Oh, you're DIRTY Maynilad!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

05/30/2013 Update:
 Romy for Maynilad visted us regarding this complain.  He claims that its IMPOSSIBLE for the debris/residue to come from their pipes because they have a strainer in their pipes.  I told him that I'd like to see the strainer - and he agreed, telling me that he will report back in the office so that they can schedule their technical people to do it for me tomorrow.  Good luck!

I've had never ending problems with Maynilad.  You can read them here, here and here..

They constantly repair our street's sidewalks for re-piping BUT then, there is no improvement with the water.  There are times in a month that suddenly - there is no water during night time.  I've said it before - and I am sure a lot of you feel the same way - mawalan na ng kuryente, wag lang ng tubig, am I right?

So the past few days, our kitchen faucet has been spewing a weird type of water.  It was flowing perfectly for the past four years.  I've never encountered any problem with the faucet - until the past few days.  I took out the faucet head to check if there was a rock or whatever thing that was stuck, but saw none.  The water was flowing perfectly without the faucet head.  This made me curious, and the curious cat in me, took it upon herself to detach the head and find our what was really troubling the flow of water (with the faucet head)  I was contemplating on how to detach the head's filter.  Good thing, my mom - who's a handywoman, used a plumbing tool (a mini pipe wrench) to detach the faucet head's filter.

What welcomed my eyes, were this:

Look at the debri/residue!!

I had to clean them right?  But then, look at the filter with the round blue thing - it was destroyed!  And to think that it was - plastic!  Here are the debris - dirt, plastic and all..

What remains of the DIRT.
Can you imagine the dirt?  I mean, its a good thing that the faucet head's had a filter, or else these would be what will come out of my faucet!

I remember hearing on the radio that Maynilad's water was potable and safe for drinking.  I am inclined not to believe because of what I saw here.

So, to Maynilad - please rethink your claim that your water is potable.  Its quite dirty, if you ask me.  I can also imagine the dirt that has accummulated in the water pipes through the years.

I am sending a complaint to Maynilad about this, let's just hope that they reply.  If they ever will.

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