Smokin'Hot Bar BQ

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two weeks ago, when I was checking my email - I was surprised to see one that came from Spanky!  You see, I've been in a sort of a food blogger hiatus - you know, being a mom and all.  I receive invites but needed to turn them down because of my priorities with kids.  So there, when I got an email from Spanky - I was delightfully surprised!  And I know I had to say YES, to whatever it is that he was inviting me to.  It was actually an invite to The Bistro's newest baby!

So there, I braved the traffic and drove all the way to Greenbelt to join the group in trying out this new restaurant.  I have to say, it feels nice to see familiar faces and it feels a bit off that I've been out of the loop for a long time!

Here are some of their dishes:

This is their Smokin' BarBQ Chicken - looks beautiful noh?  Well, it tastes even better!  The meat was oh-so tender and the flavor was fantastic!  This chicken was marinaded so well, it's really really good!  No exaggeration!  I had to made this huge so that you'd see how beautiful it is!!

This is their version of Kuhol!  
The sauce is really yummy, the snails though - were quite tough..

If you like the sour taste of Sampalok - then you have to try their
Sinampalukang Manok
I like mine REALLY maasim and this hits the spot right on!!

I am a rice person and I loved their Aligue Rice!
I had seconds and thirds!  Ask Abet, Jane and Jill!  Hahaha..

Turon 2.0
It's banana ice cream in a caramel brittle cone!

The fare is Filipino cuisine - and assuming from the restaurant name - I assumed it was a BBQ joint.  I was honestly impressed because they went beyond grilling.  The presentation was wonderful, I loved the coconut serving bowls!  The food tasted fantastic too!  I will definitely go back for more! :)    I must also add that their service was superb!  Customer service is very important for me and I am happy to report that they have trained their staff very well!!

Thank you The Bistro Group and Spanky for inviting me! :)  I am honored.

Smokin'Hot BarBQ
3rd Floor, Greenbelt 3

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