Kailee can count!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I am always amazed on what my two year old Kailee can do these days.  I have to thank Barney and Brainy Babies for the things that she knows.

So last night on the way home - Kailee asked my Panget for a balloon, the ones being sold on Tomas Morato street.  My Panget then challenged her - 'count 1 to 20' he said.  We were surprised to hear her count out loud - one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!  Then she stopped, and after a few seconds - counted another set of 1 to 10!  We were impressed.  We didn't think she would understand our instructions, moreso - know how to count in the correct order!  Since I was seated in front I failed to 'record' that proud mommy moment.

Before going to bed, Kailee was asking me to open my water bottle - so I told her to count 1 to 10 - after that, I would open the water bottle.

And here she is ...  counting 1 to 10!

I'm soooooo proud of her!!

Good job Kailee!


  1. Kailee, you sound like an American! Hihihi! Sooooo smart and cute. Good job!

  2. Thanks Patty! She does ba? Hihihi.. Thanks to all the Barney videos!! :) Grabe, ganito pala maging nanay! Ako ito palang super proud na ako!