  But before I went to any hospital, I had to know where to go and who to look for.  I called one of my mom's best friends - Auntie Cata, and I guess by the stroke of luck, I called her for a reason.  She then told me to go to Dr. Libarnes of Cardinal Santos, she said that her sister had also experienced the same thing.  After I put down the phone, I immediately called the hospital to inquire on Dr. Libarnes' clinic hours - but was told that he was fully booked that afternoon.  I called my aunt again and she suggested for me to go to the ER and ask for Dr. Libarnes, because he will be forced to see her when he gets to the hospital.  So there, we decided to go to the ER of Cardinal Santos.  I also called my pedia over at Cardinal to recommend and she referred me to the same doctor.  

On the way to Cardinal Santos - the conversation was still the same.  Mommy was asking me if she heard Mass that day and what day it was.  She looked so confused and helpless.  She asked this numerous time while we were in the car.  I called my brother's friend because I remembered his youngest sister, Nikki was stationed in the ER of Cardinal (at least I had a familiar face to look for).  The question and answer portion still continued on until we reached the ER.  I asked her if she remembered how many dogs we had - she said three and named them.  We only had two left because one died last November.  She said she didn't remember Zowee passing away.  I then asked her what year it was and she blurted out 2010.  I then tricked her and said that if it was 2010 then Kailee wasn't even born yet.  She couldn't even remember if Connor had his first birthday yet or not.

When we got to the ER, Nikki assisted us.  She asked my mom questions and led us to a bed.  The nurses took blood to test for glucose and for some chemistry.  She then told me that they will give me an admission slip just in case we are advised to stay the night.  I left my mom and proceeded to the admissions counter.  When I got back - my mom was already talkative.  She was sort of back to normal.  She still kept on asking what happened to her and how she got to the ER.  She still asked the same question if she heard Mass, but she was already aware what day it was that day.  She then spoke to my brother on the phone and was clearly remembering more details.  When I saw her, I was convinced that she was already back to normal.  When she saw the time on her cellphone, she was shocked!  She asked me what she did for the past 6 hours.  Despite the ER doctors telling us to stay, we decided to come back home and just consult a doctor on our own.  Dr. Libarnes was still no where near the hospital and my mom was getting anxious.

When we got home - my mom was still in a confused stage.  She couldn't recall certain things but I know she was trying her hardest to recall them.  I told her not to force herself to recall anymore because it will do her no good.  She stared blankly at times.  I wondered if it was the air or what - because just a few hours ago, in the ER she seemed ok.  The rest of the afternoon she tried to recall things and was successful.  Slowly but surely we told her, and I kept on repeating for her not to try and remember anymore because it will just be frustrating on her part.  I know I sounded really grouchy bordering bitchy already because she kept on asking what happened that day over and over again.

My mom was diagnosed with TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA.  True enough, after 24 hours, she recalled everything that transpired the day before it happened.  What she can't remember now was the 24hour episode of the 'amnesia day'.  What she can remember are snippets of what happened that day like who Nikki was.  She has no recollection of whatever transpired in the ER, the doctors asking her questions or even the phone conversation she had with my aunt.  She remembers being home and feeling sleepy, but aside from that - it's all blank.  It's good to know that this episode won't happen again, since recurrence doesn't usually happen.  But boy was it scary.

I only thought that it happened it movies - and until I experienced it, I was so ignorant!  What we see on TV that people having no recollection?  Its no effing joke to the people around them, its quite scary and very very real.  I was so scared and shocked.  It was a good thing though, that I was totally calm that morning.  I had the presence of mind to call the right person and do the right things.  Had I panicked and let myself be affected immediately - I'm sure the whole household would be in chaos.  I thank my lucky stars that I had the presence of mind to do what I needed to do, call who I needed to call, ask for advice from the right people.  I think I was guided by something or someone.  I am so thankful for this.

My mom is back to normal now.  She's back to her old self.  She finds it strange what happened to her and sometimes asks us what happened.  Its good that she's not stressing too much on remembering every detail of her 'amnesia day' but she'd like to understand what happened.  I told her that understanding will do her nothing.  I got flack for being the grouchy bordering bitchy for telling her not to try remembering things anymore.  I've apologized for that - I was already stressed out from what happened, my temper and stress eventually got to me, I guess.  

