I locked Kailee in the room..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last night, I was a bad mom.

You see, I left Kailee in our room, because I had to go into theirs to get her a fresh shirt and pajamas.  She was playing with water in our bathroom as was all wet - since she was getting sleepy, I had to change her and get her ready for bed.

And so I left her in our room - alone.  I walked quickly to their room and got what I needed.  When I got out of their room, I could hear Kailee saying 'Mama!' and knocking on the door (from the inside).  Her voice was actually excited!  She kept on repeating 'Mama!' until I got to the door.

When I turned the door knob, I found it weird that the door didn't open.  I turned the knob again, and pushed the door.  It still didn't open!  I tried it two more times and then I realized - that Kailee must have turned the knob of our double door lock (since it was located within her reach - near the bottom of the door, I remember her playing with it many times when she was younger) - my mind was shouting obscenities already, Kailee was still inside the room calling out for me and she was trying to turn the door knob open.  I knelt down on the floor and spoke to Kailee through the door (imagine me on my knees, with my hands on the door) I told her 'Kailee, please turn the knob' and Kailee was responsive because she was trying top turn the door knob!  When I saw what she was trying to do, I told her to turn the knob near the floor.  I didn't know if she understood, but I kept on repeating for her to turn the knob near the floor.  When a few minutes passed, and we weren't progressing, Kailee was already crying - you can sense from her voice that she was scared - I had to go down and tell my Panget.  And when I did, he raced up and spoke to Kailee immediately, Kailee was already crying inside the room and calling out 'Mama!' my heart was sinking. 

When my Panget tried his luck in opening the door - it was as if a miracle happened, the door OPENED!  I was so shocked!  I immediately went in the room and scooped Kailee in my arms!  My first thought was, she understood what I was telling her to do, thus opening the door!  Kailee was crying (not hysterically) and I was telling her how sorry, I was.  She clung to me and didn't want to let go.  My heart sank - I couldn't believe what just happened. 

So, there - I was a bad mom last night because I left Kailee and uknowingly trapped her inside the room.  I was so thankful that she somehow understood what I was telling her to do! 

I will never ever leave her alone in our room now - I've learned my lesson.

Kailee, Mama is sorry.  So very sorry!

I feel so guilty!!!

Winner of my Christmas Giveaway!



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Honesty, friendships and help...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warning!  EMO and BRUTALLY honest post ahead...
(Hormones typing and talking..)

I haven't done this is a very long time - an EMO post.  So here goes nothing! 

Don't click the READ MORE button if you don't like to read an EMO post!
Don't say, I didn't warn you!!

Christmas Giveaway! Christmas Giveaway!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I know I've been a bad blogger because for the past two years, I've been posting less and less.  Since I became a mom, I've been busy with, well - mommy duties!  But since its the season of giving - I'm hosting a Christmas Giveaway!

Thank you so much for still reading my blog, I appreciate the feedback that I get from you guys and it warms my heart to know that you are still there supporting and visiting my blog.  So, as a simple THANK YOU...

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I'm have a Christmas Giveaway!

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Again, thanks for your support and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)

Best Brownies EVER by Babar Bars

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I just found the BEST brownies EVER!  A few weeks ago, a friend brought a batch to dinner – and it was love at first bite.  The texture was just perfect and the taste was equally wonderful!  I ate one, and then another and then another – at the end of the night, I ordered a batch.
I am very particular with a brownie’s texture.  I like it when my teeth slides smoothly into the brownie when I bite into it, weird but that's how I gauge a brownie's texture!  The taste is wonderful, the sweetness is just right – I especially like the hint of saltiness when I bite into the brownie.  The brownie is rich but the chocolate-yness doesn’t overpower the tastebuds.  You can eat it right from the fridge, unlike other brownies that become tough when you put them in the fridge!  Oh, and I almost forgot - they smell soooo good too!!
For those who know me, I'm picky when it comes to chocolates, as I only learned to appreciate it two years ago (when I was pregnant and suddenly craving for - chocolates!)  And these brownies are soooo good!  No exaggeration - promise, they're really really good!  I hope you can try them out!

