How do you discipline a child?

Monday, June 17, 2013

How do you discipline a child?  Is there a formula to follow?  Or a guideline perhaps on what to do and how to do it?  Is there a class or a seminar?  Or do you just wing it? 

You see, Kailee is starting to get naughty.  She has times when she tests our limits.  She would consciously do something and then wait for our reaction.

For the past two weeks we've had four (4) incidents of Kailee biting Connor.  She would play with him, make him laugh, kiss his cheeks and hug him.  Then suddenly, I hear Connor cry in pain and his cry is inconsolable.  Kailee would tell us 'Connor is crying..' with a sad face.  We then take a look at Connor to check on him, only then will we discover that she bit him.  How did we know she bit Connor?  There were deep bite marks on Connor's little fingers.  I'm sure it was painful.

I then talk to Kailee, I tell her that it's not nice to bite Connor.  I then ask her 'You want mommy to bite your finger too?'  To which she will reply 'Yes' and then when I ask it again she'll say 'No'.  So I thought she understood (well, I think she really does) but after a few days - it happens again.  I don't know what to do anymore.  I've raised my voice a couple of time and she seems to 'get' the point.  I would like to spank her (I'm sure a LOT of eyebrows will raise) - but I feel that she might be too young.  I've tried to give her a time-out but since she's a very active child - it lasts only for a few seconds.

HELP!  What can I do, to get my point across to her.

Is this just a phase?  Or do I have a little Vampire?


  1. Be more assertive. Show her who's boss. Our daughter is at the same stage, testing our limits, saying 'yes' when she really means 'no,' etc.

    What I do is take away her toys, iPad, or whatever she loves doing at the moment. She cries and starts to throw a fit, of course, but I ignore it until she realizes it doesn't work. She will start to lambing me with the hopes of getting her toy/iPad back, but I still won't budge and instead warn her to quit it and start behaving or else I'll take away her no. 2 toy/gadget. Stand your ground and when you discipline her, hit her (figuratively) where it hurts.

    It also helps to show her a room you don't use (i.e., a store room or any room that's not conducive to playing), and that if she gets a warning 5 or something, she will have to stay in the room for the night. With our warning system, Warning 3 takes her toy/gadget away, Warning 4 her no. 2 toy/gadget... when she sees you mean business by taking her toys away, she will know you mean business once warning 5 comes.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it! Its really so hard for me not to give in! Malambot kasi ang puso ko eh. Plus I think my daughter is a good actress, nadadala ako sa mga emote emote niya!