Patty, this is for you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few years ago, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  When I heard of this, I immediately called her - and while I was bawling like a baby, she at the other end of the line was very calm.  She was narrating to me what her doctors told her - she even commented that her doctor didn't have bedside manners at all, I remember her saying that her doctor told her bluntly 'It not a good sign, at all!'

She went through six cycles of chemotherapy, she told me when I visited her in Hong Kong, that those were the worst times of her life - that it seemed like she was dying every time she would undergo chemo.  I told her to hang-on and she told me that its so hard to hang-on when she was feeling her worst every single time.  She would tell me at times (when she wasn't in a good mood) that I didn't know what it feels like because I've never gone through chemo, true - yes.  It hard actually because I want to comfort her and give her moral support - but since I didn't really know what she was going through - I was just, going with what my gut told me.  She's now in remission, she's been cancer-free for a few years now - and I am glad that she got cured.  When you see her now, you won't even believe she was sick then.

A few months ago, a cyber friend Patty was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Let me tell you, I was completely shocked of how she took the news.  For one thing, she let her cyber friends (like me) be in the know, unlike most people who would keep these details privy.  She kept us all in the loop of things, the news, the tests etc.  It was as if we were all part of her - I admire her courage (in sharing the news), I mean I really do. 

Its funny when I think of how I met Patty - to be honest, I've never met her physically, we've been online friends for quite a while now.  I met her through Femalenetwork's forum, GirlTalk.  I really liked reading her comments and I think she was one of those first customers I had when I was selling my pre-loved items.  I'm sentimental like that -  I remember those things.  Hahaha!  From GirlTalk, we became blog friends to Plurk friends to Twitter friends.  I honestly did not believe that online friendships worked until I developed a relationship with those people I met online.  Like Patty, even if we're not physical friends - I read her blog, she lets me in on her everyday thoughts.  It's so funny that I think I know her.  I'm sure I'd say HI and give her a big hug when I bump into her, I'm sure I'd recognize DH, Anissa and Sabine anywhere - it's so weird and comforting (at the same time), but I feel like I know them somehow.   

In my attempt to give moral support, I sent her messages of encouragement, I told her to stay positive - and let me tell you her positivity is AMAZING - she's even more positive than I am!  Its really nakakagulat because, my friend wasn't THAT positive, but Patty - I'm in AWE of her positivity!  I don't think I've ever met a person who is as positive as her when it comes to her battle with the Big C.  Ibang klase..  And that's really good, you see I am one of those believers in the Positive Thinking attitude, because frankly - it works, all the time!!

Patty's strength is so admirable, she looks at things in a different way.  She's not bitter, but rather delighted (sorry Patty for the word) but seriously, when she's faced with some hurdles - she offers it to the Big Guy up there - and I think it helps her, a LOT, and I mean a LOT!  I am constantly in AWE at her strength and positivity.  Ibang klase, I tell you.  Patty is such an inspiration to us all, especially to me!

Patty, you are my peg of courage and strength!  STAY POSITIVE!  STAY STRONG!  We will always be here for you, to support you!  We love you!

Hello Connor!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Last Monday - October 22, I gave birth ahead of schedule to a baby boy named Connor Bryce - and here is my birth story.

My actual due date is November 7, but since I underwent CS with Kailee, I had to go through another CS (not that I'm complaining!)  My Panget and I scheduled the procedure on October 28.  Now, why October 28 of all dates?  Well, first because our Kailee was to walk down the aisle for the first time as a flower girl at my good friend Cherry's wedding on the 27th.  Secondly because it was a Sunday - a less chaotic day for everyone - traffic wise and hospital wise.

I went to see my OB the Thursday before and was told to lessen my activities and refrain from walking, there was one problem, I liked to walk.  I loved going to Landmark to walk around.  Although I haven't dilated - my OB said to stop activities - I stopped going to work and spent most of the time at home with Kailee.  

But you see - on October 21, Sunday - my tummy started aching.  The ache was bearable - it didn't seem like a contraction.  It seemed like a normal tummy ache, so I ignored it.  For the past few weeks, I have had a hard time sleeping - waking up during the wee hours in the morning needing to pee, it was getting uncomfy because I felt so heavy already.  The aches that I felt, I dismissed as 'normal'

So Monday early morning, I felt the contractions.  The pain hasn't resonated to my back so, I thought it might just be the false labor - braxton hicks contractions.  I was able to fall asleep only to wake up again and I think I felt the pain reach my lower back.  But I wasn't sure!  So I tried to go back to sleep.  When my Panget was getting ready for work - I told him that I think I might be in labor.  My Panget smiled and told me to call him for whatever.  I remember it like it was yesterday - it was de ja vu.  It was like giving birth to Kailee all over again, you see I felt the contractions on a Monday also!  Haha..

I dressed up, took Kailee to my mom's and then texted my OB.  She told me to go to Cardinal since she will be there by 10:30am, she told me she wanted to see me and check how far along I was.  I told her I didn't want to go and that the pain was bearable, but she insisted - and as a precaution - I went.  I actually went home first, took a bath, packed my bag and then went to my mom's house again.  I said goodbye to Kailee and kissed her, I even told her that I'd be back in a few hours.

I reached Cardinal a little before 11am, I went directly to the Delivery Room and was let into the prep room.  I was immediately strapped with a monitor that records contractions.  The residents there we closely monitoring the contractions and 30 minutes went by and they haven't recorded anything.  So, to make me go home - they needed to do an IE.  I was confident that I was going home because I haven't felt any contraction at all!  But when the resident examined me, I was already 5cm dilated - de ja vu all over again.  I was told that they needed to open me up immediately.  My OB arrived just in time and confirmed that I needed to be opened up ASAP.

So I called my Panget and told him that I had to give birth ASAP.  He said for me to wait for another hour so that he could be with me.  I told my OB and she said they couldn't wait - but for sure my Panget will make it on time - because they still had to prep me.  I called my mom and told her the news, I texted a few friends that I was in the DR.  I was even able to speak to my friend Kath, while being wheeled in the DR!

The residents couldn't reach my anesthesiologist, but good thing there was one available - his name is Dr. Caballero.  I was wheeled into the DR a little before 12noon - I met Dr. Caballero, shook his hand and said that I had only one request - and that was to knock me OUT.  He said that he needed me conscious for some participation - and I told him I didn't want the participation part, I didn't want to hear or see the preparation - all I wanted to do is SLEEP through the procedure.  And he did that exactly.  And I love him for it!  I didn't even know that my Panget arrived.  I was woken up because the baby was out.  I remember my OB telling me 'Baby was out at 12:28pm as you requested, baby is okay!'  Then I remember hearing my Panget's voice saying that the baby is out.  I remember asking if he made it on time and he answered me with 'Barely!'  I was asleep again after that.

Connor Bryce was born on October 22, 2012 at 12:28pm he weighs 7lbs.  That's 10oz short of Kailee's weight!  He looked small to me because I remember Kailee being big!  

Everything happened so very fast - it was exactly the opposite of when I had Kailee before.  With Connor - he was out within two hours of arriving at the hospital!!

I think things got easier the second time around.  I knew what to expect and somehow I wasn't as scared.  I liked that everything happened so fast, I didn't have time to think and analyze anymore.  I remember I was getting anxious and counting down to the 28th, but instead I was caught off guard!

Welcome little Connor Bryce! :)  Mama, Dada and Kailee love you!! :)

P.S.  Would anyone care to guess where we got the names??