My take on Immigration Officers asking for OT pay

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

When I saw on TV that Immigration Officers were complaining of not being paid overtime, my blood boiled a bit.  My respect levels for the Immigration Officers in our international airports are quite low, and you know why?  Because these freaking people are not doing their jobs well!

Number 1 - How many immigration counters do we have?  Are they always open?  NO THEY'RE FREAKING NOT!  Even if the lines are horrendously long, these people REFUSE to open counters to serve travelers!  You'd see them entertaining VIPs and celebrities - chit chatting with other officers while watching people stand in line waiting!

We have only a handful of counters right?  These IOs aren't on duty ALL at the same time!  Why not do a shifting schedule to accommodate travelers 24/7?  Why do they need to ask airlines to pay for their overtimes?  Please dear Immigration Officers, don't blab on TV that its the airlines' fault that you are on OVERTIME!  I think you forget that these airlines bring in the tourists!!  And if you complain on the work hours - GET ANOTHER freaking JOB!!

When our PAL flight to Korea was delayed last April 2012 - we waited at the check-in area for a long time because there were NO IMMIGRATION OFFICERS AROUND!  What the hell is that about?  Aren't IOs supposed to be on duty 24/7?  Do you mean to tell me that IOs only work during office hours?  Our airports are OPEN 24/7!  HELLO??  When I asked the Security Guard on duty where the IOs were - he just told me, they're waiting for a certain time to come out.  And when and IO came out - HE WAS ALONE!!  How was he supposed to process all those people?  I found it really STUPID.

My opinion is that being in GOVERNMENT is considered PUBLIC SERVICE!  YOU DO NOT COMPLAIN ON CERTAIN THINGS BECAUSE, THAT'S YOUR FREAKING JOB!  If you would like to get paid higher - LEAVE and find another job in the PRIVATE SECTOR!  These government people fail to realize that our taxes pay for their salaries - therefore, WE ARE THEIR BOSSES!!

I'm sure Secretary Mar Roxas suspended their overtime pay for a reason.

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