One thing that I learned is that - to have presence of mind.  Not to be afraid to ask for help and to ask questions.  I am also thankful to the internet, I know some would say 'self diagnosis' but it made me more calm knowing that I can just google it and I'd have an idea on what it was.  I initially thought that it might Alzheimer's because of the memory loss - but I was told by the doctors that Alzheimer's is a progressive disease.  We have a family history of Alzheimer's - my grandmother's sister had this - our dear Auntie Ama Rosie (God Bless her soul), who we always stay with whenever we were in LA.

I'm relieved that this episode is already done.  Next order of business is to have a CT scan to make sure that everything is okay.  ER doctors said that this is the best way to know what happened, they wanted to make sure that its nothing to worry about.

I am so thankful that this was just temporary.  So, thankful!

My Birthday Giveaway!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My birthday is in a few days (literally) and I am so happy to announce that I am having a Birthday Giveaway!!

Thank you so much to my sponsors for making this possible!! :)  I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by your generosity.  I will forever be thankful to you guys!

So to my readers - joining is fairly easy and so, just follow the conditions in the Rafflecopter box below.  I won't ask you to do more that what you have been doing for my previous giveaways.

Again, THANK YOU so much for supporting my blog for the past years - I can't believe its been that long!  Thank you for eavesdropping on my whatever things.  Thank you for staying with me through the years.  Thank you for being there for me.  I promise to be a more engaging blogger and I will try my very best to post as often as I can.

Oh, by the way - there will be a LOT of winners!  So please join and encourage friends and family to join!  A winner can only win once, and if I get to pick the same winner, he or she will get the higher prize.  I will also need you to tell me which prize you prefer, so when I pick your name - voila, it's automatically yours!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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My Medela Freestyle Pump

Saturday, January 18, 2014

01/21/2014 Update:  Since I opened up my pump - I thought I had nothing to lose by turning it on - and it's ALIVE!!  It turned on and is working!! Hooray!  Maybe my pump just needed some cleaning.  Hahaha!!  Thank goodness, I didn't throw it out!

My Medela Freestyle pump konked out on me in Singapore.  Good thing I  brought my Medela Harmony pump with me.  Imagine the STRESS!!  I immediately sent an email to the customer service and got a reply to give the hotline a call.  So when I got home, I called Medela's customer service to ask for help.  I honestly wasn't expecting anything - I just needed help and comforting words.  But what I got was the exact opposite.  There was no sympathy.  I knew that my pump was way out of warranty, but I just needed to hear comforting words such as 'We'll see what we can do to help you' lines like those with no definite answer.  You know - to empathize on what I was going through.

What I was told was 'We can't help you with your pump because it's way out of warranty'  I also complained on the black dust that I found inside the battery's space and the cold cold lady I was speaking to, told me 'The Black dust is not harmful in any way' - Ohhhhkay, try and convince me it's not harmful.  What was worse was that they were unable to find my email!

So when I was told that there was nothing that can be done with my pump.  I decided to open it up.  I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose.  And so I did - I was honestly shocked because the machine was small.  I mean it was all hidden in the bulky exterior.  I was impressed though because for its size - it had so much power and it served me well for my two kids and I am very thankful for that.   But it does makes me wonder though - why does it emit black powder?  See for yourself - you be the judge.  So, here are the series of pictures on what the pump looks in the inside.  Enjoy!

The Bellevue Manila: Hospitality at its best!

Friday, January 17, 2014

I am not much of a local traveller, but what I am is a breakfast (buffet) addict.  I love going to hotels and restaurants to enjoy their breakfast offerings, especially buffets!  Ask my friend Kath, we've both enjoyed hours of eating and swapping stories over breakfast.

So when my ever dearest Jane invited me to visit Alabang, and stay at The Bellevue Manila, I was thrilled!  First and foremost to meet her and I have to be honest - it was also because of the breakfast buffet.  Hahaha..

And so I went and drove to Alabang.  I enjoy driving - but don't tell my Panget ha - because when he learns of this, he will for sure make me drive places.  I honestly don't mind - but he's the 'boy' in the relationship, thus I have this standard that he still needs to drive me around - unless of course, he is indisposed - so I'd need to go solo and drive by myself.

