Yakitori Kitchen

Friday, January 13, 2012

One of the few things that I remember while I was in Japan years ago - was seeing a LOT of places that served yakitoris.  These places were everywhere - some were big while some were small.  I'm sure they all tasted wonderful!

Here in Manila - the only place that I get to eat yakitoris are in Little Tokyo good thing, there's a new player in town!!

The Food Club was invited to try out Yakitori Kitchen a few days before Christmas.  Yakitori Kitchen is located in Burgos Circle - since I live on the other end of the city, I braved the traffic.  And I must say - it was worth the travel, because I enjoyed the food and (most especially) the company!

We were served so many varieties - all of them WONDERFUL!  I never thought that the whole chicken with different parts dissected can be served up with Yakitoris!  Imagine - chicken wings, chicken neck, chicken cartilage, chicken legs and the sinful chicken skin!  No part of the chicken went to waste, all of them can be grilled - and it was simply delish!

Yakitori's are the perfect food to be paired with drinking in my opinion.  How I wish I could do that - well, a few more months and I can drink again!  Hahaha..

The menu of Yakitori Kitchen consists mainly of chicken, but we were told that they will soon add other varieties to the menu.  The prices are affordable - for the quality of the food that you get and the ingredients that they use to prepare these yakitoris - wow!!

So if you're in the area - check it out and enjoy these yakitoris!  I know I'll come back for more!! :)  Yey!!

On the side - little did I know that the people behind Yakitori Kitchen are also behind Ramen Bar - they too will soon open another ramen place in Trinoma!  Goodie!!


  1. My girlfriend went to Japan recently and she loved yakitori. Would you recommend other restaurants that serve yakitori? Thank you.