Friday, January 11, 2013

Before the new year, my Panget and I wanted to try out Greeka Kouzina but since the place was full and we didn't want to wait - we drove around San Juan to see what's new.  I then remembered seeing Toribox and La Creperie somewhere near Serenitea (yes, Serenitea is a landmark for us now!)

We then drove by and since we found parking immediately - we decided to try Toribox.  I think I've read mixed reviews on this place - a friend said that there was nothing good, while another friend said it was a good place to get cheap tonkatsu.

And so we tried it, and we liked it!  Maybe it was because there were only a few customers.  Haha!!  The food was not bad - for the price you are paying, I think it is all worth it.  We were filled full and Kailee enjoyed eating the rice.  Even if we were seated on the second floor - and we were the only ones there, there was a server that waited on us!  I call this good customer service because I'm sure for other restaurants, they won't bother sending up anyone.

I'd be sure to go back again for a cheap katsu!

The place was quite small, it actually reminded me of Rub and H Cuisine along Scout Rallos - the built was exactly the same!

F.Calderon Street,
San Juan

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