Ramen X at Trinoma

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The ramen craze has finally reached Trinoma, YEHEY!

Finally there's a place nearby where I can have my ramen fix!  I loooove noodles, I'm a big fan of noodle soups!  Thus, we have at home an ample supply of instant noodles, my favorite brand is Nongshim because the noodles are sooooo chewy good!

Together with The Food Club, I was delighted to be invited to try Ramen X at Trinoma.

What will greet you at the door is a huge X etched on glass - classy right?  And when you enter, you will immediately feel the Japanese pop-ish culture with the interiors - its actually pretty cute-sy!

The menu is simple - ramen with different flavors at very affordable prices, plus - donburi (rice bowls).  I cannot emphasize enough that the prices are affordable - because it really is!  I was shocked to see the prices to be honest, but I was skeptical on the size of the servings - but I tell you, when we were served with our orders they're well worth it!

First we were served with appetizers - the Karaage, deep fried boneless chicken.  I really liked the taste and for the price (P49.00) it was even better!  When I tasted this dish - it reminded me so much of the chicken dish I used to order (for delivery) while I was studying in Beijing years ago!  It had the exact same taste - sans the rice!  I would have ordered more, but was too shy to ask!  Hahaha...

The gyoza was just alright, it was something you can munch on before your main ramen event, and for the price of P49.00 for one order (of 4 pieces) - super worth it, right?

I ordered the Chikuwa 7 Ramen and it was delish!  I like the spicyness, there were literally 7 Chikuwa pieces (I found this really funny!) and the ramen (noodles) were chewy - just perfect for me!  I wish though, that the soup was served hotter in temperature, but then again - its not for everyone!  I like my soups - boiling hot, haha!!

How I wish I could try all the ramen variants all at the same time!  Haha, it's quite impossible I know - but for that, it means - I'd have to visit again!  Yey!

I have to agree - ramen IS the new soul food.

Ramen X
2/F Trinoma Mall
North Triangle, Quezon City

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