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Friday, March 30, 2012

Congratulations to:

Camille Q. for winning a copy of the's Top 10 Everything Food Lists book!! :)

Please wait for my email on how to claim your prize!! :)

Congratulations Camille!! :)

It's Official!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am on the way again!

As of yesterday's count - 8 weeks and a few days!!

We had an ultrasound and I saw the heartbeat and the lifeline!

I can't believe that I'm starting this journey again!


Good luck to me!! :)

Bikram Yoga Manila's Posture Clinic

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As more yoga centers open up across the city, the convenience of having a yoga studio nearby is giving more people added incentive to give yoga a try. Reflecting this interest surge in yoga, teachers with certifications in a variety of yoga styles are showing up. Ashtanga, vinyasa, Bikram, jivamukthi, gentle flow, power yoga, hot fusion and sivananda are all styles that are available locally.
With so many to choose from, a question often posed is : how do you know if you are already proficient in one style when you keep practicing so many?
As if in answer to this question, Bikram Yoga Manila, the pioneer studio that introduced Bikram yoga to the Philippines, just conducted a series of posture seminars at its studios over the past 2 weeks. These seminars were aimed at giving Bikram yoga students specific knowledge about the set postures that comprise the Bikram yoga series.

Allergy Scare

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I remember when I was younger, an allergy attack was one of the things I feared the most because I didn't know when it will happen.  I always had about 2 pieces of allergy medicine (celestamine) in my wallet, just in case it happens.  Thankfully, I never had an allergy attack when I was out of the house.

Last night, we had an allergy scare.  After dinner, I noticed Kailee scratching her tummy while we were watching Agent Oso on TV.  She was scratching and scratching - I then noticed that her tummy had a LOT of rashes.  I assumed that this was her normal rashes (Kailee has skin asthma/eczema so rashes were a norm to us once in a while) and since we were on maintenance antihistamine - I instructed Yaya to give her an early dose of it.  After giving Kailee the antihistamine, I left the room and took a bath.  When I came back, I was surprised to see that the rashes has spread to her face and legs!  These rashes were big red patches and they were spreading out and growing by the minute!  When my Panget saw Kailee he was super alarmed!  He immediately looked at her closely and said for us to go to the ER to have her checked.  We were concerned that her facial rashes might swell and will cause her to have a hard time breathing.

 The BEFORE and AFTER pics...

We then drove to St. Luke's QC, surprisingly there were a few people in the ER.  We were immediately attended by the nurses (or I think they were).  First I filled out Kailee's information sheet, the nurses then weighed her (they had to weigh her twice because the nurse got her weight wrong - I insisted for them to weigh her again.  The (male) nurse had a hard time subtracting the figures!  (Anobear moment!)  After this, the nurse got her temperature, by this time Kailee was getting irritated maybe because of the strangers she was seeing or maybe because the nurse was touching her ears - she has issues with people holding or touching her ears (Hahaha!)  We were then led to the 'Pedia' department where we were told to put Kailee in their makeshift crib beds.  I saw that there were about 4 doctors seated there - but it seemed like they were waiting for something.  There were some other white robed people hidden in the booth behind the table where the doctors were seated.  Two minutes passed before we were attended by these doctors.  They took a look at Kailee - and by instinct, without them asking I told them what had happened (I think I was used to the method of Dr. Paguio, that I needed to tell him step by step what happened and why) they were actually silenced and told me to wait.  They then went back to their table opened a book and began reading.  This prompted me to tell my Panget that these doctors had no clue what do to.  Since I was really worried, I called our general pedia Dr. Joy Ty-Sy, it just so happens that it was her birthday yesterday, so when she answered her phone, I was glad and greeted her immediately and then told her my concern.  She was nice enough to talk to the doctors in the ER.  Dr. Joy then told me that the ER doctors will give Kailee a dose of oral Prednisone to help subside the allergic reaction, and that we needed to wait until it subsides before we go home - that if the allergy doesn't subside, we had to go to Cardinal Santos Medical Center to be admitted.  And so I agreed to the oral Prednisone - the first shot the male nurse gave Kailee, she threw it all up - we then gave it again, and she took it with some struggle.  We had to wait until the rashes subsided, so while waiting - Kailee did a show for everyone in the Pedia department.  She danced while I sang and smiled to most everyone - she was really very friendly to the doctors and nurses.  After 30 minutes, we saw improvements with the rashes, those in her face were beginning to disappear.  After an hour, one of the doctors gave us the green light to go home.  We were given instructions on what to do in case it happens again.  We were also told by the doctors that the rashes will appear and disappear, that we don't need to be alarmed because it was normal.  Good thing Kailee has a health card - we didn't need to pay for anything, had she didn't have one - we would have paid at least three thousand pesos!

