Irene's Ube Cheesecake

Friday, December 27, 2013

If you ask me about cheesecakes, there is only one direction that I will point you to.  And that is Indulgence by Irene.  Last 2011, my Panget and I were introduced to this wonderfully made Queso de Bola Cheesecake that left me haunted with wanting more.  Ask Irene and Richard, how many I ordered to give away and to consume, personally!  It was that good.

Last week, Irene mentioned that she was making an Ube (purple yam) version of her cheesecake, it was apparently a collaboration with Chona's Homemade Treasures - my ulitmate FAVORITE ensaimada (Chona makes a rockstar of an ube jam, by the way) Of course, I was excited!  I mean - something from Irene and Chona - gosh, that would be delicious.

So, there - the pristine purple cheesecake was staring at me.  I honestly didn't want to touch it as it looked, so perfect!  But I had to take a bite, so I sliced a piece and had one bite.

And it was pure bliss..

What I tasted brought on so many memories of my childhood.  It was an ube - exactly how I remembered it to be - really good, with the soft smooth texture.  The taste, how shall I explain - I don't know if any of you would still recall - those ice creams sold with the brand Sorbetero?  The ones that used to come in white tubs with a purple drawing on the sides with jeepneys and people?  Well, the Ube flavor was my Angkong's favorite and they had it in their freezers all the time.  It was that exact same taste - it was that exact same memory.  What that first bite brought on was a memory that was long forgotten - the taste, the texture and the smell of the ube.  It was that Sorbetero brand that I fondly remember and pitted every brand against and nothing ever compared - well, except for this cheesecake!  Hahaha!!  Funny that the the ice cream flavor that I so fondly remember has been unearth via a cheesecake!

I have found something special (and memorable) in a cheesecake.  Irene and Chona, I need to say THANK YOU for this.  This is indeed a wonderful collaboration - good food made more wonderful because of a memory that was long forgotten.  My taste buds went back in time and enjoyed every bite of this Ube Cheesecake.  I can't believe you captured the exact taste of the Sorbetero ube ice cream.  I am in awe........

Try it to believe!  

Prices are P1,200.00 for the big cheesecake and P250.00 for the mini cheesecake.

Indulgence by Irene

Winner.. Winners! Kalikhasan Ho-Ho-Holiday Package

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I just concluded Kalihasan's Ho-Ho-Holiday Package giveaway!

And here are the winners picked by Rafflecopter:

Please check your email and reply ASAP! :)

Merry Christmas and THANKS for joining the Kalikhasan giveaway!! :)


NBC: The Sing Off

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Okay, I can't hide my excitement on this show I just discovered last week!

Its - The Sing Off

Apparently, I'm a late bloomer as it has been around for a long time now. NBC just picked it up again! I am sooooo glad though, that I started watching - Thanks to Mindy!! :)

Here is why I am loving this show so much!

Watch their performance. Note that - those are ALL vocals. There are NO musical instrument backing them up. All VOICES!! :)

Hope you enjoy this!!

Winner! Winners! Starbucks Goodies

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rafflecopter has picked out the winners!

1 for the Stabucks 2014 Planner
1 for the Limited Edition Starbucks Card Leather Holder

CONGRATULATIONS and Merry Christmas!

THANK YOU so very much for supporting my blog all these years!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jessica T, just sent me an email that she won't be able to pick up her prize, thus she suggested (God Bless her!) that I give it to someone else!  Thus, I went to rafflecopter and it picked a new winner!

Jessica - God Bless you and your generosity.  You are truly a blessing.  It warms my heart so much that you are so generous!  THANK YOU!!

The FilHarmonic of The Sing Off

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm a sucker for singing shows, movies - name it.  Anything that involves singing - I like!  I used to love American Idol (but when they lost Simon Cowell, well - it wasn't the same for me), I also used to like Glee - but kinda lost the urge to watch it.  I'm a huge huge fan of the High School Musical series and oh, my FAVORITE - The Sound of Music!

So on my feed the other day, I saw that my TV guru Mindy was talking about this show called The Sing Off.  How she was glad that it was back on after being cancelled a few years ago.  But what caught my attention was the mention that there was a Pinoy group in the competition.  We all know that Pinoys are one of the BEST singers in the world and so I was curious.  Thank goodness for Dropbox - because it automatically downloaded on my mac and so last night - I finally knew what the fuss was all about.

I watched the show without any background on it - I just wanted to see what it was all about.  The show started with all the groups singing one after another - and I was floored.  They all sounded soooo very good!  What I didn't know was that - The Sing Off is an a capella singing competition.  I was amazed because it sounded as if there were instruments or musical accompaniment while everyone was singing.  This floored me honestly, and gosh - I have to say, I was impressed.

I have a favorite - obviously, its the FilHarmonic!  Why?  Because they're just sooo very good!  I guess I'm a sucker for boy bands, but look at how they move!  Hahaha!!  They remind me so much of the music that I listened to while growing up - the sound and the dance moves?  Ah!  Shows my age, hahaha!!  But seriously - listen to them and see their showmanship - they're brilliant!

I took a clip on YouTube on their performance.  I am posting this particular clip because this is what impressed me the most.

So, to the FilHarmonic - you have a new fan in ME!  I am supporting you guys all the way!!  Mabuhay kayong lahat!! :)  You make us all proud!! :)  And I so love the fact that you are so proud of your heritage!

I just followed them on Twitter - every single one of them!
The FilHarmonic -

You can follow them individually too!!

Orphan Black

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Panget and I are obsessed with foreign TV shows.  I say foreign because its not only American shows that we watch, we also watch Canadian and British shows.  I like certain genres and he has his own preferences - but somehow - being married to him, well - his preferences have rubbed off on me.  One of the influences that I got from his is the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre.  I'm now a fan of Firefly, the whole Stargate series, Continuum, Strike Back and some other else.

So every year - he has these certain shows that he downloads.  He tells me to check them out, and when I do - I get hooked!

Our most recent discovery is Orphan Black.

Photo credited to

I have to admit, I saw the pilot and right there and then I knew that he would like it.  And two weeks ago, we finally started watching it and YES, it was great.  My Panget has been declaring that the lead actress should win an Emmy for her performance because she's playing multiple roles!  Well, maybe next year - when the show's created more buzz.

In the recent days - I have been noticing that Orphan Black has been included in the must see TV shows of 2013 - and I totally agree with that.  Orphan Black is a Canadian show that is being aired in BBC America and in a nutshell - the show is mainly about clones and cloning.  The show discusses issues surrounding cloning - a sci-fi nut will definitely enjoy this.

The lead actress is amazing !  I mean she could shift from one accent to another and the characters that she plays - well, they're not at all similar in any way!  The personalities are so extreme that I'm sure viewers will be impressed.  I swear, she's so versatile!  Most of the time, I forget that it's a single actress portraying a number of roles.  I swear, it's really impressive.  I mean - imagine a single actor playing a twin - that's doable right?  But what about playing at least four (4) yes - 4 freaking characters!  That's a whole different ballgame altogether!  I won't go into the details of the show (so you'll watch it) - but I swear, please do see it if you have time.