These brownies are made by my god brother Ton.  You can order a day in advance and choose to pick up either at Anson Supermarket in Molave St., Cubao or in Congressional Subdivision.  They also have Caramel filled cookie bars, which my Panget looooved and Lemon Squares!  If you like tartness their Lemon Squares are the real deal!   Here are the prices:
Brownies and Lemon Bars:
4's - P65.00
12's - P180.00
24's - P350.00

Caramel filled Cookie Bars:
4's - P80.00
12's - P220.00
24's - P420.00

Babar Bars by Ton

Patty, this is for you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A few years ago, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  When I heard of this, I immediately called her - and while I was bawling like a baby, she at the other end of the line was very calm.  She was narrating to me what her doctors told her - she even commented that her doctor didn't have bedside manners at all, I remember her saying that her doctor told her bluntly 'It not a good sign, at all!'

She went through six cycles of chemotherapy, she told me when I visited her in Hong Kong, that those were the worst times of her life - that it seemed like she was dying every time she would undergo chemo.  I told her to hang-on and she told me that its so hard to hang-on when she was feeling her worst every single time.  She would tell me at times (when she wasn't in a good mood) that I didn't know what it feels like because I've never gone through chemo, true - yes.  It hard actually because I want to comfort her and give her moral support - but since I didn't really know what she was going through - I was just, going with what my gut told me.  She's now in remission, she's been cancer-free for a few years now - and I am glad that she got cured.  When you see her now, you won't even believe she was sick then.

A few months ago, a cyber friend Patty was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Let me tell you, I was completely shocked of how she took the news.  For one thing, she let her cyber friends (like me) be in the know, unlike most people who would keep these details privy.  She kept us all in the loop of things, the news, the tests etc.  It was as if we were all part of her - I admire her courage (in sharing the news), I mean I really do. 

Its funny when I think of how I met Patty - to be honest, I've never met her physically, we've been online friends for quite a while now.  I met her through Femalenetwork's forum, GirlTalk.  I really liked reading her comments and I think she was one of those first customers I had when I was selling my pre-loved items.  I'm sentimental like that -  I remember those things.  Hahaha!  From GirlTalk, we became blog friends to Plurk friends to Twitter friends.  I honestly did not believe that online friendships worked until I developed a relationship with those people I met online.  Like Patty, even if we're not physical friends - I read her blog, she lets me in on her everyday thoughts.  It's so funny that I think I know her.  I'm sure I'd say HI and give her a big hug when I bump into her, I'm sure I'd recognize DH, Anissa and Sabine anywhere - it's so weird and comforting (at the same time), but I feel like I know them somehow.   

In my attempt to give moral support, I sent her messages of encouragement, I told her to stay positive - and let me tell you her positivity is AMAZING - she's even more positive than I am!  Its really nakakagulat because, my friend wasn't THAT positive, but Patty - I'm in AWE of her positivity!  I don't think I've ever met a person who is as positive as her when it comes to her battle with the Big C.  Ibang klase..  And that's really good, you see I am one of those believers in the Positive Thinking attitude, because frankly - it works, all the time!!

Patty's strength is so admirable, she looks at things in a different way.  She's not bitter, but rather delighted (sorry Patty for the word) but seriously, when she's faced with some hurdles - she offers it to the Big Guy up there - and I think it helps her, a LOT, and I mean a LOT!  I am constantly in AWE at her strength and positivity.  Ibang klase, I tell you.  Patty is such an inspiration to us all, especially to me!

Patty, you are my peg of courage and strength!  STAY POSITIVE!  STAY STRONG!  We will always be here for you, to support you!  We love you!

Hello Connor!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Last Monday - October 22, I gave birth ahead of schedule to a baby boy named Connor Bryce - and here is my birth story.