When we got home, Kailee's rashes seemed a lot worse, but since the doctor in the ER said that it was normal - we just had to pacify Kailee.  We knew that she was hungry - but she was refusing to drink breastmilk - she was crying when she saw the bottle being offered to her.  Yaya then decided to give her a bath and since we knew she was sleepy, Yaya tried to put her to sleep.  But Kailee was squirmy, Yaya assumed that she was hungry and tried to offer her the bottle - which Kailee took willingly.  After drinking half the bottle's content - she slept soundy.  My, when you see Kailee asleep with a LOT of red patches in her skin - my, it was heartbreaking.  The rashes looked so bad, but since Kailee fell asleep, that for me meant that she wasn't feeling the itchiness anymore.  I informed yaya that we will be visiting our pedia derma in the morning.

When I woke up, Kailee was already awake and dressed - there were NO TRACES of the rashes at all!  She seemed to be her normal self already.  When it was our turn to see Dr. Paguio - he asked me to relay what had happened step by step.  So this is what I told him (sorry, very detailed!)
At 3PM - Kailee drank formula, Enfalac (I had to tell him this because it was only the 2nd day of Kailee taking formula)
At 6PM - Kailee took some fried dory fish that my Panget and I had for dinner. 
At 6:30PM - Kailee was scratching her tummy while watching Agent Oso, I assumed it was rashes from the heat since we weren't in an airconditioned room
At 7PM - Kailee was being fed formula then big red patches were appearing on her tummy and face
At 7:30PM - My Panget decided to bring her to the ER

I told Dr. Paguio that the doctors at the ER gave Kailee a dose of oral Prednisone.  He said that, that is usually the SOP to bring down the rashes.  He also said the the culprit might be the fish, he told me that Dory is not the cleanest fish!  We have to be wary on what we give Kailee since she is very sensitive.  We also have to be careful on what to give Kailee - we have to make sure that the food that we serve her is clean - meaning we know that it was prepared by clean utensils and in a clean environment, that if we were to eat in a restaurant - we need to be sure that the facilities are clean.  He said that it could be anything - let's say the ingredients were all clean but the preparation of the dish wasn't - then it might be the cause.  He also said that the triggers could be anything - and that if the allergy happens again - to give an antihistamine but if it doesn't subside - to immediately proceed to the ER.  He said that the most important thing to look out for was the swelling at the eyes and the lips - because when it happens, it might cause Kailee to have a hard time breathing.

As a precaution because we were going to Subic for the Holy Week, I asked what we could give her in case this happens again.  He said to give just one dose of Prednisone if it was really bad.  He also reminded us to keep Kailee in a cool place - so that her rashes won't break out.

So far, so good.  We have switched her formula to Nan HA and so far she has been taking it really well.  She has adjusted to taking formula now, which is good because I need to stop pumping.

Hay!  Ang hirap pala maging nanay!!

Maynilad's Erroneous Meter Reading..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update 04-16-2012
I just received our SOA dated April 12, 2012 and STILL our consumption was averaged to 41cu, same as it was in the previous bill.  I called the Maynilad hotline and they didn't know why it was the same.  The following day - a Maynilad representative went to us and informed us that there was indeed an erroneous reading done last February - that instead of 5728, the meter reader input 5782.  The current reading as of that day was 5779.  He said that he will make sure that an action will be made immediately. 
 Photo grabbed from THIS site

Everything is still done manually in our country, even the meter readings for electricity and water.  A person still has to go around the metro listing down readings.  In the recent year, I saw an improvement with Maynilad's service, instead of these meter readers reporting to their offices of the readings they've done for the day - they have a wireless device (like the wireless credit card machine) that they bring with them and it issues a statement of account.  Fast right?  Well, here's the problem.  For the current month's water bill - I noticed that we were just given an average reading which was 41cu.

Last month's water bill has to be the highest bill EVER.  We were billed with the usage of 77cu.  Of course, one couldn't argue with the meter reading right?  They had the figures!  We just assumed that we had a leak somewhere or that it was because we filled a kiddie pool for Kailee to swin in.  And so we just paid for the bill - a hefty P3,300+.  And this month - I saw that there was no reading but an average of 41cu.  This prompted me to call the Maynilad Hotline 1626 to make an inquiry, that was last March 14.

It was only today that I got a feedback.  The reason for the averaging was because of the erroneous reading made for the January to February 2012 reading.  I asked the CSR for the past 5 months consumption, so as to see how they did the averaging.

