I locked Kailee in the room..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last night, I was a bad mom.

You see, I left Kailee in our room, because I had to go into theirs to get her a fresh shirt and pajamas.  She was playing with water in our bathroom as was all wet - since she was getting sleepy, I had to change her and get her ready for bed.

And so I left her in our room - alone.  I walked quickly to their room and got what I needed.  When I got out of their room, I could hear Kailee saying 'Mama!' and knocking on the door (from the inside).  Her voice was actually excited!  She kept on repeating 'Mama!' until I got to the door.

When I turned the door knob, I found it weird that the door didn't open.  I turned the knob again, and pushed the door.  It still didn't open!  I tried it two more times and then I realized - that Kailee must have turned the knob of our double door lock (since it was located within her reach - near the bottom of the door, I remember her playing with it many times when she was younger) - my mind was shouting obscenities already, Kailee was still inside the room calling out for me and she was trying to turn the door knob open.  I knelt down on the floor and spoke to Kailee through the door (imagine me on my knees, with my hands on the door) I told her 'Kailee, please turn the knob' and Kailee was responsive because she was trying top turn the door knob!  When I saw what she was trying to do, I told her to turn the knob near the floor.  I didn't know if she understood, but I kept on repeating for her to turn the knob near the floor.  When a few minutes passed, and we weren't progressing, Kailee was already crying - you can sense from her voice that she was scared - I had to go down and tell my Panget.  And when I did, he raced up and spoke to Kailee immediately, Kailee was already crying inside the room and calling out 'Mama!' my heart was sinking. 

When my Panget tried his luck in opening the door - it was as if a miracle happened, the door OPENED!  I was so shocked!  I immediately went in the room and scooped Kailee in my arms!  My first thought was, she understood what I was telling her to do, thus opening the door!  Kailee was crying (not hysterically) and I was telling her how sorry, I was.  She clung to me and didn't want to let go.  My heart sank - I couldn't believe what just happened. 

So, there - I was a bad mom last night because I left Kailee and uknowingly trapped her inside the room.  I was so thankful that she somehow understood what I was telling her to do! 

I will never ever leave her alone in our room now - I've learned my lesson.

Kailee, Mama is sorry.  So very sorry!

I feel so guilty!!!

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