My actual due date is November 7, but since I underwent CS with Kailee, I had to go through another CS (not that I'm complaining!)  My Panget and I scheduled the procedure on October 28.  Now, why October 28 of all dates?  Well, first because our Kailee was to walk down the aisle for the first time as a flower girl at my good friend Cherry's wedding on the 27th.  Secondly because it was a Sunday - a less chaotic day for everyone - traffic wise and hospital wise.

I went to see my OB the Thursday before and was told to lessen my activities and refrain from walking, there was one problem, I liked to walk.  I loved going to Landmark to walk around.  Although I haven't dilated - my OB said to stop activities - I stopped going to work and spent most of the time at home with Kailee.  

But you see - on October 21, Sunday - my tummy started aching.  The ache was bearable - it didn't seem like a contraction.  It seemed like a normal tummy ache, so I ignored it.  For the past few weeks, I have had a hard time sleeping - waking up during the wee hours in the morning needing to pee, it was getting uncomfy because I felt so heavy already.  The aches that I felt, I dismissed as 'normal'

So Monday early morning, I felt the contractions.  The pain hasn't resonated to my back so, I thought it might just be the false labor - braxton hicks contractions.  I was able to fall asleep only to wake up again and I think I felt the pain reach my lower back.  But I wasn't sure!  So I tried to go back to sleep.  When my Panget was getting ready for work - I told him that I think I might be in labor.  My Panget smiled and told me to call him for whatever.  I remember it like it was yesterday - it was de ja vu.  It was like giving birth to Kailee all over again, you see I felt the contractions on a Monday also!  Haha..

I dressed up, took Kailee to my mom's and then texted my OB.  She told me to go to Cardinal since she will be there by 10:30am, she told me she wanted to see me and check how far along I was.  I told her I didn't want to go and that the pain was bearable, but she insisted - and as a precaution - I went.  I actually went home first, took a bath, packed my bag and then went to my mom's house again.  I said goodbye to Kailee and kissed her, I even told her that I'd be back in a few hours.

I reached Cardinal a little before 11am, I went directly to the Delivery Room and was let into the prep room.  I was immediately strapped with a monitor that records contractions.  The residents there we closely monitoring the contractions and 30 minutes went by and they haven't recorded anything.  So, to make me go home - they needed to do an IE.  I was confident that I was going home because I haven't felt any contraction at all!  But when the resident examined me, I was already 5cm dilated - de ja vu all over again.  I was told that they needed to open me up immediately.  My OB arrived just in time and confirmed that I needed to be opened up ASAP.

So I called my Panget and told him that I had to give birth ASAP.  He said for me to wait for another hour so that he could be with me.  I told my OB and she said they couldn't wait - but for sure my Panget will make it on time - because they still had to prep me.  I called my mom and told her the news, I texted a few friends that I was in the DR.  I was even able to speak to my friend Kath, while being wheeled in the DR!

The residents couldn't reach my anesthesiologist, but good thing there was one available - his name is Dr. Caballero.  I was wheeled into the DR a little before 12noon - I met Dr. Caballero, shook his hand and said that I had only one request - and that was to knock me OUT.  He said that he needed me conscious for some participation - and I told him I didn't want the participation part, I didn't want to hear or see the preparation - all I wanted to do is SLEEP through the procedure.  And he did that exactly.  And I love him for it!  I didn't even know that my Panget arrived.  I was woken up because the baby was out.  I remember my OB telling me 'Baby was out at 12:28pm as you requested, baby is okay!'  Then I remember hearing my Panget's voice saying that the baby is out.  I remember asking if he made it on time and he answered me with 'Barely!'  I was asleep again after that.

Connor Bryce was born on October 22, 2012 at 12:28pm he weighs 7lbs.  That's 10oz short of Kailee's weight!  He looked small to me because I remember Kailee being big!  

Everything happened so very fast - it was exactly the opposite of when I had Kailee before.  With Connor - he was out within two hours of arriving at the hospital!!

I think things got easier the second time around.  I knew what to expect and somehow I wasn't as scared.  I liked that everything happened so fast, I didn't have time to think and analyze anymore.  I remember I was getting anxious and counting down to the 28th, but instead I was caught off guard!

