La Creperie

Friday, January 11, 2013

I've always walked by La Creperie in Shang Mall, but I never got around to trying it.  Late last year, I saw IG pics from friends that it had opened a branch in San Juan.  I honestly had no idea where in San Juan.

So to my delight, it was right beside Toribox!  We just had dinner there and I convinced my Panget to try out La Creperie.  The main reason was not because I wanted to try it finally (since walking by it for years) but because of an IG pic of their Frozen Hot Chocolate on my friend Sab's feed.

I have to be honest, after watching the movie Serendipity (Kate Beckinsdale & John Cusak) I became curious on this place called Serendipity 3 that served the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I HAD to be curious, because isn't it ironic to serve a frozen 'hot' chocolate?  I also saw this drink being featured on Oprah (she was raving about it and FYI a cocoa mix of this is being sold on Amazon!)

And so, there we had our dessert.  I ordered the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and them some crepes.

I liked the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, maybe because it was sweet.  My Panget said it was too sweet for him, but I liked it!  I am no choco expert, I used to hate chocolate - remember?  But this one, I like!  I'm sure some will say that its not the 'real' hot choco, blah blah - but I liked it!  The crepes we ordered were just okay.  I was actually expecting it to be wonderful because the interiors looked good!  But I guess - the interiors compensated the so-so taste.

La Creperie
F. Calderon Street
San Juan

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