On that sunny Saturday morning, I drove to Alabang with my son Connor in tow.  The drive was really smooth - from my house in QC, would you believe that it just took us less than 40minutes to get to Alabang?  Yes, you read that right - LESS than 40 minutes!  I think the traffic just lies with the Metro Manila area,  when you hit the Skyway - it was so smooth!

I honestly had no expectations whatsoever.  I was familiar with The Bellevue Hotel mainly because of my friends who are based in Alabang were all praises with the hotel's Chinese restaurant, that it was really good!  And that was what got me more excited too!  Food - you know me and food!  Hahaha...

Is it just me or is it really a different place when you're in Alabang?  I felt like I stepped into a warp.  After exiting the highway - its as if I stepped into an alternate universe where its still in the Philippines, but more laid back, people were following traffic rules, people are more friendly, the city is quiet and calm.  What welcomed me was such a pleasant surprise.

We got to the hotel with the help of friendly people from Alabang.  I took a wrong turn but I was able to go back in the right direction immediately.  I made sure to drive slowly to appreciate the quietness and the view of The Bellevue Manila.  I went ahead and parked my car, unfortunately - I didn't know that there were two towers!  My son and I, together with his Yaya were a bit lost in the parking area but the attendants led us to the right direction and took the elevators up to the lobby.

When we exited the elevators, we were quite clueless but we were greeted by a bell service guy.  I was asked where I was headed and when I told him the lobby, this bell service guy went out of his way to bring me to the lobby.  I was then greeted by a pretty lady named Faye, she was so gracious and warm.  She asked for my details and within minutes - I was checked in.  Before I left the counter, she told me what was included in my stay - she also asked me if I needed anything.  I told her that I needed assistance to bring up my bags from the parking area and she called a nice bell service guy.  Within minutes my bags were all up and we were settled in.

I loved that the room was so cold!  Yes, - I am particular with a hotel room's air-conditioning.  It was a lovely surprise to see that I had a welcome note, with fruits!  My son Connor immediately settled on the bed.  He loved it actually!  He was crawling all over the bed!  And since he was without his sister - my he walked around the room owning the place!  He enjoyed the space so much!  The room is actually big enough to fit a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) the bed is so very comfortable.  The interiors look fairly new and modern.  The room is very homey and the bed - its really really really inviting!  The bathroom too is very modern - I loved that they still had a bathtub!  Most modern hotels did away with the tubs - to minimize cost and space.  Another thing that I liked the most was that when you dial the guest services - they immediately take your call and within a few minutes, your request is granted.  I had to request for teaspoons, bowls and plates, plus tissues as I was heavy with allergies at that time.  And they all accommodated my requests with a huge smile on their faces.

When my son was asleep, I had to run to the drugstore to buy some medicines.  Faye from the front desk was really helpful.  I mean, I swear - she was the friendliest staff that I have ever met.  She really went out of her way to assist me.  She led me to a concierge guy and waited until he was able to give me instructions.  It also helped that they gave me a map to show me where to go.  Within minutes I was at the drugstore and back to the hotel.

I am very much impressed with the hospitality given me.  Everyone of the hotel staff, even the guards at the door were all smiley, very friendly, cheery, and happy!  This is the kind of service that I really like.  This is the signature Bellevue hospitality, and I think this will make us come back for more.  I have always believed that the secret to a good hotel is its staff - if they are friendly and are willing to go an extra mile for their clients, then that is good enough.  But what greeted me was much more than friendliness - it was the genuine willingness to help and go that extra mile.  I have to say, that for a local hotel - this has impressed me miles and miles over!!  I think the company was able to convey their vision to their staff very well - because it shows in their smiles and gestures - that they're happy with what they're doing.

Facilities wise, The Bellevue Manila is complete!  They have ballrooms that can accommodate at least 500 person and conference rooms for meeting and the likes.  They have a top-notch gym and of course restaurants!  During my overnight stay in the hotel - I've witnessed two (2) weddings!  That says a lot about the hotel's services right?

