Mommy Duties

Friday, January 25, 2013

I have to be honest.  I have been spoiled by our Nanny.  Ever since Kailee was born, there were only a few times that I had to bathe her, bottle feed her, feed her solids and 100% look after her.  Whenever we went out, we brought our Nanny with us - she looked after Kailee.

Playful Kailee, such a happy little girl!

Since our Nanny went on vacation last Wednesday, I have been the one who took care of Kailee.  I spoke to Kailee that Wednesday morning, I told her that 'Mommy will take care of you for a week, okay?'  to which she replied 'Okay'.  It was as if she really understood what it meant!  For those seven days, she never looked for her Yaya.  She never screamed for Yaya (as she usually does) - it was always 'Mama' or 'Mommy' to her.  I fed her, bathed her, put her to sleep and took care of most of her needs.  I was honestly scared at first because it meant that I had to do everything!  But what I thought was hard, was actually - enjoyable!  I never thought I'd enjoy it but I really did!  Those seven precious days, I won't trade it for anything.  I officially became a hands-on Mom.

I enjoyed every minute I spent with her.  I enjoyed bathing her, I enjoyed feeding her in the restaurant (take note that it was effortless!)  I enjoyed carrying her while we were at the mall.  In short, I enjoyed being a hands-on mommy to Kailee.  I never expected to enjoy taking care of her , but I did.  It was quite tiring since I am still breastfeeding Connor.  It was a real challenge, but very much do-able.

I loved the fact that she called out for me.  It was music to my ears!  How it melted my heart when she called 'Mommy' instead of calling out for Dada.  How she wanted to hold my hand while we walked in the mall.  Writing about this brings tears to my eyes - Haha!  I am overwhelmed with happiness because I never felt like a mother, like this!  So this is what being a mother is.

Thank you Kailee, for behaving - for making Mama feel really special when you called out for me.  Thank you for being my daughter.  You'll always be Mama's baby girl.

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