Calderon Cocinas Tapas y Bebidas

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I was sad to learn that Fran is moving to Singapore.  I was sad for myself but happy for her big move!  I had to see her before she leaves, I had to say goodbye personally Good thing, Sab was able to squeeze a dinner with Fran despite her fully booked schedule!

We had dinner in a small quaint place called Calderon.  It is tucked in the small street in San Juan named - Calderon!  The cuisine is Spanish - and I was secretly excited to have Paella!

So there we were, remembering how we all met and became close.  I have to thank Fran, because it was through her that I met Sab.  I was telling Sab that when Fran leaves, I hope we can still get together, for coffee or something.

We were treated to a sumptuous Spanish dinner. 


Spanish Chorizo

 This was Sab's FAVORITE!  It was really really good!!  I especially LOVED the garlic!!

The yummy yummy Paella Valencia!!

 This was my favorite - Iberian Chicken


I have to admit, the food was really really good.  Everything was flavorful!   I especially loved the Iberian Chicken and the Crabs!  The generous portions of garlic were a huge plus for me!   The dishes are quite comparable to old favorite Casa Armas.  Yes, I am comparing them!  I really enjoyed the food in Calderon and I will definitely go back here when I crave for Spanish food.  My only complaint though is the parking - and that's it.  

We were able to meet Chef Rafa and commended him on the wonderful food.  He was able to create dishes that were superb!  I haven't been to Spain, so I don't know what authentic tastes like.  But his creations are AUTHENTIC enough for me to compare with Casa Armas.  

Bon Voyage Fran!
We, (my Panget, Kailee and Connor) will definitely MISS YOU!! :)

Thanks for the gift of friendship!

See you soon in Singapore!! :)

Calderon Cocinas Tapas y Bebidas
Calderon Street
San Juan

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