Starbucks Planners 2014

Friday, November 01, 2013

UPDATE:  I'm giving away a Starbucks 2014 Planner in Yellow!

It's that time of the year again!

I'm sure EVERYONE is excited to get a preview of the 2014 Starbucks Planners!

And here they are....

 This year's theme is representative of the Blonde, Medium and Dark roasts.

Starting tomorrow - November 2, 2013, you may start collecting stickers.  For this year, there are three (3) ways to get yourself a 2014 Starbucks Planner:
Option 1 -  You will need to collect eighteen (18) stickers - nine (9) Christmas Drinks and nine (9) Core Beverages.
Option 2 -    Load P5,000.00 on your Starbucks Card and voila - a free 2014 Starbucks Planner!
Option 3 - Do your Christmas Shopping at Starbucks - with a single receipt purchase of P5,000.00 worth of Starbucks merchandise, food items, coffee, coffee beans, etc. and you get yourself a 2014 Starbucks Planner of your choice!

And as a special treat to us tomorrow November 2, Saturday - the first three hundred (300) customers in EVERY Starbucks branch will receive ONE free sticker on top of the one that they will get for the beverage they are paying for! 

Here's a tip.  If you have a Starbucks Card - use that to pay for your beverage and in turn you earn one (1) star and get one (1) sticker for the Starbucks 2014 Planner!

This year's planner also holds the most number of coupons in the Starbucks Planner history - the 2014 Planner carries with it - fourteen (14) coupons that you can redeem all throughout the year!

So, which color are you eyeing?

Me?  I've got my eyes on the Yellow!

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