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Monday, June 25, 2012

to the following:

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Here's what you have won!

One (1) Starbucks Tumbler
Four (4) Tall Beverage Coupons
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THANK YOU for joining and supporting my blog! :)

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Congrats again!

Thank you to Starbucks Philippines!! :)

Toki Q

Thursday, June 21, 2012

 The first time I saw Toki Q was about a month ago, we were walking to Tea Tap and it so happened that Toki Q was just across the street!  Little did I know that it was Pat Dy's!  Yes, THE Pat Dy!  My wonderful wedding photographer, Pat Dy!

Yesterday, I received an email from him inviting me to try the place - and last night, my Panget and I, together with Yaya D. and Kailee - we tried this place out!

I was very curious on the rotating barbeque!  So I immediately asked the cook, he said that they will be running the machine in a few minutes to show me.  He was telling me that there are three (3) different speeds - depending on the meat or item to be cooked.  The machine had these clips that held the sticks of the yakitoris, these lead the meats to a griller - then it will lead the meats to be dipped into the sauce (if needed, not all meats are dipped in the sauces).  It was fun to watch because the cook didn't need to keep on turning and tossing the sticks.  I failed to take pic because I was too excited to witness the run!  Haha!!

The newly cooked meats were delish!  I think the selling point of the machine is that it grills the meats to perfection!  The meats were tender and very flavorful, thanks to the yummy sauce!  (If you can, order the extra sauce!)

My Panget liked the chicken skin so much that I had to order two more sticks - to which I never got a bite of!  He said that it was really crispy!  I liked the wings, chicken fillet with asparagus, and the Tontoro Pork - I wish I could eat more!  We were also served with the Kara-age and Toki Bbq Corn - and they both were wonderful!  The Kara-age was tender and the corn was sweet - then topped with the powder - wow, it made the taste more yummy!  I loved the special powder so much that I put some on my rice, yes - it seems weird but I LIKED IT! :)  Haha..

Combo 3 - Chicken Ball, Tontoro Pork, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fillet + Unlimited Rice (P125.00)

Here's a closer look at the meats - YUMM!!

Here's the Tontoro Pork (P30.00/Stick) and the Chicken Skin (P26.00)

 This was what was left of my Combo 4 - 6 pieces of Chicken Wings (P145.00)

The menu is really simple but if you're the visual type and you want to see what you're going to order - check out the display.  The place is quite small - but it serves its purpose since its a fast food!  There are tables and chairs, the place can possibly occupy about 12 to 15 people, but it'll be quite crowded.  The place is air-conditioned and very well lit.  In my opinion, you won't come out smelling like grilled meat because they have very good ventilation - their exhausts are positioned strategically.

Another thing that made the difference is the staff, they're very friendly and warm - they will answer your every question and they seem to really know what they are doing! Try this place out if you're in the area!  But make sure to go early because some food items run out!

Toki Q
Wilson corner P. Guevarra
Tel. 425-9867

D'Little Gyoza House

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've been seeing this place for months now, but it was only yesterday that I was able to go and check this place out.  It was just after office hours and so I was the only person there.  The location is quite weird because you won't be able to see it unless you pass by Miller Street often, and Miller Street isn't exactly a high traffic street for restaurant seekers - the area is actually mostly warehouses mixed in a residential area.  The signage is quite small, so if you are coming from Baler Street - its not really visible.

So yesterday, I went and ordered their Orginal gyoza and Chili gyoza for take out.  The service was quite fast because I was the only one there (it was just after office hours).  The waiter was also nice enough to suggest that I try their other dishes like the fried rice and ramens.  But since I was only after the gyozas, I politely declined.

While inside the car - the wonderful aroma of the gyozas taunted me!  They smelled soooo wonderful!  When I reached home - I immediately took a bite of the original gyoza and it was good!  It wasn't the best but it was good enough!  For the price of P120.00 for 5 pieces of gyoza - I think it was already worth it!