I promise, it's worth it.

Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma

Monday, December 09, 2013

Ramen restaurants have been sprouting here and there in the recent years.  Unfortunately, not enough mushrooming in the Quezon City area.  Those that are currently open in the are are all locally made versions of the ramen, meaning they are Pinoy versions made to suit the Pinoy palate.

 The first ever ramen place that I know of is Shinjuku.  But the most popular ramen joint that I know of is Ukkokei Ramen Ron along Pasay Road.  I know it's been open for a long time now, even before the 'ramen craze' - but up to this day, I still haven't tried that place yet.  It's still on my wishlist and friends still say - its still the best one in the Metro.

So, when I saw on my Twitter and IG feed that a Japanese franchise was opening in Trinoma, I was excited - I mean, finally!  Hahaha!  Yesterday, while at the mall with the kids and my Panget, we were looking for a place to have lunch.  When I asked the mall's guard if there was a new ramen place - he led us to Hanamaruken saying that it was on soft opening.  Lucky us!

Hanamaruken is where Ramen X used to be.  It's also by the same owners of Ramen X and Ramen Bar.  This though, is a franchise from Osaka and so my expectations were quite high.  The newly designed space is really nice and fascinating.  There's one wall that is an image of a Japanese ramen place's facade.  The place is very well lit and I like the communal table with a bench.  We were told by Peter our server that they have been open for two weeks now.  He was very attentive, helpful and informative.  I suggest you look for him when you go, as he will definitely make your dining experience special!

We ordered the house specialty - Signature Happiness Ramen and the recommendation of Peter, our server which was the Salary Man Ramen.  Unfortunately, the karaage and gyoza were not available at that time, and so we just ordered the Happiness Rice Bowl for the Yayas and for Kailee.

I must say that it was love at first taste of the Salary Man Ramen's broth - it was so flavorful.  The noodles were just the right bite and the sliced pork was good.  I shared my noodles with Kailee and she finished them immediately (she calls ramen and all noodle soups as Super Noodles).

Salary Man Ramen (P280.00)

My Panget's Signature Happiness Bowl did not disappoint either.  It impressed us so much because of the large portion of the slow cooked pork rib and the taste of the broth.  The pork rib was so tender and soft that you'd want to keep on munching away.  My Panget had to alternate the noodles and the pork, so as to balance his ramen experience.  I think maybe two people can split this ramen, but for me and my Panget - well, we're selfish that way - one bowl, each!  Hahaha..

Signature Happiness Ramen (P480.00)

I'm so happy that a Japanese ramen franchise has finally opened in Trinoma.  That means that I don't need to drive all the way to Ortigas Center and Makati to get my ramen fix.  So so happy about this!  Yey!  So, if you happen to be in Trinoma or in Quezon City and is craving for ramen, well - head on to Hanamaruken and enjoy their dishes!

Level 2
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

P.S.  I'm just so glad, talaga, as in!  Hahaha...

Merry Christmas from Kalikhasan!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

When I was still a grade schooler - I would remember our science subject discussing the topic of the greenhouse effect and Global Warming.  My alma matter I think was trying to make us more conscious of our environment.  I know for sure that we were being informed on the effects, so that when we get older, we would become more aware of taking care of our environment.

I'm glad to see that in the recent years, there have been so many 'natural' alternatives to certain chemicals that we use in our homes and on our selves.  People have been joining the eco-friendly movement and trying their best to take care of nature by using and supporting earth friendly products.  

Kalikhasan has made an effort to showcase that there is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical based cleaning solutions.  Whats great about Kalikhasan is that it is environmentally friendly, organic and most importantly 100% Filipino!

This Christmas, Kalikhasan is offering their Ho-Ho-Holiday Packages!  Visit their page to see what they have to offer.  They can deliver for a minimum order of P1,000.00.  You may place your orders through PM (Private Message) in their FB Page or through text or Viber at this number 0917-8356235.

Thank you Malou!  For sharing to us this wonderful advocacy.  We can be entrepreneurs and still be environmentally responsible.

And since its the season for sharing - Kalikhasan was so very generous to host a giveaway to my readers!  We are giving away three (3), yes - THREE packages of Kalikhasan products! :)

Joining is easy, just follow the Rafflecopter Mechanics below and I will pick one winner for each package.  Just make sure to follow the mechanics and read the Terms and Conditions part.  This giveway will end on December 23, 2013!

Have a Merry Merry Christmas!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nuts about BRONUTS!

Monday, December 02, 2013

I first saw Bronuts on my friend Mindy's and Patty's IG feed.  Apparently my online achie - Achie Paowie's brother makes them.  Achie Pao graciously gave me a piece to try, and it was good!  So when Bronuts started their Baker's Dozen run at the Power Plant Mall, I asked Achie Pao to buy a box for me.

And it was love at first taste.

The first taste and first love is the Belgian Chocolate.  Yes, for a person who used to not like chocolates, likes them now.  This is my favorite Bronut flavor.  I pop it in the toaster oven and let the chocolates melt and voilaz - such a perfect breakfast, merienda and/or dessert!

(Top to Bottom - PMS, Bacon & Cream Cheese, Pylones)

Last week, Bronuts introduced a new flavor - their tie up with Pylones.  I was given a sample and it was too love at first taste.  Hahaha!  So yesterday, I made it a point to purchase the Pylones and the Belgian Chocolate - and in turn I was given a PMS Bronut.  

This morning, I put it in the oven and while it was still hot - had a bite, and then another and then another and then another.  I finished it immediately.  It was so good - such a perfect Bronut for PMS-ing.  Hahaha!  Yes, we women who are PMS-ing deserve this!

If you haven't tried Bronuts - make sure you do!  Its so good, that you'll want more and more!

Catch them this week at the following venues:
December 8 - Ronac Art Center, Greenhills

All Fridays - Sundays of December - SM Aura Premier (near Bono Gelato)

December 7 - 8 - Port88 Bazaar, Megatent, Libis

Visit their Facebook Page for more information:

Helping Yolanda Haiyan victims

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What are the things we can do to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan?

a)  VOLUNTEER - yes, there is a need of volunteers to help repack the donated goods.  Volunteer here in Manila, or better yet - if you have the means go to Tacloban to see what you can do to help.

b)  DONATE- in cash or in kind.  Whatever it is, its a donation.  It will be highly appreciated.

c)  PRAY - yes, Praying helps.  Say a prayer or two everyday for the victims.

d)  Share RESPONSIBLY on Social Media - information is power and social media is one of the fastest means that is available.  But please share only verified information, in times like these - we need to be socially responsible what we share to the world wide web.  Adding insult to injury doesn't help.  What we can do?  Filter what we share.  Comment only when necessary.  I have been very quiet on social media because I don't want to sound like a know it all or preachy.  Let's do what we can to HELP even if it means, just biting your lip on certain issues that you really want to react to.  I have been wanting to post and tweet, but then I realize - negativity won't do any good.  So let's do our share, VERIFY first before we post passed on information on the web.

