Project Pie

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I love Pizza.  Any kind of pizza.  I would eat pizza everyday if I could!  Yes, that's how much I love pizza.  I can live with eating pizza alone and probably french fries.

For the past months, I have been seeing feeds of Project Pie.  The concept is so different and new thus people have been flocking to Mandaluyong just to try it.  It was only last Sunday that I was able to try it.

So, on a Sunday night - what welcomed us was chaos.  The place was jam packed!  People walking and standing around everywhere.  Madness.  And I am not one who likes too much of a chaos (semi - is okay). 

First things first - I had to find a table, a table good enough for 6 adults and 4 kids.  Man, it was tough.  As in our Pinoy culture, we like to linger in a restaurant after we've eaten.  But for a place like Project pie, well - lingering should be controlled.  It should have a slogan that says eat and go or something to the lines of that but nice, but I guess that won't work here in the country (as we love to linger!)  I had to stand beside and watch like a hawk this table that could fit us all.  And yes, I was eyeing this guy who was in my opinion trying to steal our table away.  Good thing was that the staff of Project Pie sensed this and told him that I was going to get the table when the current ones using it leaves. 1 point - Project Pie!

When we finally got our table (thanks to the much lingering of patrons, who were taking selfies BTW) I stood in line for like forever.  Why?  Well, because since the slogan says Design, Build, Eat.  And that was what exactly happened.  You are to design your own pizza, build it as you like and chomp chomp away.  The line took long because of course considering we had 10 mouths to feed, it was a simple math of ordering at least 7 pizzas - and that's with the thought of trying to build you own 7 pizzas!  Madness! Hahaha..  I found that it might take long, and hungry patrons standing in line behind us might kick our ass (as I would if the patrons ahead of me would take their sweet time) and so I thought, I'd just order 2 pizzas with ready made designs and 2 that is build your own.  So there, in a span of 10 minutes we were done.  The pre-designed/template pizzas were easy, but the build your own, well it took a bit more time.  I wish there was a sign that says Step 1: Choose your Sauce (red or olive oil)  Step 2:  Choose your cheeses, Step 3:  Choose your meats Step 4:  Choose your veggies.  Because for a first timer like me, I was looking at the Project Pie flyer and the cheeses were way at the end of the list of ingredients.  So instead of telling them what the cheese, I first told them the meats.  It was very confusing to be honest.  My brother in law suggested that there be a flyer with a box to be ticked for faster transactions, oh well.  I found it funny that the pizza's topping were all supposed to be written on the 'paper' to label the pizzas, maybe because in the end if a customer claimed this and that on their pizzas - if its written, then no more contesting!

The staff were very nice to inform you what toppings goes with what.  Like for my Panget's build your own - the staff said that it might be too salty and too flavorful, and the staff also raised his eyebrows on the anchovies WITH jalapenos.  Since it was my Panget who picked the toppings, I didn't care.  Hahaha!  We just had to wait for our pizzas to be called, which was roughly around 2 to 3 minutes.  And they came all together at the same time.

I must say, I enjoyed my pizzas very much.  They came out really good.  My Panget who's pizza I was scared to try (because of the jalapenos) - well, he loved every bit of it and I think wanted more because he had some more slices of mine!  I built an all meat pizza, and I loved it!  But since I had to share a slice or two to my Panget, well - I wasn't satisfied and was still craving.  Thank goodness for my presence of mind of ordering more!  Hahaha..  I enjoyed the whole experience.  The chaos and madness together with the good pizza, it was a wonderful combination. Its a good kind of different.  But I think that at P285.00 per pizza, it was a bit on the expensive side since one pizza won't be enough for me!  But I guess their selling point is that their pizzas are build your own/artisinal plus the ingredients are waaay better that your local pizza parlors.  And that's good enough for me to come back!

In the end, I enjoyed my Project Pie experience.  I enjoyed the chaos, the madness and the food!  The staff were really nice too.  I have to say they were all VERY helpful and cheery!  I like that they're friendly too and they know what they are doing.  They were trained very well.  I guess it shows that they're happy with doing their jobs - and it makes a big big difference!

Another positive note:  My sister in law placed one order of the banana nutella, and she got two of them.  When she offered to pay for the other one, the staff declined and said that since it was their mistake - we can have it for free and they said 'More pizza to enjoy for everyone!'  I like that kind of atmosphere, they know how to handle customer service.  10 points - Project Pie! :)

I'm so looking forward to visiting again!  Hope to see you soon Project Pie! :)

Project Pie
515 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong
(across S&R Membership Shopping)

#BetterMe: A Session with Coach Pia

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am honored (and kilig) to have been invited by Kris of OC Mom in Manila to join them in their BetterMe sessions with Coach Pia a few weeks ago.