October to November 5619 to 5650
November to December 5650 to 5678
December to January 5678 to 5705
January to February 5706 to 5782
February to March 5782 to 5756

Do you see the erroneous reading?  How the hell did our water consumption jump back 26 digits?

Now, to the averaging.  Since there was an erroneous reading for the month of January to February - they could have just averaged the usage from October to January right?  But they DIDN'T!  They STILL INCLUDED the erroneous reading in the averaging!  How stupid can that be?

Now, that I was told of this feedback from Maynilad, I made an additional complaint to adjust the figures CORRECTLY and to investigate on what really happened.  I also asked for a written report to explain what happened to the erroneous reading and what they will do to make the proper adjustments (because I didn't want to keep on calling and following up!)  They told me to call back after 7 working days.

And so, the waiting game begins - AGAIN!!

Kailee's First Haircut!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last Saturday Kailee had her first haircut at Cuts for Tots.  The experience wasn't as stressful or traumatizing as I was expecting it to be.  It was actually pleasant - a bit of strange for Kailee, but something very memorable for me and my Panget.

Kailee was immediately seated in those car like chairs.  The salon was prepared with distractions - toys, TV with various cartoon shows as entertainment and bubbles!  Their staff doubled as entertainers as well.

It took us less than 30 minutes.

Kailee was a very good customer over all.  She didn't cry, she only stood up to dance when she heard music and she kept on looking over both her shoulders at the person cutting her hair!  I think Kailee was most irritated when the hairdresser held her ears! 

Kailee's hair is now shorter.  She looks more like a baby!  

We've joked that she looks like a boy - a really cute boy (so this is what a baby boy will look like!  hahaha)

The haircut was quite pricey - P295.00, and I bit into the bug of availing of the before and after picture with a lock of her hair enclosed in a small ziploc bag - that's another P190.00.'s Top 10 Everything Food Lists + Giveaway!

Friday, March 16, 2012

One of the perennial problems of people who love to eat out is - WHERE TO EAT.  Thankfully, the world wide web provides us with an easy alternative - just type in the cuisine that you like and voila - you get search results!  But there's another problem - which are the BEST places to eat?  Of course, if you're a food lover - it means that you appreciate good food and by that you wouldn't want to be disappointed right?  Enter's Top 10 Everything FOOD LISTS!

The premier authority on food FINALLY launches a food list!  I was so happy to learn this and when I was invited to the launch, I was excited.  I immediately opened the book and scanned through the pages and I was impressed.  The list was complete!

During the launch we were served with the #1's in the list - I was able to try the following:

Cibo's Iced Tea - very refreshing, it tasted to natural!

Bar Dolci's Thai Iced Tea Gelato - this has got to be THE best Thai Iced Tea gelato EVER!  The taste is so very authentic, brings me back to my Bangkok Trip way back in 2007!  Yes, my tastes buds travelled back in time!  Hahaha..

Lusso's Luxe Mac and Cheese - I'm a fan of mac and cheese and Lusso's did not disappoint!  How I wish the servings were bigger!  Hahaha...

Nachos from Hermanos Taco Shop - its steak!  Yes, the meat is not ground beef but is STEAK!  The flavors were perfect, with just one bit - its authentic Mexican!

Maty's Tapsilog - I initially thought, oh! a dark looking sisig - but it was tapsilog!  It was very tender and flavorful!  I went back to get seconds!  Shhhh...

Shi Lin's Xiao Long Bao - this has got to be the BEST one in Manila in my opinion, and I'm so very glad the thinks to too!!

Angel's Kitchen's Rustic Apple Pie - I'm a very loyal customer of Angel's Kitchen.  Visit the place and try their food.  I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

Stevie's Hainanese Chicken - not a huge fan of Hainanese chicken but man, when I tried this yesterday FOR THE FIRST TIME - I have to agree that its the BEST in Manila.  The ginger sauce says it all - plus the chicken is so very juicy, which is a rarity here in Manila.

Aling Nene's Barbeque - being an alumni of DLSU, Aling Nene's BBQ is no stranger to me!  I used to pass by this place to bring home some BBQ to mom! :) 

So, foodies out there - GET A COPY, NOW!


Here's something good to my readers (THANK YOU, loyal readers!)  I am giving away a copy!  YEHEY!! :) 

Here's how to join:

a)  Answer this question on the comment section:  "Which restaurant feature in my blog do you like most and why?"
b)  Leave your name and a valid email address
c)  Giveaway ends on March 30, 2012 11:59PM 
Please make sure to leave all the details I asked for, as incomplete entries are automatically disqualified!