I am overwhelmed by the humanitarian aid that we have been receiving worldwide.  How I wish everyone was this nice.  In a perfect world, if we can all just get along and help - then the world will become a better place for our children.

Thank you to those who have volunteered, donated and prayed for our country.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you!

Giveaway: Starbucks 2014 Planner!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Yes, you read it right!

I'm giving away my unopened Starbucks 2014 Planner in Yellow! :)

Image from my Starbucks Planner 2014 entry

I'll make it simple for you folks, just use Rafflecopter form below and voila - entries made!!

This giveaway will run starting today and will end on December 15, 2013 - that's more than a month!  So hurry and spread the word!  You can tweet everyday if you like to earn more chances!

All Philippine residents are eligible to join, just make sure you can pick up the Starbucks 2014 Planner in Quezon City.  You may ask a representative to pick it up on your behalf in case you live far away..

So there you have it!

Have a very Merry Christmas!! :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Starbucks Christmas 2013 Drinks

Friday, November 01, 2013

UPDATE:  I'm giving away a Starbucks 2014 Planner in Yellow!!

The red cups are back! :)

This year's theme is Create Wonder, Share Joy!  And Starbucks is doing just that!  And I'm excited to share with you the three holiday drinks this year!

Toffee Nut Latte
This seems to be most everyone's favorite.  And I'm so glad its back (well, it always is back!) because I look forward to this drink every Christmas!

Peppermint Mocha
This drink will definitely be always representative of Christmas because of candy canes!  What different this year?  Instead of peppermint sprinkles, this year Starbucks is using crushed candy canes as the topping!  Believe me, it makes ALL the difference.

Gingerbread Latte
This is the new addition to complete the trio of Holiday drinks.  I must admit - when I tasted the hot treat, it was LOVE at first sip!  I"m sorry, but I have a new favorite this year.  It tastes so wonderfully Christmas!  I know its odd, but the taste reminds me so much of Christmas!  It was only after a few minutes that it dawned on my that the drink tasted like - Cookie Butter!  Yes - this is the coffee version of the cookie butter!  So, I'm sure this will be a hit this year.

So there, a preview of this year's holiday drinks!  It will be available starting tomorrow!  So start collecting your stickers for the 2014 Starbucks Planner!

Remember to use your Starbucks Card in purchasing your drink because not only do you earn a sticker, you earn a STAR as well!

Officially, let me greet you - a very Merry Christmas!!

Starbucks Planners 2014

UPDATE:  I'm giving away a Starbucks 2014 Planner in Yellow!

It's that time of the year again!

I'm sure EVERYONE is excited to get a preview of the 2014 Starbucks Planners!

And here they are....

 This year's theme is representative of the Blonde, Medium and Dark roasts.

Starting tomorrow - November 2, 2013, you may start collecting stickers.  For this year, there are three (3) ways to get yourself a 2014 Starbucks Planner:
Option 1 -  You will need to collect eighteen (18) stickers - nine (9) Christmas Drinks and nine (9) Core Beverages.
Option 2 -    Load P5,000.00 on your Starbucks Card and voila - a free 2014 Starbucks Planner!
Option 3 - Do your Christmas Shopping at Starbucks - with a single receipt purchase of P5,000.00 worth of Starbucks merchandise, food items, coffee, coffee beans, etc. and you get yourself a 2014 Starbucks Planner of your choice!

And as a special treat to us tomorrow November 2, Saturday - the first three hundred (300) customers in EVERY Starbucks branch will receive ONE free sticker on top of the one that they will get for the beverage they are paying for! 

Here's a tip.  If you have a Starbucks Card - use that to pay for your beverage and in turn you earn one (1) star and get one (1) sticker for the Starbucks 2014 Planner!

This year's planner also holds the most number of coupons in the Starbucks Planner history - the 2014 Planner carries with it - fourteen (14) coupons that you can redeem all throughout the year!

So, which color are you eyeing?

Me?  I've got my eyes on the Yellow!

Project Pie

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I love Pizza.  Any kind of pizza.  I would eat pizza everyday if I could!  Yes, that's how much I love pizza.  I can live with eating pizza alone and probably french fries.

For the past months, I have been seeing feeds of Project Pie.  The concept is so different and new thus people have been flocking to Mandaluyong just to try it.  It was only last Sunday that I was able to try it.

So, on a Sunday night - what welcomed us was chaos.  The place was jam packed!  People walking and standing around everywhere.  Madness.  And I am not one who likes too much of a chaos (semi - is okay). 

First things first - I had to find a table, a table good enough for 6 adults and 4 kids.  Man, it was tough.  As in our Pinoy culture, we like to linger in a restaurant after we've eaten.  But for a place like Project pie, well - lingering should be controlled.  It should have a slogan that says eat and go or something to the lines of that but nice, but I guess that won't work here in the country (as we love to linger!)  I had to stand beside and watch like a hawk this table that could fit us all.  And yes, I was eyeing this guy who was in my opinion trying to steal our table away.  Good thing was that the staff of Project Pie sensed this and told him that I was going to get the table when the current ones using it leaves. 1 point - Project Pie!

When we finally got our table (thanks to the much lingering of patrons, who were taking selfies BTW) I stood in line for like forever.  Why?  Well, because since the slogan says Design, Build, Eat.  And that was what exactly happened.  You are to design your own pizza, build it as you like and chomp chomp away.  The line took long because of course considering we had 10 mouths to feed, it was a simple math of ordering at least 7 pizzas - and that's with the thought of trying to build you own 7 pizzas!  Madness! Hahaha..  I found that it might take long, and hungry patrons standing in line behind us might kick our ass (as I would if the patrons ahead of me would take their sweet time) and so I thought, I'd just order 2 pizzas with ready made designs and 2 that is build your own.  So there, in a span of 10 minutes we were done.  The pre-designed/template pizzas were easy, but the build your own, well it took a bit more time.  I wish there was a sign that says Step 1: Choose your Sauce (red or olive oil)  Step 2:  Choose your cheeses, Step 3:  Choose your meats Step 4:  Choose your veggies.  Because for a first timer like me, I was looking at the Project Pie flyer and the cheeses were way at the end of the list of ingredients.  So instead of telling them what the cheese, I first told them the meats.  It was very confusing to be honest.  My brother in law suggested that there be a flyer with a box to be ticked for faster transactions, oh well.  I found it funny that the pizza's topping were all supposed to be written on the 'paper' to label the pizzas, maybe because in the end if a customer claimed this and that on their pizzas - if its written, then no more contesting!