The session was all about The Art of Co-Parenting:  Raising a Child as a Team.

This was very timely for me - as I am a fairly new mom (Kailee just turned 2.5yo) and raising her, well - challenges me and my Panget a lot.  We actually never discussed the specifics but we agreed on the 'good cop/bad cop' set up, and so far, we haven't had any situation that called for it.  Kailee has been good so far, I mean yeah - she would have her tantrums once in a while, but it wasn't something of a big issue for us.

While listening to Coach Pia speak and share, I realized so many things about myself and my background.  My background as it turns out, has a big influence on how I have decided to raise my kids.  What I have been accustomed to - well, that doesn't necessarily translate into the right way or method.  And what I learned is that there are other methods available, there are other ways, a different perspective of some sort.  But, I know one thing for sure and that is I want to be become a better parent to my kids.

I took home a LOT of learnings, but these six had the most impact on me:

1)  Empathize with each child - I know that our little ones have feelings, but I never knew that it should be something I really should consider.  Coach Pia suggested asserting certain 'use words' in situations like 'I know you are not doing it on purpose (but you will hit the vase at the back)'  I tried this on Kailee when I got home - and I was amazed on its effectiveness.  I now use this line all the time - and the results are incredible!

2)  Be open and sensitive to your child's needs - like the previous one, we should always consider the feelings of our little ones.  Even if they're young, they have feelings to that we should consider and take into consideration.  Our kids also feel let down at times and so we need to be more sensitive to their needs.

3)  Speak to other people who can give you more information - To understand situations better - we can speak to teachers, counselors, siblings, friends or other relatives to learn from them.  I think that we have to admit that we are not perfect and that we can learn to adapt with learning from others. 

4)  Have an encouraging UNITED front - I used to be a believer in the 'good cop/bad cop' set up and this opened my eyes that labeling a good cop and a bad cop only encourages bad impressions to our kids.  It is just now that I realized that our kids will forever remember us being 'together' in our decisions.  That no one parent can be bribed through lambing or whatever means.  (Hahaha!)

5)  Provide a healthy space for your child to develop into the best individual they can be (and not a shadow of their parents' needs and wants) - I know its hard to let go, but we need to let our kids grow - of course, with proper guidance.  I think we have the tendency to want our kids to succeed in the aspects where we have failed.

6)  Find that Inner Calm - stay calm amidst the ambiguity.  I know its hard, but that's the way it should be.  Its the same as having faith (if you ask me)

This session made me realize that we all have hang ups as parents.  We carry with us happy memories, scars and learning from our own respective families and backgrounds.  We just have to realize that our journey to becoming better parents is never ending.  There is no one specific route - but there are countless of roads to take and different journeys to make us better.  I also learned that communication - whatever medium is so very important to a better relationship.

I enjoyed this #BetterMe #Session with the #SoMoms.  This session made me aware that there are other people who would like to help, who would share their passion and reach out to others so that the others may learn from them.  Thank you for organizing a session like this, it is very very helpful and insightful. 

Thank you Kris!
Thank you Janice!
Thank you SoMoms!

And THANK YOU Coach Pia!

I had a wonderful, wonderful inspiring time.

P.S.  This was really a #BetterMe session.  And it was so nice to meet the SoMoms and SoDad in the flesh!  Its comforting to know that they have become more than just online buddies that share a passion. Thank you for your warmth guys!!  I really appreciate it!

Kwentong Kasambahay: Yaya Blues, So long, farewell!

Monday, October 07, 2013

I feel so drained. (I wrote this last night - and finished it just a while ago, pardon the grammatical errors, will edit this later)

This morning, I had a Kwentong Kasambahay episode.  I'm assigning the title as 'So long, farewell!  And why is this so?  Because simply the fact that Yaya D. has left.

I'm sure you've read about her in one way or another here in this blog.  I'm sure the post was a positive one as I loved her dearly.

So let's start from the beginning (WARNING - emotional post ahead!)

I'm sorry but I need to get this out - and this is my outlet.  I'm apologizing for the LONG long post.

Favorite moments on Breaking Bad's Felina

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


For those who haven't seen the FELINA yet - please stop right here!!

I'm a Huge fan of the show.  I have to admit, I just started watching two months ago, and true enough - I finished the first three (3) seasons in two days.  Seasons 4 and 5 - well it took me a month (since the last 8 episodes of Season 5 only came out August 11)

So there.

I faced my fear and FINALLY decided to watch Breaking Bad's series finale.  I loved it.  I loved it so much that I had to watch it TWICE!  I laughed, cried, laughed again and cried some more.  The finale was THE PERFECT ENDING to the show.  The brilliance and the passion were all present all throughout the finale.  The pacing was so wonderfully in sync with the whole episode - it set the tone of redemption for me.  Start strong - and end even stronger.

