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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

These days, I dream of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross..


This show caught my eye on DIVA (cable show), I think I caught the third episode - but I was hooked.  I asked my brother about the show and luckily he had a few episodes.  It was LOVE at first watch, because I couldn't stop watching the episodes over and over again.  Would you believe that it was only when the second season started that I FINALLY got to watch the Pilot?  Haha, and I looooooved the Pilot!  During season one, my favorite was Mike Ross, but when the season finale went and came the new season - it was Harvey Specter!  I think I didn't know that I liked him - deep down, I just realized it - late!

There's one complaint though for me - its the on again off again love angles for Mike Ross!  I don't know why, but I get usually turned off when there is a sign of a love interest.  I think its the formula of ANY show to have this love angle, but I beg to differ!  I just sigh when I see the angle cropping up!  Like the Rachel/Mike thing - I wish they'd stay in the flirting zone, because being together will just shoot the target!  Let them flirt and play hard to get, its more fun to watch them like that!  Hahaha..

I can't wait for January 2013 for the season to resume!!  Argh!!!


I never thought I'd like to watch Jeff Daniels on TV.  But when my TV soul sister tells me to try and watch this show - I did.  I saw the pilot and LOVED it!  The Pilot has to be the BEST Pilot that I've ever seen - EVER!  I am not exaggerating, but man - I was glued from the first second till the end!  The dialogue was awesome - and to think I don't like watching those shows with too much dialogue.  But this I LOVE!  The show also got better as it aired more episodes!  I was hooked.  I told my friends and my Panget about this show - it was all about American politics and the workings of a newsroom/news agency.  There were details that I didn't understand like the Tea Party, but heck I googled them to understand.  Maybe another reason why I liked the show is because its made and aired by HBO!  I'm sure everyone will agree with me that HBO makes GREAT shows..  My favorite HBO series still has to be The Sopranos, hands down.


This is NOT one of my favorites, but this show - I've been watching with my Panget for the past week.  The show is about humans vs aliens, and not the plot thickens because there's a rebel aliens group!  Its not exactly my cup of tea, but it suffices - and with the years that I've been together with my Panget- I've learned to appreciate these kinds of shows.  What made me interested was when I saw John Locke!  From Alias to Lost to Falling Skies - John Locke still tries to put order in a not-so order-y place/civilization.  We're on the last episode and got a bit bored, because of the dialogue.  But let's see what happens.  I hear that the show's been renewed!


Another Sc-Fi TV show, but what makes this unique is that - its a Canadian show!  This, I think is my first time to watch a Canadian show.  And the verdict is - it's okay, something you can watch to kill time.  Its not something you will be excited to watch every week - but it suffices.  The show stars Rachel Nichol - who is from 2077 and was 'accidentally' sent back to 2012 together with some rebel prisoners.  It chronicles how she tries to hunt them down while adjusting to the backwardness of 2012.  Her co stars all look familiar - maybe because they've been on other US Sci-Fi shows!  I was told by my Panget that the show as been renewed.  The plot thickens on the season finale - so it's something you'd LIKE to watch, IF you have the patience and time to download.  Hehehe...

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  1. Hey.. Im watching these shows too. Try homeland, castle and fringe. enjoy! :)