Hojicha & Red Bean Green Tea at Starbucks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

An Asian twist is coming to Starbucks!

Starting tomorrow - June 12, you'll get a chance to sample Starbucks' newest drinks!


Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino
 Hojicha is a type of Japanese roasted tea
combined with Tazo Early Grey Tea jelly!
Its soooo good!  (This is my favorite!)

and the Red Bean Green Tea!
With whole kernels of red Azuki beans
this gives the drink a certain bite to the flavor!

Aside from the drinks - here are the new food items in store for you!

Green Tea & Berry Cheesecake

Purple Yam Cake with Macapuno & Red Bean

Beef & Mushroom Pie

Bacon & Cheese on Italian Country Bread

Chicken Parmigiana Wrap

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