The staff were very nice to inform you what toppings goes with what.  Like for my Panget's build your own - the staff said that it might be too salty and too flavorful, and the staff also raised his eyebrows on the anchovies WITH jalapenos.  Since it was my Panget who picked the toppings, I didn't care.  Hahaha!  We just had to wait for our pizzas to be called, which was roughly around 2 to 3 minutes.  And they came all together at the same time.

I must say, I enjoyed my pizzas very much.  They came out really good.  My Panget who's pizza I was scared to try (because of the jalapenos) - well, he loved every bit of it and I think wanted more because he had some more slices of mine!  I built an all meat pizza, and I loved it!  But since I had to share a slice or two to my Panget, well - I wasn't satisfied and was still craving.  Thank goodness for my presence of mind of ordering more!  Hahaha..  I enjoyed the whole experience.  The chaos and madness together with the good pizza, it was a wonderful combination. Its a good kind of different.  But I think that at P285.00 per pizza, it was a bit on the expensive side since one pizza won't be enough for me!  But I guess their selling point is that their pizzas are build your own/artisinal plus the ingredients are waaay better that your local pizza parlors.  And that's good enough for me to come back!

In the end, I enjoyed my Project Pie experience.  I enjoyed the chaos, the madness and the food!  The staff were really nice too.  I have to say they were all VERY helpful and cheery!  I like that they're friendly too and they know what they are doing.  They were trained very well.  I guess it shows that they're happy with doing their jobs - and it makes a big big difference!

Another positive note:  My sister in law placed one order of the banana nutella, and she got two of them.  When she offered to pay for the other one, the staff declined and said that since it was their mistake - we can have it for free and they said 'More pizza to enjoy for everyone!'  I like that kind of atmosphere, they know how to handle customer service.  10 points - Project Pie! :)

I'm so looking forward to visiting again!  Hope to see you soon Project Pie! :)

Project Pie
515 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong
(across S&R Membership Shopping)

#BetterMe: A Session with Coach Pia

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I am honored (and kilig) to have been invited by Kris of OC Mom in Manila to join them in their BetterMe sessions with Coach Pia a few weeks ago.

The session was all about The Art of Co-Parenting:  Raising a Child as a Team.

This was very timely for me - as I am a fairly new mom (Kailee just turned 2.5yo) and raising her, well - challenges me and my Panget a lot.  We actually never discussed the specifics but we agreed on the 'good cop/bad cop' set up, and so far, we haven't had any situation that called for it.  Kailee has been good so far, I mean yeah - she would have her tantrums once in a while, but it wasn't something of a big issue for us.

While listening to Coach Pia speak and share, I realized so many things about myself and my background.  My background as it turns out, has a big influence on how I have decided to raise my kids.  What I have been accustomed to - well, that doesn't necessarily translate into the right way or method.  And what I learned is that there are other methods available, there are other ways, a different perspective of some sort.  But, I know one thing for sure and that is I want to be become a better parent to my kids.

I took home a LOT of learnings, but these six had the most impact on me:

1)  Empathize with each child - I know that our little ones have feelings, but I never knew that it should be something I really should consider.  Coach Pia suggested asserting certain 'use words' in situations like 'I know you are not doing it on purpose (but you will hit the vase at the back)'  I tried this on Kailee when I got home - and I was amazed on its effectiveness.  I now use this line all the time - and the results are incredible!

2)  Be open and sensitive to your child's needs - like the previous one, we should always consider the feelings of our little ones.  Even if they're young, they have feelings to that we should consider and take into consideration.  Our kids also feel let down at times and so we need to be more sensitive to their needs.

3)  Speak to other people who can give you more information - To understand situations better - we can speak to teachers, counselors, siblings, friends or other relatives to learn from them.  I think that we have to admit that we are not perfect and that we can learn to adapt with learning from others. 

4)  Have an encouraging UNITED front - I used to be a believer in the 'good cop/bad cop' set up and this opened my eyes that labeling a good cop and a bad cop only encourages bad impressions to our kids.  It is just now that I realized that our kids will forever remember us being 'together' in our decisions.  That no one parent can be bribed through lambing or whatever means.  (Hahaha!)

5)  Provide a healthy space for your child to develop into the best individual they can be (and not a shadow of their parents' needs and wants) - I know its hard to let go, but we need to let our kids grow - of course, with proper guidance.  I think we have the tendency to want our kids to succeed in the aspects where we have failed.

6)  Find that Inner Calm - stay calm amidst the ambiguity.  I know its hard, but that's the way it should be.  Its the same as having faith (if you ask me)

This session made me realize that we all have hang ups as parents.  We carry with us happy memories, scars and learning from our own respective families and backgrounds.  We just have to realize that our journey to becoming better parents is never ending.  There is no one specific route - but there are countless of roads to take and different journeys to make us better.  I also learned that communication - whatever medium is so very important to a better relationship.

I enjoyed this #BetterMe #Session with the #SoMoms.  This session made me aware that there are other people who would like to help, who would share their passion and reach out to others so that the others may learn from them.  Thank you for organizing a session like this, it is very very helpful and insightful. 

Thank you Kris!
Thank you Janice!
Thank you SoMoms!

And THANK YOU Coach Pia!

I had a wonderful, wonderful inspiring time.

P.S.  This was really a #BetterMe session.  And it was so nice to meet the SoMoms and SoDad in the flesh!  Its comforting to know that they have become more than just online buddies that share a passion. Thank you for your warmth guys!!  I really appreciate it!

Kwentong Kasambahay: Yaya Blues, So long, farewell!

Monday, October 07, 2013

I feel so drained. (I wrote this last night - and finished it just a while ago, pardon the grammatical errors, will edit this later)

This morning, I had a Kwentong Kasambahay episode.  I'm assigning the title as 'So long, farewell!  And why is this so?  Because simply the fact that Yaya D. has left.

I'm sure you've read about her in one way or another here in this blog.  I'm sure the post was a positive one as I loved her dearly.

So let's start from the beginning (WARNING - emotional post ahead!)

I'm sorry but I need to get this out - and this is my outlet.  I'm apologizing for the LONG long post.

Favorite moments on Breaking Bad's Felina

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


For those who haven't seen the FELINA yet - please stop right here!!

I'm a Huge fan of the show.  I have to admit, I just started watching two months ago, and true enough - I finished the first three (3) seasons in two days.  Seasons 4 and 5 - well it took me a month (since the last 8 episodes of Season 5 only came out August 11)

So there.

I faced my fear and FINALLY decided to watch Breaking Bad's series finale.  I loved it.  I loved it so much that I had to watch it TWICE!  I laughed, cried, laughed again and cried some more.  The finale was THE PERFECT ENDING to the show.  The brilliance and the passion were all present all throughout the finale.  The pacing was so wonderfully in sync with the whole episode - it set the tone of redemption for me.  Start strong - and end even stronger.

So, here are my favorite things on the finale:

1)  Walter White banged his hand on the windshield
This made me laugh so hard.  I mean, even during his weakened state - he was still THE man!  Hahaha.. He still has the mojo!