Phoenix Court - The Bellevue Manila's Chinese restaurant is so good!  My friend Althia, has been telling me this for years.  I swear, it's in the same league as the Shangri-La hotel chains!  We were treated to a Lauriat feast and it did not disappoint at all!  My review on Phoenix Court deserves a separate post which I will make soon!  But know that Phoenix Court serves authentic Chinese cuisine.  I need to let you know that I am very particular when it comes to Chinese food.  Being spoiled rotten on Chinese cuisine (Hong Kong cuisine has trained my palate so very well), I can distinguish the good from the not so good - and Phoenix Court is very very good and so it passed with flying colors!

One of the most exciting meals I had was during breakfast - at the Cafe d'Asie.  As I said in the beginning of this post, I love love love breakfasts!  Cafe d'Asie's selection did not disappoint too!  The selection wasn't as many as the other hotel chains - I think what the hotel did was give a good enough spread and then upped the ante for the quality of their food.  Food selection was well thought of and wasn't overwhelming.  Many hotels do this - they will overwhelm you with a huge selection of dishes but the quality is compromised.  I'm glad that they opted for the quality instead of the quantity.  Good Job The Bellevue Manila!

So to The Bellevue Manila - I am so proud that you have exceeded my expectations when it comes to the hospitality, service and food choices.  I feel so proud that a Filipino owned hotel can rival those international chains.  I really hope that we can patronize our homegrown hotel.  I have told Jane and my friends and relatives over and over again - that I am very very much impressed with the staff and the hotel itself.  It was such a revelation to me, a wonderful revelation at that; that a homegrown hotel can match those international hotel chains (I know I've said this - but I need to say it again for emphasis).

To the owners - Mr. Johnny Chan, Mr. Patrick Chan and Mr. Ryan Chan - you have done a marvelous thing!  You have trained your staff very well.  I was floored with the kind of service that you offer, its world class!  Thank you very much!

Oh!  Just to add, I like the fact that this hotel offers a shuttle service going to the malls nearby.  They will also provide you with a map of the hotel with the establishments nearby!  I felt so well taken cared of that weekend.  I swear, the hotel's customer service is the BEST in the Metro.

Images are courtesy of The Bellevue Manila and me!

Thank you Jane of Sugar Spice and Everything Nice, so much for this opportunity!

I had the pleasure rubbing elbows with old and new blogger friends Joy & Edric of Teach with Joy, Sumi of The Purple Doll, Richie & Rina of The Pickiest Eater in the World, Fran & Paul of Frannywanny, Ro and Peter of Animetric's World and Rache & Anton of Our Awesome Planet

Cooking up a Birthday Giveaway!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Image grabbed from THIS site

Yes, I am turning a year older this month.  And as a thank you to all of my readers (some 25 readers.. Hahaha!)  I am doing a Birthday Giveaway!  Yehey! :)

I'm cooking up a Birthday Giveaway and I crossing my fingers that I will get the support that I need!  This is the first time ever that I am doing this - I'm so nervous!! :)

Stay tuned!!

#BetterMe: Buidling Your Kid's Self Esteem

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I love listening to Coach Pia speak.  It seems like she's the life troubleshooter!  I honestly feels like she has all the answers in the world when it comes to relationships.  And I will be forever thankful to these sessions to Kris.  I owe you big time!

The session was all about building your kid's self esteem.  I honestly did not think that these kids need some ego boosting - but I was wrong.  I then realized that when I was younger, whenever my parents (and elders) dismissed what I was feeling at that time - I felt so bad.  It was as if what I was feeling wasn't real - well, it wasn't as affecting to the adults, but at that time - it was affecting me.  I guess as I grew older, the dismissed feelings were more of the norm for me.  

The session opened my mind and heart to the reality that words are so powerful in rearing our kids.  I grew up with traditional parents who saw talking about their feelings as a weakness.  I guess that’s why I went on to write, what I couldn’t verbalize, I wrote in my journals.  I must admit, I am thankful that I had my journals to write in, because if not for the journals, I wouldn’t be able to express my feelings in words, like now.  Like for example - I honestly could not and am physically unable (its such a struggle I know!) to tell my mom verbally that I love her - and that is until now!  I need to muster up all the courage and hold back galloons of tears before I can utter the words 'I love you, Mom'.  I know its silly - but I wasn't brought up that way - to verbalize your feeling?  I mean, no one said it was wrong, but in the environment I was in, well - it wasn't normal to be expressive with your feelings.

