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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Everyone hates delayed flights, right?

Well, my Panget and I were no exceptions.  When we arrived at the PAL Airport last April 9 for our flight - well, we were informed that - our flight was DELAYED - our supposed flight was supposed to leave at 12mn but it was not scheduled to leave at 4:20am.  WONDERFUL!  Since my Panget and I were the only ones who were flying via PAL - I instantly called Fran who was taking the Cebu Pacific counterpart flight.  I told her that we were delayed and that she may want to check if they were delayed too!  The counter people informed us that the delay was due to weather conditions, that there was a heavy fog thus - the Incheon Airport was closed down and will operate at about 4:00am.

My Panget and I decided to go back home - since it was just 9:30 in the evening.  We didn't want to hang around in the airport.  And in 30 minutes, we were back home.  At about 2:00am, I called the airport hotline and was informed again that flight was moved to 5:20am.  Crap.  I was having a bad feeling that out flight would be moved to their next Seoul flight, which was at 2:30in the afternoon.  My Panget and I decided that in case this happens - that we would not push through with our Korea trip.

We arrived at the airport at 4:00am.  We were told that the flight was scheduled to leave at 5:20am.  Since we were already checked in - we just had to go through immigration.  BUT we had to wait for about 30 minutes before we could go through immigration - why?  BECAUSE THERE WERE NO IMMIGRATION OFFICERS AVAILABLE!  I always had the notion that immigration officers were available 24 hours a day!  The guard was telling us to wait a little while longer because these officers HAVEN'T arrived yet!  WTF??!!  Also, take note that THERE WERE NO DEPARTURE CARDS AVAILABLE!!  Isn't that the silliest thing ever??  THEY APPARENTLY RAN OUT!!  How did that crap happen?

When the immigration officers arrived - he was quite - moody, very masungit ha!  He was actually shouting at the guard to let the people in!  IS THAT THE RIGHT DECORUM OF AN IMMIGRATION OFFICER?  He could have just gestured the guard to start letting people in!  My gosh - who do these immigration officers think they are??  NAKAKA-HIYA talaga!!  I remember during a trip last year at Terminal 1 - there were persons instructing people to queue at the immigration area and they were very disrespectful - they were shouting, very unmannered!  I mean hindi sila kaparat dapat respetuhin sa mga pinag-gagagawa nila!!  It was really embarassing to foreigners!

I would like to remind all GOVERNMENT employees that not because you work for the government, it means that you are above everyone else.  Remember that OUR TAXES PAY FOR YOUR SALARIES!  That we are supposed to be respected at all times.  That being a government employee doesn't give you the power to disrespect people!  You work for US remember??

Okay - now to the delayed flight - well, it was still delayed!  I panicked when I saw on the clock that it was already 5:00am!  We were still taking our sweet time inside the lounge!  I was then told by the attendant that the flight was still delayed and not to worry because they will announce if we were boarding already.

True enough at 6:30am - we flew.


What a waste of time.

My friend who took Cebu Pacific arrived on time WITHOUT delays!  I don't know if PAL was telling the truth on the foggy runway and the weather conditions.  Blech!!

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