Orphan Black

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Panget and I are obsessed with foreign TV shows.  I say foreign because its not only American shows that we watch, we also watch Canadian and British shows.  I like certain genres and he has his own preferences - but somehow - being married to him, well - his preferences have rubbed off on me.  One of the influences that I got from his is the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre.  I'm now a fan of Firefly, the whole Stargate series, Continuum, Strike Back and some other else.

So every year - he has these certain shows that he downloads.  He tells me to check them out, and when I do - I get hooked!

Our most recent discovery is Orphan Black.

Photo credited to Fangirl.com

I have to admit, I saw the pilot and right there and then I knew that he would like it.  And two weeks ago, we finally started watching it and YES, it was great.  My Panget has been declaring that the lead actress should win an Emmy for her performance because she's playing multiple roles!  Well, maybe next year - when the show's created more buzz.

In the recent days - I have been noticing that Orphan Black has been included in the must see TV shows of 2013 - and I totally agree with that.  Orphan Black is a Canadian show that is being aired in BBC America and in a nutshell - the show is mainly about clones and cloning.  The show discusses issues surrounding cloning - a sci-fi nut will definitely enjoy this.

The lead actress is amazing !  I mean she could shift from one accent to another and the characters that she plays - well, they're not at all similar in any way!  The personalities are so extreme that I'm sure viewers will be impressed.  I swear, she's so versatile!  Most of the time, I forget that it's a single actress portraying a number of roles.  I swear, it's really impressive.  I mean - imagine a single actor playing a twin - that's doable right?  But what about playing at least four (4) yes - 4 freaking characters!  That's a whole different ballgame altogether!  I won't go into the details of the show (so you'll watch it) - but I swear, please do see it if you have time.

I promise, it's worth it.


  1. Pangit lang yung season ender parang minadali

  2. Hi By! :) Minadali ba? Haha.. I need to watch it again... :)