2)  The laser pointing scene and the scene that comes after
The brilliance of Mr. White is unmatched.  Everything was his idea.  This I realized when I saw how he was able to 'control' Elliot and Gretchen.  I believe that Walt was once the main man behind Grey Matter, it was just unfortunate that he needed money and thought it more important to pay rent at that given time and gave up his share of the company he built.  This scene made me realize how in control he was - how he knew what buttons to push, how he is so brilliantly smart to be able to think of ways and means to achieve his goal (of leaving his children money)  I teared up that he wasn't bitter - and laughed so hard when I saw him motion to something and then - TADA, the laser pointers!!!  Mr. White - you ARE the man!  I also laughed so hard when I saw Skinny Pete and Badger!  These guys no matter who much of a loser they are - they make the scenes lighter and witty.

3)  Mr. White, the Machine gun and the dessert
I never expected this!  But well played Mr. White!  Well played (with matching slow clapping and nodding) Even at this scene, you'll see the teacher in him - he is very thorough and his actions are all well thought of.  He still had the presence of him to 'practice' it out before actually trying it.

4)  Skyler & Mr. White's last scene together
It was all about forgiveness.  Walt finally was able to admit that he liked what he was doing, that he was good at it, that he felt alive - and that it wall because HE wanted to do it.  Mr. White was MAN enough to admit to this truth.  I would have insisted on the 'he did it for the family' but being able to admit that first and foremost - he wanted it?  My, that's so many pogi points in my book!  I cried (again) when he touched Holly's cheek.  Now that I have a daughter and a son - I cannot imagine life without them, so knowing how he felt - it pulled at my heart.  How I wish Holly saw Mr. White - I was heartbroken here, really heart broken.  It also pained me to see him leave - without Skyler giving him a hug or anyone touching him in anyway for that matter.

5)  Mr. White tackling Jesse
The look on Mr. White's eyes when he saw Jesse's condition.  And tackling him as if to attach him - It was to save him - to free him.  From beginning to end, I knew that Mr. White will protect Jesse from almost everything - if he could, that is.  He will NEVER betray Jesse.  Yes, he will declare to the world that Jesse is well - not that bright and usually is the cause of his demise - but in the end, Jesse is his son.  Jesse is family.

6)  Mr. White's raised hand (while pushing the button for the machine gun)
I don't know why - but this made me laugh!  I mean, I assumed that once you push that button, it would have been BOOM!  Instead it took a few more seconds, thoughts raced in my head - will it work? Was the key too far from the car?  Were the walls too thick?  But then when the scene shifted to the car - I knew it would work.  THANK GOODNESS IT WORKED though.  Haha!

7)  Uncle Jack's last scene
He still had to take a puff before dying.  Yan ang tunay na lalake is what I would (imagine) hearing from my Panget.  Uncle Jack is so full of pride that he still had to do that!  What made me like this scene?  Well - simply because Mr. White didn't have a care in the world where the rest of his money was and just shot Uncle Jack. 

8)  Todd getting choked
Yes.  He deserved it.  And I liked it (creepy ba?) that Mr. White stood there watching.  Mr. White was as detached with how Todd is during the show.  Todd deserved this because he killed Drew Sharp and Andrea! 

9)  Jesse smiling
A rare moment this season.  We saw how much he loved his newfound family (Andrea and Brock) Jesse redeemed himself for me during this last season because we were shown that he also had brains.  Good for you Jesse!  Good for you (with matching repeated taps on the shoulder/back)

10) Mr. White in the lab
At first I thought - gosh, at his state he still wanted to cook?  I laughed at my idea and added the thought - 'hanggang kamatayan!' (Till death!) But I was wrong.  Mr. White was just admiring what he created/helped create.  I guess this scene made the series go full circle with how he started - started in a Chem lab in school and ended in a Chem lab made by Uncle Jack's team.  In both scenes - Chemistry is the main denominator.

So there you have it!  My first EVER list.  Hahahaha!!

You know what - in HS, I really enjoyed Chemistry.  I was able to balance equations with ease.  I just didn't pursue it.

Sigh.. I would have been a Mr. White - Didi version.


Bryan Cranston - for being Hal, for making me doubt that a comedian can go so dark.  Thank you for Mr. White.
Aaron Paul - for being Jesse, the kid Jesse.  The Jesse in all of us, the one who messes up and come up with bright ideas as we matured
Vince Gilligan - for creating this show.  I will forever be a fan.

Everyday Mom - YUM!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I think I found a new favorite cupcake!

Been passing by this place called Everyday Mom, whenever I went on my every other week pedi session but always forget to actually drop in!  I openly wondered why it opened there, right beside Wheatberry and Max's Chicken.  Then a cousin in law of mine said that their breads are yum!  Since my nail salon is a few meters away, I finally decided to buy some, on the way home with my Panget.

It was raining last Saturday so I was in a hurry.  I just got a box of 6 and picked 3 flavors - the Cafe Mocha, Choco Banana and the Carrot Cake.

I had to make sure to take a picture before I tried it because it looked so perfect!   Self control!!  I had to take a bite to see what the fuss was all about and the verdict?  These were the SOFTEST cupcakes EVER!!!

The Cafe Mocha was IT for me!  I liked it the best among the three flavors.  I am not a fan of bananas in pastries so my second best was the Carrot Cake.  The Choco Banana was also good, my Panget liked it a lot, but it wasn't for my taste buds.

These cupcakes are reasonably priced at P40.00 each.  Good news is that the Cafe Mocha cupcakes also comes in a square cake!  So, for more Cafe Mocha cupcake goodness, I think I'll get the square cake next time!

This little quaint place serves up big big flavors.  I'm sure to visit soon! 

Everyday Mom
Scout Tuason Street
near corner A.Roces,
Quezon City
(they've got over 9,000 likes! Whoa?!)

Thank you, Nora Daza!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I was startled when I saw a friend's status message on FB that said RIP Nora Daza.

I was silenced.

I've always said that it was because of the show Cooking it Up with Nora - that I learned to appreciate watching a cooking show.

Nora Daza is an icon for me.  She's one of the biggest influences in my life with regards to cooking.  I would remember waking up early on weekends to watch her cooking showwas it Saturday or was it Sunday morning) on Channel 2 when I was still a kid.  Watching her show made me want to try cooking.  I think it was because of watching the show that I learned to love to cook and bake.  I would remember her and her children (I remember Nina and Sandy) whip up dishes and I was so fascinated with how they sauteed and cook up dishes with such ease.

The theme song is still plays in my head when I remember her.

So, to Nora Daza - THANK YOU for your cooking show.  If not for your shows, I wouldn't like to be influenced to learn how to cook (and bake).  Thank you for touching my life in that good way.  Thank you for your show.

Rest in Peace Ms. Nora Daza!

Rest in Peace.

