The Clubhouse

Monday, January 21, 2013

Last night, we were at Robinson's Magnolia and decided to have dinner at The Clubhouse.  The restaurant is fairly new there was a sign that they were on soft opening.  From outside the mall, the interiors looked interesting through the glass, but when you're inside the mall - the restaurant's entrance was quite invisible - good thing there was a waiter who had a menu on hand, attracting customers.

The staff was very accommodating - helping us set up the table since we brought Kailee along without help.  They gave us a highchair (which they should clean!  I'm anal about highchairs thus I bring my own diluted solution of Lysol for those cleaning moments - and as expected, it was dirty) and gave into every request we made from teaspoons, to mugs, to glasses of ice, tissue and  extra plates.

We ordered the fries and sausages for appetizer, I ordered their Asian Rice Bowl while my Panget who was craving for longganisa had their Longganisa Hash.

Their fries and sausages were good!  The honey mustard sauce goes very well with sausages, made the sausages taste more - YUM!  You can actually just order a bowl of plain rice and it makes into a full meal!

The Asian Rice Bowl was flavorful - but the meat was overcooked and quite tough.  The taste was good even if it was a bit dry and the serving was good too, they didn't scrimp on the meat!  I gave Kailee some meat and she liked the taste.  I wish though, that they put more sauce into this dish - it'll make the dish more enjoyable. 

My Panget's Longganisa Hash was quite a disappointment because of the serving size.  Comparing it to the fries and sausages and the asian rice bowl - it was quite small - you'd see how lost the food was in the plate.  Taste wise, my Panget said it was nothing special - he thought that for the price, they could have added more longganisa.

Service was superb though, all waiters were very attentive and accommodating.  Our order taker went as far as asking the kitchen if they could serve me their version of Eggs Benedict (because their breakfast menu was only until 3PM).  I appreciated that he tried, even if they kitchen declined my request.  There was effort on his part - and I think that was whats important.

I'm sure to come back to taste their desserts because I know for a fact that their Strawberry Shortcake is really good!  They didn't have one in the restaurant, but starting next week - they'll be serving it. 

This restaurant is from the same people who opened Goodles in Robinson's Galleria.  I remember them because I saw them in Yummy Eats last year in Rockwell.

The Clubhouse
G/F Robinson's Magnolia

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