So when I had Kailee, I knew that I had to correct that norm.  I knew that I wanted Kailee to feel loved and hear words of affirmation.  Some say that actions speak louder than words - but I say, words are very powerful.  Words can hurt you, words can destroy you, words can eat up your imagination and guilt.  Words, if used wrong leaves scars - for life!  And I do not want that for my children, I do not want that for me.

What I learned from this session is that - kids have feelings.  They may not be as important or relevant to us adults but we shouldn't dismiss them as trivial.  I have always believed that everything is relative - what maybe important to you may not be important to others.  And with this in mind - I have always respected people's opinion on things.  So, together with this learning - I will never ever dismiss the feelings of my child.  I will validate them and let them know that I am here for them and that I know what they are going through.

I've also always wondered how much time should I spend with each child.  And I learned from this session that a parent should spend at least thirty (30) minutes per child - UNINTERRUPTED!  Yes, we should spend thirty whole minutes with each child - alone, without any distractions, without yayas or helpers.  This, I think is another learning I got from this session.  I now have two kids - Kailee and Connor.  Kailee since she's older (and more talkative) is with me most of the time.  We play, we talk, we spend time together.  As for Connor - since he just turned one last October - well, I thought that since he's younger - I'd wait for him to be more interactive.  Wrong move, Didi - wrong move.  Now, I try my darnest to spend quality time with Connor - and its so hard!  Kailee is always asking for me, I am so distracted with Kailee.  I need to come up with a game plan for this - and I must admit, its a work in progress.  I think I spoke too soon because now, Connor is more active too.  He likes to be included in our activities - the thing is, he's still unable to utter clear words and is unaware of certain things.  I really need to work more on this aspect - double time!

If there is one thing I would like to share to you guys - its that our kids have feelings, let's validate them and empathize with them.  Some will argue that we are spoiling them too much with these and the saying 'What do kids know about feelings?'  Well, they know that feelings are important and that it should help them instead of deter them.  

So let's validate their feelings!

Starbucks 2014 Drinks and Healthy Food Items!

I fell in love with the Asian Dolce Latte when it was introduced to us March last year.  Being a fan of milk, this was the perfect mix of coffee and milk!  I loved the taste (because I'm a huge fan of milk!) and I'm so happy that its back!  PLUS, it now it has a frappuccino version!  Now, there's another way to drink the Asian Dolce Latte!  Yeyness!

 Asian Dolce Latte (L-R) 
Latte, Iced and Frappuccino

Along with this, Starbucks is also introducing a new drink - the Chestnut Macchiato.  It has the flavor of roasted chestnuts with the signature macchiato recipe of Starbucks.

Chestnut Macchiatto 
(L-R)  Iced and Latte 

To usher in the new year, Starbucks is offering the healthier alternative!  I was surprised to see oatmeal, veggie sticks and my favorite couscous in the menu!  Here's a preview:

Veggie Sticks with Blue Cheese Dressing (P110.00)

Couscous Salad with Smoked Tuna Spread and Bagel Chips (P150.00)
This is my FAVORITE!! :) Love love the couscous and the smoked tuna spread!

The Perfect Oatmeal (P85.00)
This was really good - and that is coming from a person who dislikes oatmeal! 

Its wonderful that Starbucks is giving us a healthier option when it comes to food.  Now we can enjoy more their food without the guilt!  I'm also happy to see that the number of calories are indicated in the label - this a good move of Starbucks to educate and inform customers of how much calories they are taking in.

Happy drinking and healthy eating!!

Red Ribbon's Chocolatier Black Forest

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Red Ribbon has been my go to place for cakes.  I would remember going with my mom to buy the Sansrival, the Coffee Crunch and most especially the Mango Cream Pie!  When I was younger, I would remember seeing the Black Forest Cake every time there was a birthday or a family gathering.  It was the 'it' cake at that time and so my aunt always serves it up to us.  I would even remember my aunt telling us (kids) to eat just a few bites because there was alcohol in it!  I honestly never knew if that was real or it was just a joke (for us kids to eat less = more for the adults!)  So we (the kids, then) would always marvel at the cake.

This year, Red Ribbon has made the Black Forest even more enjoyable for both the adults and most especially the kids!  They have made it more chocolatier, more chocolate filling, more chocolate shavings, and of course - a chocolatier cake!  