*You can leave multiple comments to increase your chances in winning!

Good luck!! :)

Sausage McMuffin's Doppleganger

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its has been FOUND!

I'm a huge huge fan of McDonald's Sausage McMuffin and how I wished that there were those sausage patties sold at the local supermarket.  Lo and behold, a few days ago - a friend of mine posted this discovery on his FB account.  He said that it tasted the same - so of course, when I had the chance last weekend.  I rushed to the nearby SNR Membership Shopping to purchase a pack to try.

I was really excited and when I was at the frozen foods area, I checked the items one by one.  I had to make sure that I saw it.  And then, I did!

When I got home, I immediately cooked 3 patties.

And I have to say....

It was delish!

And in my opinion - it tasted exactly like McDonald's Sasuage!

So, it has been finally FOUND!

A pack of a kilo worth is priced at P349.95

Now, you can make a seriously BIG BREAKFAST at home!! :)

Happy Eating!!

Blonde Coffee, anyone?

Friday, March 09, 2012

Starbucks has launched their BLONDE coffee!

During the launch were were schooled by a coffee master on the different roasts Blonde, Medium, and Dark Roasts!  Plus - we samples their new food items!  There's one exciting thing that I learned - they're bringing back the FRENCH TOAST!  Oh my gosh - when I learned of this, I was ECSTATIC!!

The Blonde Roast is very different from what I imagined.  Haha!!  I thought it was going to be lighter, and it was - but what struck me was that it tasted a little - tangy and - sour!  I mean, it tasted a bit odd at first, but when you add some whip cream and syrup to it - its actually, not that bad!  Its a different offering for coffee lovers - a definite new thing to try in Starbucks.  I'm sure there will be a LOT of new fans!

Happy Birthday Kailee!!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kailee!! :)

I thank God everyday for giving us YOU!

Thank you for making us smile everyday!!

Please don't grow up too fast!

We love you so very very very much!!!

Can you believe it's a year already?  It seemed like just yesterday that I gave birth to you!!!

Visa Renewal Program of the US Embassy

Friday, March 02, 2012

I just renewed my US Visa via their Visa Renewal Program.

It was pretty painless, except for the waiting time and the lining up.  But since there was no more interview and no documents required - perfect right?

Read below if you qualify for the VRP:

I hope you qualify!  Because if you do - my gosh, it so freaking easy!  You just need to pay the fee, take a 2" x 2" photo, fill out the DS-160, and call to schedule an appointment!  What's even better is that - you have priority with the appointment dates! 

I was scheduled for an interview last Monday (2/27), and yesterday afternoon (3/01) - I got my Passport with a 10-year visa! 


Ramen X at Trinoma

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The ramen craze has finally reached Trinoma, YEHEY!

Finally there's a place nearby where I can have my ramen fix!  I loooove noodles, I'm a big fan of noodle soups!  Thus, we have at home an ample supply of instant noodles, my favorite brand is Nongshim because the noodles are sooooo chewy good!

Together with The Food Club, I was delighted to be invited to try Ramen X at Trinoma.

What will greet you at the door is a huge X etched on glass - classy right?  And when you enter, you will immediately feel the Japanese pop-ish culture with the interiors - its actually pretty cute-sy!

The menu is simple - ramen with different flavors at very affordable prices, plus - donburi (rice bowls).  I cannot emphasize enough that the prices are affordable - because it really is!  I was shocked to see the prices to be honest, but I was skeptical on the size of the servings - but I tell you, when we were served with our orders they're well worth it!

First we were served with appetizers - the Karaage, deep fried boneless chicken.  I really liked the taste and for the price (P49.00) it was even better!  When I tasted this dish - it reminded me so much of the chicken dish I used to order (for delivery) while I was studying in Beijing years ago!  It had the exact same taste - sans the rice!  I would have ordered more, but was too shy to ask!  Hahaha...

The gyoza was just alright, it was something you can munch on before your main ramen event, and for the price of P49.00 for one order (of 4 pieces) - super worth it, right?

I ordered the Chikuwa 7 Ramen and it was delish!  I like the spicyness, there were literally 7 Chikuwa pieces (I found this really funny!) and the ramen (noodles) were chewy - just perfect for me!  I wish though, that the soup was served hotter in temperature, but then again - its not for everyone!  I like my soups - boiling hot, haha!!

How I wish I could try all the ramen variants all at the same time!  Haha, it's quite impossible I know - but for that, it means - I'd have to visit again!  Yey!

I have to agree - ramen IS the new soul food.

Ramen X
2/F Trinoma Mall
North Triangle, Quezon City