Ovomaltine Spread

Monday, September 09, 2013

Okay, to be honest - I am not a fan of chocolates, diba?  But when I got pregnant, I suddenly craved for it and now - I officially like chocolates, sweet chocolates at that.

So, last week - I finally got my bottle from my good friend Fran, and my gosh - its soo good!  I've seen fellow bloggers who put the spread on breads and crackers, but me - I just eat it off the spoon!  I love the sweet crunchy knawing taste!  As my brother says - its Nestle crunch spread!

It may be a little too sweet for some, but I like it sweet - Haha! :) 

Cilck here to make/place an order

GIVEAWAY: Pre-loaded Starbucks Card!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Since its already the BER months - then, let's make gift giving a little early this year!

So here goes - Starbucks through this blog is giving away FIVE (5) Starbucks Card pre-loaded with P300.00!  Cool right?

Just follow the easy steps on Rafflecopter and answer these two questions on the comment section below (with other details as well):
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Ready with your answers?

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Wooden Spoon in Rockwell

Monday, September 02, 2013

I am not a Power Plant Mall kind of a gal.  I find the mall quite boring to be honest, the only thing that I look forward to are the Baker's Dozen fair and the bazaars at the Rockwell Tent.  One of the reasons why I go to PP Mall is because the mall is fairly clean - I can bring the kids there to play and not worry about the mall's toilets being dirty.  I love that their toilets are really clean and lovely to look at.

So yesterday, on the way to PP Mall, I was already thinking of a place to eat.  It has been Shi Lin for the past few visits and I wasn't up to having XLB.  Good thing while walking towards True Value, I saw Wooden Spoon open!  We got there at 11AM so the place wasn't as full - but since we had to go to True Value first, I decided to leave my name so that when we get back, we would be prioritized.

We went back a little before 12nn and the place was packed!  We had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table.  Server Errol apologized on the delay apparently, its their first day today to open!  He told me 'Ma'am bawi kami sa food and sa service!'  So, since it was their opening day, my Panget and I were very forgiving.  We expected that the food will be served a bit delayed - and it was.  But the flavor of the food more than made up for the delay.  I didn't get to take pictures of the other food that arrived since we were so hungry, but I'll do my best to describe them.  I apologize for only taking one food pic!

 Crab Pancit

When you look at the menu - the dishes really seem ordinary.  Its more like a menu with home cooked meals.  But of course, you have to consider the fact that these dishes are made by the Daza's, and so I trusted the menu and I have to be honest, I was really impressed.  The home cooked meals didn't seem so ordinary, I guess with the tweaks here and there of Sandy Daza, they became the better versions of the usual home cooked meals.  I swear the dishes don't taste anything ordinary at all!  The flavors were wonderful, the sauces are amazing.  We really enjoyed our meal there and I would definitely go back to try the other dishes. 

So, to Wooden Spoon Power Plant Mall - CONGRATULATIONS!  Your dishes were great, service was also good despite being your opening day.  I have to commend you for training your staff well.  Bravo!

Here's the list of dishes that we ordered:
1) Boneless Crispy Chicken (P217.00) - I am such a sucker for chicken dishes, when it was served to us, I was amazed on the size, it was big!  But then I realized, it was flat - but nonetheless, it was good enough!  I wish there were more gravy (they were giving refills though..)  Kailee liked it so much that she was able to finish half of it!  (I ate the remaining half)

2)  Tinapa Fried Rice (P155.00) - This dish was yummy, but we got so bitin, so we just ordered extra plain rice.

3)  Crab Pancit (P175.00) - This was the BEST dish of all that we ordered.  We were all surprised and welcomed this version.  My yayas were all praises for this dish!  The picture above is this one.  Boyet the server told us not to mix the noodles thoroughly, so as to have the crispy effect as we ate.  Good recommendation!

4)  Lechon Kawali (P217.00) - When it was served to us, it looked so kawawa because it looked so few!  But when you taste it and dip it into any one of the dipping sauces (vinegar, coriander, and a ginger sauce) you'll understand why the serving was just that and nothing more.  Order this and be surprised!

5)  Squid with Chili (P249.00) - The sweet and spicy taste is just a wonderful mix.  I was expecting not to be blown away by this - but I was wrong (again!) it was really good.  Yaya Donna liked this the best.

6)  Sigarilyas at Daing (P155.00) - I have to be honest, I do not eat sigarilyas - but I had to try this out because the sauce was amazing.  (See?  Wooden Spoon was able to make me try sigarilyas!) And it was also good!  Masarap pala ang sigarilyas

So, there you have it! :)

I have to say - its through watching the show 'Cooking with the Daza's' 'Cooking it up with Nora' every Saturday morning when I was little, that I learned to appreciate cooking.  The show made me like to cook!  So I guess with my cooking career (if there was any) - I've come full circle!

Wooden Spoon
P1 Level, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell, Makati

(It just dawned on my that their main branch is in Katipunan!  I won't need to go far to try more of the dishes!  Yeyness!)

Giveaway: Body Shop's Olive Body Scrub

Thursday, August 29, 2013

And here we are, as promised!!

I'm giving away an Olive Body Scrub from Body Shop!!

Joining is easy and the winner will be picked by Rafflecopter.

I am just randomly giving this away to share my blessings! :)

You can join everyday (tweet) to increase your chances of winning!!


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Good Customer Service by Sugarhouse

Monday, August 26, 2013

I have been saying time and time again, that nothing beats good customer service.  So here I am writing about it!  I am very happy that at least the country, establishments are improving, customer service wise.

So yesterday after we had lunch in Greenhills, we walked by Sugarhouse and decided that we would like to buy their Honey Cake.  My Panget said that since it was a holiday the next day - it would be a reward to us, that we had cake in the house.  You see, my Panget and I are so very fond of cakes and pastries.  And so we purchased a whole Honey Cake.

It was only during our late breakfast that we ate the cake.  The cake looked kawawa because the center part was semi caved in already.  I cut out two slices, one for me and one for my Panget.  My slice in particular had an odd taste.  The 'honey' and the icing were not sweet - and instead, tasted a bit savoury (if you know what I mean).  I ignored it and thought tasted another bite and it was sweet, exactly how I remembered a honey cake tastes like.  On my succeeding bites, there was the savoury taste again.  I am very fond of icing - I can eat it all day (yes, kaya di ako pumapayat)  so when I tasted that the icing wasn't at all sweet (there was no hint of sweetness at all), I knew that something was amiss.

I then called the Greenhills branch where we purchased the cake.  I spoke to the manager, Carol - she informed me that the Honey Cake was delivered to them Sunday morning and that usually the cakes stay fresh for 3 days.  I told her two things, that the cake caved-in in the middle part and that the taste, there was something wrong with it.  She immediately apologized and asked me if there was some more of the cake left, and if there was - that if I could bring it to their branch (so that she can have their commissary check on the cake), she would gladly exchange it for a new one.  This she said without missing a beat.

