Donating Breastmilk Part 2

Friday, February 01, 2013

When I had Kailee, I was able to store a LOT of breastmilk.  Thus, I was able to donate to strangers and friends in need.  I wrote about my frustrations with some of my breastmilk recipients here.  Now, fast forward to almost two years later - I am still frustrated with some of my milk recipients.  Huhu..

There's this FB Page Human Milk 4 Human Babies, on this page contains numbers of those mommies in need and those mommies who had milk to share.  I am so thankful for this page because it was through this medium that I was able to share my milk to many babies.

My freezer stash last 2011

In that page was a code of ethics.  I assumed that since it was created, everyone would read it.  But I was wrong.  I guess there was only a handful of those who read it because since posting my number there, I had this one asking for milk - let's name her X.  X sent me a text message asking me I had milk to share.  Of course I said yes, but with that yes - I told her, if its okay to ask for milk bags in exchange.  To which she replied, why I was asking for milk bags in exchange she even went as far as saying 'Hindi ba donation?'  She then proceeded to say (text) that she has given lots of milk to hospitals without asking for anything in return.  I simply replied, that if I keep on giving away the milk I am producing (with milk bags) what will I use when I run out of milk bags?  I'd have to go buy more milk bags just to give them away?  If I were a billionaire - I'm sure I wouldn't mind, but hey - these milk bags don't come cheap, right?  So there, she proceeded to tell me that she had over 800 avent storages that she lends.  Ayun naman pala.  Kasi she LENDS them.  She expects them to be returned to her.  So that means, she RECYCLES her storages right?  Well, that's a whole different story altogether, right?

I am very sensitive when it comes to picking up milk.  I'm sorry, but I have to be.  Because in all sites and articles that I have read regarding breastmilk - I know it's very DELICATE.  Meaning it should be handled with care.  I always text those asking for milk to bring a cooler with ice packs.  The reason for this is because transporting breastmilk is tricky.  When the frozen breastmilk thaws - you'd have to consume it within 24hours.  If you don't get to use all those thawed milk in 24 hours - you'd need to throw them away.  And the idea of my precious milk being thrown away - honestly, irks and irritates me.  Why?  Simply because I placed the effort of pumping out the milk, I put them in milk bags, froze them and gave them to those in need.  I am assuming that since you asked for milk, it meant that you really needed every single drop of the milk.  And so if you throw away milk because of mishandling - then its simply heartbreaking.

There was Milk Receipient #1 (MR#1) who brought a cooler, but without ice packs.  I had to remind them to buy ice.  There was MR#2 who's driver didn't bring any cooler, but then held out an LBC box , when I told my friend about it - MR#2 said that it was an improvised cooler - a box with ice.  I beg to differ because my mom asked the driver and the driver said that he was just told to get milk.  My mom had to tell the driver to buy ice 'Kundi masasayang yung gatas'  My mom knows how much effort and hardwork to make milk - and I think it also disheartens her to see those receipients being careless in picking up the milk.

To be fair, there are also Milk Receipients who are very generous and overly appreciative of the donations.  They text you with endless thank you, give you gifts and some even call to say thank you.  I honestly see it in their eyes, when I personally hand them the milk - and I am so glad that I have helped them somehow.  These people warm my heart and tell me that I am doing a good job.  Their smiles mean a lot, and their touch gives me encouragement.  Their appreciation of my gesture means the world the me.  It honestly inspires me to share more.  I hope that I attract those positive vibes - so that I produce 'HAPPY' breastmilk!

Appreciate, Share and Pay it forward.

Here's my post on Donating Breastmilk last 2011

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