I wasn't able to get pics of the actual gyozas because we ate them all! 

I'm planning to go back again to try their other dishes. 

D'Little Gyoza House
Miller Street (Same street as Uratex)
SFDM, Quezon City

Lotion Smotion Potion!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Saturday, my friend Selene who is a LOTION ADDICT was telling me that she found a wonderful lotion that is non-greasy and absorbs easily.  Being a person who dislikes lotion (I only like lotions when I'm travelling) I took it with a grain of salt.

She then showed me the lotion - it was VANILLA! I was instantly interested - you see, I have a weakness for Vanilla flavored anything!  Hahaha.. She then told me to try it and I did.

And she was telling the truth!

The lotion was WONDERFUL!!  Selene was telling the truth when she said it was non-greasy!  The reason why I hate lotions is because of the greasy feeling!  And this one is PERFECT for me! :)

Would you believe that, that same night - I smothered it all over?  That's how much I LOVE THE LOTION! :)  I'm so happy that I finally found THE perfect lotion for me!! :)

The lotion is from Vanilla & Co., I was surprised that its a local company.

I wish they had a facial moisturizer that is like that!  Is it possible?  Haha!! :)

Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want to try the Hojicha Frapp & Red Bean Green Tea Frapp for FREE? 

Here's how to join:

PICK one of the featured beverage (Hojicha Frapp or Red Bean Green Tea Frapp) and describe a perfect moment on how you would enjoy it!  (i.e. After a long day's work, etc.)

a)  Leave your answer on this entry's comment section together with:
      1)  Your name
      2)  A valid email address
b)  You must LIKE Starbucks Phillipines FB page
c)  You must tweet this contest! Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert! at @candishhh blog! Visit (Leave the link on your entry at the comment section)

Example of an entry will be:
a)  After a long day at work - the Hojicha Frapp will surely pick my mood up!
     1)  Didi T.
     2)  candishhh (at) gmail (dot) com

Please make sure to include ALL the details I asked.  Incomplete entries will automatically be DISQUALIFIED!

You may join as many times as you want!  But make sure your 'moments' are different, since I will be judging based on the answers!!  Contest will run from today until June 23, 2012.

The WINNER will be based on the quality of your answers!

There will be five (5) winners of: One (1) Tumbler with four (4) Beverage GCs!
(A person can only win ONCE!!)

THANK YOU Starbucks Philippines!

Hojicha & Red Bean Green Tea at Starbucks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

An Asian twist is coming to Starbucks!

Starting tomorrow - June 12, you'll get a chance to sample Starbucks' newest drinks!


Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino
 Hojicha is a type of Japanese roasted tea
combined with Tazo Early Grey Tea jelly!
Its soooo good!  (This is my favorite!)

and the Red Bean Green Tea!
With whole kernels of red Azuki beans
this gives the drink a certain bite to the flavor!

Aside from the drinks - here are the new food items in store for you!

Double Upsize Treat at Starbucks One Rockwell!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 Want a DOUBLE UPSIZE treat from Starbucks? 

Well, on Friday - June 8, 2012, visit Starbucks One Rockwell from 4pm to 8pm and have that treat!! :)

What is a DOUBLE UPSIZE treat?  Let's say you order a Short beverage - you'll automatically be given a Grande beverage!  Order a Tall beverage and you'll be given a Venti beverage!  If you forget and you order a Venti beverage - don't worry, they'll just charge you with a Tall beverage!  Cool huh?!

So don't forget the date and time - JUNE 8, 2012 Friday 4pm to 8pm

Where is One Rockwell?  It's along Rockwell Drive - a walking distance from the Power Plant Mall.  If you are coming from EDSA - take Estrella and turn left at Rockwell Drive, the first establishment you see is One Rockwell, enter the driveway and voila!  If you are coming from JP Rizal, take Estrella and turn right on Rockwell Drive - then enter the driveway to your right.

See you there!! :)