Now, who can resist a cake like that?!

Regular Cake costs P550.00

We all know the importance of family right?  So Red Ribbon made a heartwarming short film to pay tribute to this and it is available for viewing on YouTube:

Fun Fact:  
Red Ribbon Bakeshop was founded in 1979, along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. The high quality and delicious products of Red Ribbon Bakeshop quickly became a Filipino favorite, and in 2005, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Red Ribbon Bakeshop to add to its renowned portfolio of truly Filipino chains.

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Serenitea's New Food!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Serenitea is my first love when it comes to milk tea.  That's why I'm so happy to share that they have new food items this 2014!

Their yummy Chicken Chops has new flavors!

If you like spicy, then this is for you!  It truly captures the flavors of Thailand and I am such a critic of Thai food - and this one, passed with flying colors!

The Western (onion and mustard) and the Formosa are a refreshing variant of the original.  My favorite among the three is the Formosa because I love tomatoes and basil!  These Chicken Chop Flavors are at P120.00 per order.

Chicken Chops Formosa & Chicken Chops Western

Have you seen their Shangri-La East Wing branch?  It's so pretty!  I love the comfy chairs and the inviting interiors!  Another thing to love about that branch is that it is only one of the two branches that serves their Premium cakes!  (The other branch being Congressional)

This is their Mango Cheesecake!  If you remember what Red Ribbon's Mango Cream Pies, then this is the cheesecake version.  I love that it was able to captured the taste of the Mango Cream Pie!  So head on to Serenitea Shang Mall and Congressional to get your fix of the Mango Cheesecake (Cream Pie!! Hihi...)

Mango Cheesecake

This is the Almond Matcha cake.  Matcha lovers will like this because of the real taste of the Matcha with generous portions of Almonds!

Almond Matcha Cake

Another good news is that - they've now got the Low Sugar Pearls!  You can now have more pearls with less guilt!  And that's with no additional cost!

These babies will be available starting January 15!

Jane Go - my Christmas 2013 Angel

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I have been a lurker of Jane's blog for quite a while now.  I love visiting her blog because her happy-ness is contagious!  When I'm having a not so good day, I just type her URL and voila - a smile creeps up my fave.  My friend Kath loves her too and one of the reasons is that she's so fasyon and fabulous!  Read her posts and you'll see what I mean.

So imagine my shock, kilig-ness and pure joy when she invited me to do a guest post.  I mean, ME?  Didi?  Was she serious?  I had to read her email THREE freaking times just to be able to absorb the reality that, she emailed me!  I was literally in shock - but mind you, I replied immediately.  So I guess, I must be speed reading at that!  Haha!! :)  You can read about my post here.

I was still reeling with shock and delight and then I received another invitation to meet her.  Gosh, I was rolling all over the floor in happiness!  I was so kilig and over the moon.  I was so excited to meet her.  The countdown was both exciting and nerve wracking.  

And we finally met.  Jane is exactly how she writes.  Ganon na ganon.  Literally!  She's so fun, friendly, bursting with happiness, loving, cute, and a romantic!  She and her Kap are so cute together!  They're two lovebirds!  Her kids are gorgeous too!  Wonderful genes!  Hahaha... I had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know the Go's..

Jane - I love that you are such a happy person.  You are FABULOUS!  And so are Jeff, Jana, Jonah and Jena! :)  I love that you have such a supportive family - they were with you the whole time! :) Nakaka-inggit! :)  But seriously, it shows how intact your family is - and honestly, it made me realize that I want that with my family too.   I now understand why you were so sad that I was flying solo!  You guys are my peg!  I wish I can be as fab as you are! :)  Hahaha... :)

Thank you so much for your love, generosity and the warmest Southern welcome ever, Jane!  You are in my heart FOREVER! :)  You made me fall in love with you more that we have met.  I promise to visit you with my daughter Kailee in tow.  Let's pain the town purple when I visit you!

Visit Jane's blog and see what I'm talking about!  Her happiness is contagious!!
Sugar Spice and Everything Nice!

Will be posting more on my Christmas 2013 Angel series..

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!! :)

2013 was a challenge but it also brought me so many blessings.  


I'm looking forward to more blessings this 2014!

Happy Merry New Year!! :)

Love, Didi