So, here are my favorite things on the finale:

1)  Walter White banged his hand on the windshield
This made me laugh so hard.  I mean, even during his weakened state - he was still THE man!  Hahaha.. He still has the mojo!

2)  The laser pointing scene and the scene that comes after
The brilliance of Mr. White is unmatched.  Everything was his idea.  This I realized when I saw how he was able to 'control' Elliot and Gretchen.  I believe that Walt was once the main man behind Grey Matter, it was just unfortunate that he needed money and thought it more important to pay rent at that given time and gave up his share of the company he built.  This scene made me realize how in control he was - how he knew what buttons to push, how he is so brilliantly smart to be able to think of ways and means to achieve his goal (of leaving his children money)  I teared up that he wasn't bitter - and laughed so hard when I saw him motion to something and then - TADA, the laser pointers!!!  Mr. White - you ARE the man!  I also laughed so hard when I saw Skinny Pete and Badger!  These guys no matter who much of a loser they are - they make the scenes lighter and witty.

3)  Mr. White, the Machine gun and the dessert
I never expected this!  But well played Mr. White!  Well played (with matching slow clapping and nodding) Even at this scene, you'll see the teacher in him - he is very thorough and his actions are all well thought of.  He still had the presence of him to 'practice' it out before actually trying it.

4)  Skyler & Mr. White's last scene together
It was all about forgiveness.  Walt finally was able to admit that he liked what he was doing, that he was good at it, that he felt alive - and that it wall because HE wanted to do it.  Mr. White was MAN enough to admit to this truth.  I would have insisted on the 'he did it for the family' but being able to admit that first and foremost - he wanted it?  My, that's so many pogi points in my book!  I cried (again) when he touched Holly's cheek.  Now that I have a daughter and a son - I cannot imagine life without them, so knowing how he felt - it pulled at my heart.  How I wish Holly saw Mr. White - I was heartbroken here, really heart broken.  It also pained me to see him leave - without Skyler giving him a hug or anyone touching him in anyway for that matter.

5)  Mr. White tackling Jesse
The look on Mr. White's eyes when he saw Jesse's condition.  And tackling him as if to attach him - It was to save him - to free him.  From beginning to end, I knew that Mr. White will protect Jesse from almost everything - if he could, that is.  He will NEVER betray Jesse.  Yes, he will declare to the world that Jesse is well - not that bright and usually is the cause of his demise - but in the end, Jesse is his son.  Jesse is family.

6)  Mr. White's raised hand (while pushing the button for the machine gun)
I don't know why - but this made me laugh!  I mean, I assumed that once you push that button, it would have been BOOM!  Instead it took a few more seconds, thoughts raced in my head - will it work? Was the key too far from the car?  Were the walls too thick?  But then when the scene shifted to the car - I knew it would work.  THANK GOODNESS IT WORKED though.  Haha!

7)  Uncle Jack's last scene
He still had to take a puff before dying.  Yan ang tunay na lalake is what I would (imagine) hearing from my Panget.  Uncle Jack is so full of pride that he still had to do that!  What made me like this scene?  Well - simply because Mr. White didn't have a care in the world where the rest of his money was and just shot Uncle Jack. 

8)  Todd getting choked
Yes.  He deserved it.  And I liked it (creepy ba?) that Mr. White stood there watching.  Mr. White was as detached with how Todd is during the show.  Todd deserved this because he killed Drew Sharp and Andrea! 

9)  Jesse smiling
A rare moment this season.  We saw how much he loved his newfound family (Andrea and Brock) Jesse redeemed himself for me during this last season because we were shown that he also had brains.  Good for you Jesse!  Good for you (with matching repeated taps on the shoulder/back)

10) Mr. White in the lab
At first I thought - gosh, at his state he still wanted to cook?  I laughed at my idea and added the thought - 'hanggang kamatayan!' (Till death!) But I was wrong.  Mr. White was just admiring what he created/helped create.  I guess this scene made the series go full circle with how he started - started in a Chem lab in school and ended in a Chem lab made by Uncle Jack's team.  In both scenes - Chemistry is the main denominator.

So there you have it!  My first EVER list.  Hahahaha!!

You know what - in HS, I really enjoyed Chemistry.  I was able to balance equations with ease.  I just didn't pursue it.

Sigh.. I would have been a Mr. White - Didi version.


Bryan Cranston - for being Hal, for making me doubt that a comedian can go so dark.  Thank you for Mr. White.
Aaron Paul - for being Jesse, the kid Jesse.  The Jesse in all of us, the one who messes up and come up with bright ideas as we matured
Vince Gilligan - for creating this show.  I will forever be a fan.