Toxic Relationships

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have been hearing the word TOXIC for years describing what the day has been for them.  I honestly never understood what it really meant.  And now, I still don't know how to use that word properly in that certain context.  Hahaha!!

So, I've been attending a seminar/fellowship on the 'Toxic' series and we were just discussing about Toxic Relationships.

My cousin-in-law Irene sent me this, this morning.

I have to admit, this is an eye opener.

Read them through and see if you are in one..

I realized that there are really persons/people in your life that is 'toxic' to you.  They are detrimental to your growth.  The sad thing is that - they think the mean well BUT actually, they are doing more damage.

Its honestly quite hard to admit that you are in a toxic relationship OR you are the toxic in the relationship.  But I guess by the mere fact that you are able to identify this is one step closer to becoming a better person.

My prayer now, is to be able to have the courage and wisdom to cut off or eliminate a particular 'toxic relationship' in my life.

Good Luck Didi!!

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