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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I just found the BEST brownies EVER!  A few weeks ago, a friend brought a batch to dinner – and it was love at first bite.  The texture was just perfect and the taste was equally wonderful!  I ate one, and then another and then another – at the end of the night, I ordered a batch.
I am very particular with a brownie’s texture.  I like it when my teeth slides smoothly into the brownie when I bite into it, weird but that's how I gauge a brownie's texture!  The taste is wonderful, the sweetness is just right – I especially like the hint of saltiness when I bite into the brownie.  The brownie is rich but the chocolate-yness doesn’t overpower the tastebuds.  You can eat it right from the fridge, unlike other brownies that become tough when you put them in the fridge!  Oh, and I almost forgot - they smell soooo good too!!
For those who know me, I'm picky when it comes to chocolates, as I only learned to appreciate it two years ago (when I was pregnant and suddenly craving for - chocolates!)  And these brownies are soooo good!  No exaggeration - promise, they're really really good!  I hope you can try them out!

These brownies are made by my god brother Ton.  You can order a day in advance and choose to pick up either at Anson Supermarket in Molave St., Cubao or in Congressional Subdivision.  They also have Caramel filled cookie bars, which my Panget looooved and Lemon Squares!  If you like tartness their Lemon Squares are the real deal!   Here are the prices:
Brownies and Lemon Bars:
4's - P65.00
12's - P180.00
24's - P350.00

Caramel filled Cookie Bars:
4's - P80.00
12's - P220.00
24's - P420.00

Babar Bars by Ton

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