Wonderful right?  I was amazed.  I then told her that there was still 3/4's of the cake left.  I asked her if I can instead bring it a particular QC branch because Greenhills was a bit far (well, it would take more time to drive to GH plus parking pa)  She said yes, she even volunteered the name of the manager of the QC branch (which I forgot).  She got my contact details and told me again that she was sorry for what happened. 

I was shocked!  This was because most establishments would weasel argue their way out of this particular customer service.  I'm sure others out there would insist that their product is perfectly fine and that something along the way (in short the Customer's fault) their product was mishandled.

So off, I went to that particular QC branch.  When I got there, the two staffs that welcomed me knew the situation immediately.  I opened the cake box and they saw that indeed the cake looked like it caved in right smack in the middle!  I then told them to try a slice to know what I meant (I wanted them to understand that it was just arte, but really the actual taste of the cake was odd)  and they did - they told me 'Ma'am may pagka-maalat nga and iba ang lasa'  Unfortunately, they had no Honey Cake available - so they let me choose another flavor.  Before I left, they again apologized and told me that they will report it to their commissary for checking.

I very much appreciate and commend this kind of customer service.  I have to say that they were trained really well.  And especially for a food establishment, it really means a lot that they don't want to compromise the quality of their food.  And without delays - they immediately offered to replace the product without questions.

So, to Sugarhouse: CONGRATULATIONS for training your staff well to handle calls and in person.  And a huge huge THANK YOU - I would definitely come back for more!!

P.S.  I honestly miss your Crunch Cake.  I used to marvel at the height of the cake and the cleanliness of it.  It was pure white - and the caramal crunch was added just before it was put in a box for us to bring home.

Establishments like Sugarhouse deserve more than thumbs up signs because of their customer service.

More Power Sugarhouse!!

Giveaway Alert!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am indeed giving away this Body Shop Olive scrub!! :)

Please do come back to check out the mechanics.  I am now still thinking the giveaway mechanics.

So, in the meantime - STAY TUNED!! :)

Toxic Relationships

I have been hearing the word TOXIC for years describing what the day has been for them.  I honestly never understood what it really meant.  And now, I still don't know how to use that word properly in that certain context.  Hahaha!!

So, I've been attending a seminar/fellowship on the 'Toxic' series and we were just discussing about Toxic Relationships.

My cousin-in-law Irene sent me this, this morning.

I have to admit, this is an eye opener.

Read them through and see if you are in one..

I realized that there are really persons/people in your life that is 'toxic' to you.  They are detrimental to your growth.  The sad thing is that - they think the mean well BUT actually, they are doing more damage.

Its honestly quite hard to admit that you are in a toxic relationship OR you are the toxic in the relationship.  But I guess by the mere fact that you are able to identify this is one step closer to becoming a better person.

My prayer now, is to be able to have the courage and wisdom to cut off or eliminate a particular 'toxic relationship' in my life.

Good Luck Didi!!

The Starbucks Card

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

FINALLY!  A Starbucks Card!

A card that is a reloadable (you can use it to purchase) and doubles as a rewards card!  Earn stars (points) for every purchase of a handcrafted beverage, a bag of beans or VIA ready brews!

Starting tomorrow - August 7, these babies will be available in ALL Starbucks stores nationwide.  You'd need to purchase a card for P300.00, this card is already loaded with a peso value of P300.00 that you can use to purchase beverages, food items and merchandise!  You can reload it at ANY Starbucks store nationwide.  What's great about it is that - you can earn stars (loyalty points) for every purchase of handcrafted beverages, coffee beans and VIA ready brews.  The stars that you earn - can be redeemed as follows:

Isn't that wonderful?  Be rewarded for every Starbucks beverage that you buy!  I remember my aunt - when Starbucks first opened in 6750 - she used to collect all the receipts of the Starbucks purchases she made.  Her logic behind this - well, she said that Starbucks might just launch a loyalty program and these receipts may come in handy someday.  My aunt had the foresight for the loyalty program - I am excited to tell her about this as she is a HUGE fan of Starbucks!  

As a reward for a loyal patron - simply register your Starbucks card and activate it, and immediately you are rewarded with a grande sized handcrafted beverage that you can redeem within thirty (30) days from activation of your card.  There's more - on your birthday, you a treated to a FREE slice of cake when you purchase a handcrafted beverage!  So much rewards right?  

Say, what if your card gets stolen, or it gets lost!  No need to worry as you just need to log into your account and deactivate that particular card that was stolen.  Your balance will remain the same (provided that you immediately deactivate the card) and your points are protected.  Isn't it great that our friends over at Starbucks thought of everything?!

For more information you may visit and would you believe that you can even call them to inquire at (02) 462-6262

Join Starbucks on August 7, 2013 at the Glorietta 2 Activity center for the official launch of the Starbucks Card!

The first 100 patrons with a proof of purchase (present a receipt of a handcrafted beverage from July 31 to August 7) will receive an official invite and a Starbucks Card preloaded with P300.00!!  Another 100 Starbucks Card (preloaded with P300.00) will be given away to participants during the event proper!  Registration starts at 5:00PM while the launch proper starts at 6:00PM

Oh!  Just to add - from August 7 to August 9, those who pre-load their Starbucks Card with P1,500.00 will get a bonus load value of P300.00!  So imagine just loading P1,500.00 will get you a total of P1,800.00 - NEAT right?  So, HURRY to the nearest Starbucks!!

Kailee eating Bono Gelato on her own!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm such a stage mom.  I am sooooo proud of her with her feat yesterday!!

For the first time ever, my daughter ate her Milk and Cereal Bono Gelato on her own!

I can't explain the happy/proud/burning feeling in my heart feeling whenever I watch this video.  I can't believe my baby girl is growing up!

Kailee, mama is so proud of you!!  But please don't grow up too fast. 

Kasambahay 101: PhilHealth Registration

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Apparently, there is an online registration.

But what I will share here is the MANUAL registration.  Manual registration means that you'd need to personally go to any PhilHealth office to submit your papers.  You can also as your authorized representative to do this for you.  Just make sure to have them bring an authorization letter signed by you with a valid ID (so they can verify if it was really you who signed the letter)

So, here goes!

To register yourself as an EMPLOYER get a hold of an ER1 form 

Fill in all the details and leave blank what does not apply to you.

When you submit this, you will be given your EMPLOYER Number.  You will need to use this employer number whenever you pay and report to PhilHealth.

To register your HOUSEHELP - Get this PMRF form:

Fill in ALL the details needed.

If you will place your spouse and children as dependents, make sure you have a photocopy of your marriage certificate and birth certificates of your children.  As without these, PhilHealth won't input the details to your file.  So, if you don't have any documents ready with you, then just leave it blank.  You may just add them later on using an Er3 form, when you have the necessary papers with you.

After submitting the above form, you will receive a printout from PhilHealth with your helper's PhilHealth number.

Now, to report those helpers with you:  Get the Er2 Form.

