Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ramen restaurants have been sprouting here and there in the recent years.  Unfortunately, not enough mushrooming in the Quezon City area.  Those that are currently open in the are are all locally made versions of the ramen, meaning they are Pinoy versions made to suit the Pinoy palate.

 The first ever ramen place that I know of is Shinjuku.  But the most popular ramen joint that I know of is Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road.  I know it's been open for a long time now, even before the 'ramen craze' - but up to this day, I still haven't tried that place yet.  It's still on my wishlist and friends still say - its still the best one in the Metro.

So, when I saw on my Twitter and IG feed that a Japanese franchise was opening in Trinoma, I was excited - I mean, finally!  Hahaha!  Yesterday, while at the mall with the kids and my Panget, we were looking for a place to have lunch.  When I asked the mall's guard if there was a new ramen place - he led us to Hanamaruken saying that it was on soft opening.  Lucky us!

Hanamaruken is where Ramen X used to be.  It's also by the same owners of Ramen X and Ramen Bar.  This though, is a franchise from Osaka and so my expectations were quite high.  The newly designed space is really nice and fascinating.  There's one wall that is an image of a Japanese ramen place's facade.  The place is very well lit and I like the communal table with a bench.  We were told by Peter our server that they have been open for two weeks now.  He was very attentive, helpful and informative.  I suggest you look for him when you go, as he will definitely make your dining experience special!

We ordered the house specialty - Signature Happiness Ramen and the recommendation of Peter, our server which was the Salary Man Ramen.  Unfortunately, the karaage and gyoza were not available at that time, and so we just ordered the Happiness Rice Bowl for the Yayas and for Kailee.

I must say that it was love at first taste of the Salary Man Ramen's broth - it was so flavorful.  The noodles were just the right bite and the sliced pork was good.  I shared my noodles with Kailee and she finished them immediately (she calls ramen and all noodle soups as Super Noodles).

Salary Man Ramen (P280.00)

My Panget's Signature Happiness Bowl did not disappoint either.  It impressed us so much because of the large portion of the slow cooked pork rib and the taste of the broth.  The pork rib was so tender and soft that you'd want to keep on munching away.  My Panget had to alternate the noodles and the pork, so as to balance his ramen experience.  I think maybe two people can split this ramen, but for me and my Panget - well, we're selfish that way - one bowl, each!  Hahaha..

Signature Happiness Ramen (P480.00)

I'm so happy that a Japanese ramen franchise has finally opened in Trinoma.  That means that I don't need to drive all the way to Ortigas Center and Makati to get my ramen fix.  So so happy about this!  Yey!  So, if you happen to be in Trinoma or in Quezon City and is craving for ramen, well - head on to Hanamaruken and enjoy their dishes!

Level 2
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

P.S.  I'm just so glad, talaga, as in!  Hahaha...


  1. I so love Japanese dishes! I have tried Yabu; House of Katsu last February and I so wish to try that again next year. This is what I hate about living in the province, I've been missing too much food hives in Manila. :/ But I've heard that there will have Rai Rai Ken at SM Batangas. I wanted to try fresh sushi! Yey!

    Anyways, Signature Happiness Ramen si quite pricey but is really inviting ;) I can see how happy you are po :D

  2. You're right Didi, not enough ramen places in QC. In Trinoma, sa dami ng resto dun, we always end up in Mexicali. Will drop by here maybe after Christmas na.

    You're header looks so yummy! :)

  3. Hi Myx! Masarap siya kasi ang laki ng portion nung slow cooked pork rib! :) Ako naman, I want to try those small home based restaurants in the provinces!! :)

    Hi Badet! There's so little choices of Ramen places in QC talaga.. Do drop by! Its yummy!! :) Thanks for the compliment!!