Make sure that ALL those you will report under your employ has their own PhilHealth number - if the don't then get one first and then submit.

Fill in all the details and submit to your PhilHealth office.
Make sure to read if you need to submit it in duplicate or triplicates.

Hope this was helpful!

Lucky Didi's Beauty Loot Giveaway!!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I'm hosting another giveaway! :)

Last week, I gave in to my temptation - I finally bought my first ever Tony Moly CC Cream!  I have to mention Rowena because it was her post that convinced me to get one!  Thank you Ro!

I was very lucky because, when I got to the department store counter of Tony Moly, the sales attendant immediately told me that they have a promo 'A free 30mL CC Cream for every P1,000.00 purchase!' Since the CC Cream cost P948.00 I just had to add a little to reach the P1,000.00 purchase - so I bought a pearl mask for P58.00.  I felt it was so meant to be, because what were the chances right?  I randomly went to the department store with just the intention to get the CC cream and I got another bottle for free!  Well, almost free.. Hahaha!

So, to share my luck, I'm giving away the Pearl Mask that I bought plus some others (Skin Food freebies, The Face Shop body wash and a Crabtree & Evelyn Rose hand remedy) that I found on my table.  This is a winner take all, so keep those entries coming!  I'm using rafflecopter to pick the winner.  You have until July 20, 2013 to join!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm a SCARED parent.. Help!

Since being a mom some two years ago, I suddenly developed a fear of some sort.  Fear that my kids will get sick, fear of hurting themselves, fear that my kids will be bullied, fear of so many many other things.  I have this idea in my head that I am to protect them, at all cost.  Am I paranoid or too protective?

Kailee turned two early this year.  A lot of people have been asking me if she's already in pre-school, I tell them no, because I feel that she's too young.  That's only one of the reasons why I don't want her to go to school early - because I feel that she's too young (I attended pre-school at 4 and I turned out okay), another thing is that I hear that kids who attend pre-school get sick more often.  I also hear of incidents where kids hurt one another - and I don't want that to happen to Kailee.

The bully-ing issue has been up and about in the last few years.  I think it's just now, that the problem is being dealt with.  I guess then, the school, parents and society were all in denial that it has been happening here in our country.  To address this bully-ing problem, my Panget and I agreed that when Kailee starts to go to school, we'd teach her how to fight back.  My inlaws don't agree to this, but my Panget and I do, because she needs to learn how to defend herself when the situation calls for it.  I'm sure some would say 'why retailiate?'  well, for me - it would be better than just telling the proper authorities and wait for their 'investigation' that would take, weeks?  But that's just me.  I'm not saying that my style is right, but I am hoping that this will work for me eventually.

Recently, I learned of a friend's daughter being a punching bag by another kid in their pre-school.  Mind you this pre-school is quite a prestigious one, and I am surprised that their unofficial statement was that 'it was an accident'.  But can accidents happen repeatedly?  This incident makes me think twice, thrice, quadruple times whether I'd like to send my child to pre-school at all.  I've become skeptical - and then, this morning I read another blogger's post on her daughter bruising her chin and the teacher claiming it was an accident.  Its gets so discouraging reading those kinds of posts, I won't hide the fact that I'm not affected.  I won't pretend that it's okay when its not.  So there - I am honestly AFRAID - of what may happen.  I felt really bad after seeing and reading these incidents - I get so affected with these incidents - maybe because I am a parent myself.  Am I strange?

Pre-school doesn't come cheap, so when I hear stories like these, it makes me wonder - why the hell does that (still) happen, in a pre-school - A PRE-SCHOOL?  Where apparently, the kids to teacher ratio is small?  Don't they have precautions or SOP on how to deal with these things?  I always had the impression that kids require more sets of eyes in a classroom - but I guess, I was wrong.

So, there - am I an abnormal parent for being afraid?  For being too protective?  Am I stalling my child's progress with my fear?  Ah, I'm so confused..


Kasambahay 101: The Law - broken down

Monday, July 01, 2013

I found this link on my feed.

I clicked on it and found it VERY HELPFUL!

This person broke down the law to make us understand it better with a bit of humor.

So here I am sharing it with you.

An Employer's Cramming Guide to comply with Batas Kasambahay

Read through it to understand the law better.  This is a fun read I promise!!

Kasambahay 101: SSS Registration

Monday, June 24, 2013

How to register yourself as a Household Employer: (Updated as of June 16, 2013)

Fill out the R-1 form (Click the link to download the file and fill-up and print!)

When you are given your SSS Household Employer Number, you'll need to get this R-1A form to register the helpers that are with you.  Fill in all the details like your SSS employer number, name and addresses.  You need to print two copies of this (SSS will get one copy and you get to keep the 2nd copy)

UPDATE: You can ask a representative to do these things for you!
 a)  Authorization Letter (authorizing him to do the transaction for you)
 b)  Your ORIGINAL valid ID (so SSS can verify your signature, that you are the one requesting)
Make sure that you fill out all the details CORRECTLY!!  Because if you make a mistake, then you will personally need to appear at SSS to verify the details! Hassle diba?  But oh, well!  At least..

How to get an SSS number for your helpers:

Get an E-1 form and fill it up.  

You will need a photocopy of your helper's birth certificate or baptismal certificate.


In the event that your helper has NEITHER (birth certificate or baptismal certificate), you can still fill up this E-1 form and they will still be issued an SSS number.  

You will use the SSS numbers when you make the quarterly reports.

The only difference with submitting & not submitting the birth certificate or baptismal certificate is the availment of the benefits.  To receive all the benefits - your helper MUST submit any one of them.  These benefits will be put on hold and cannot be used UNTIL any one of the documents is submitted.

Here's the Schedule of Contribution:

Kasambahay 101: Pag-Ibig Registration

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello! I'll be creating a series of posts related to the Kasambahay Law. I'll do my best to post help on registering your helpers and yourselves (as employers) too!

Here's how to register in Pag-Ibig

Go to Pag-Ibig Fund's website:

This is what you will see, click on the E-Services

You will then see the page below, you will need to first register yourself as an EMPLOYER.  (After you have registered yourself, go back to the main site, click on the E-Services and the click the MEMBERSHIP Registration (for your househelp)

You will then be led to this page below:

Click on the REGISTER MAIN OFFICE.  After you click that, you will then see the page below - just fill it up.

For the business name type in HOUSEHOLD - Your name


Just fill in the details and voila - you'll have your tracking number.  

Next step is to bring this form to your Pag-Ibig branch to request for an order of payment so you can pay the helpers contributions.  Your permanent Pag-Ibig number will then be given to you.

Kindly note that the following is the Contribution Table for Household Helpers:
If the Salary is P2,000.00 to P2,999.00 - P100.00
If the Salary is P3,000.00 to P3,999.00 - P120.00
If the Salary is P4,000.00 to P4,999.00 - P150.00
If the Salary is above P5,000.00 - Househelper's share is P100.00 & Employer's share is P100.00