Welcome little Connor Bryce! :)  Mama, Dada and Kailee love you!! :)

P.S.  Would anyone care to guess where we got the names??

Homemade Treasures Ensaymada

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I think I'm a late bloomer, because I just recently discovered Homemade Treasure's Ensaymada.  I was very lucky that when I ordered - their pick-up point was just near me!  I was secretly thinking that i was meant to be!

My driver was a bit late picking up, but he made it on time!  Look at the nice box, what I liked the most was the tissue paper with plastic wrapping!  It was so delicately made! 

I was so excited to try it and when I did - it was love at first taste!

The ensaymada was heavenly!  It was really soft and the taste was absolutely perfect!  I must admit, I loooooove the fact that it was sooo much butter!  Hahahaha!! :) 

Since I am pregnant, I think being able to consume two pieces in one sitting is excused!  It was really sinful, but I didn't care! 

Move over my favorite ensaymadas (Hizon's and Diamond Hotel's) - I have found a new favorite!  Hehehehe...

Homemade Treasures

My Kailee!!

Kailee's 19 months now..

See how much she's grown!

Thank you, Kailee for making Mama smile everyday.

I love you!! :)

Starbucks' Salted Caramel Mocha & Breakfast!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I enjoy caramels, I enjoy salty foods too!  Would you believe that I dip my french fries in hotcake syrup?  Yes, that is my perfect combination of sweet and salty!

Last Wednesday, Starbucks introduced us to their newest drink - the Salted Caramel Mocha.

It was such a wonderful treat because for a person who loves both sweet and salty, this drink is THE perfect combination!  We were given a treat to try the hot and the frapp version, being a cold drink person - I prefer the blended frapp, but I have to admit, the hot version captures the Salted Caramel taste better.

Starting today, September 11 - everyone will get to try this newest drink.  Together with the drink launch, Starbucks is also introducing their newest Breakfast food items!  Here are my favorites:

 Forest Ham, Egg White and Gouda Cheese on Oat Bread

Ratatouille and Mozzarella Cheese on Multigrain Bread

Spanish Frittata Wrap

And here's something to look forward to - on ALL Mondays of October!! :)


Suits, Newsroom, Falling Skies & Continuum

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

These days, I dream of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross..


This show caught my eye on DIVA (cable show), I think I caught the third episode - but I was hooked.  I asked my brother about the show and luckily he had a few episodes.  It was LOVE at first watch, because I couldn't stop watching the episodes over and over again.  Would you believe that it was only when the second season started that I FINALLY got to watch the Pilot?  Haha, and I looooooved the Pilot!  During season one, my favorite was Mike Ross, but when the season finale went and came the new season - it was Harvey Specter!  I think I didn't know that I liked him - deep down, I just realized it - late!

There's one complaint though for me - its the on again off again love angles for Mike Ross!  I don't know why, but I get usually turned off when there is a sign of a love interest.  I think its the formula of ANY show to have this love angle, but I beg to differ!  I just sigh when I see the angle cropping up!  Like the Rachel/Mike thing - I wish they'd stay in the flirting zone, because being together will just shoot the target!  Let them flirt and play hard to get, its more fun to watch them like that!  Hahaha..

I can't wait for January 2013 for the season to resume!!  Argh!!!


I never thought I'd like to watch Jeff Daniels on TV.  But when my TV soul sister tells me to try and watch this show - I did.  I saw the pilot and LOVED it!  The Pilot has to be the BEST Pilot that I've ever seen - EVER!  I am not exaggerating, but man - I was glued from the first second till the end!  The dialogue was awesome - and to think I don't like watching those shows with too much dialogue.  But this I LOVE!  The show also got better as it aired more episodes!  I was hooked.  I told my friends and my Panget about this show - it was all about American politics and the workings of a newsroom/news agency.  There were details that I didn't understand like the Tea Party, but heck I googled them to understand.  Maybe another reason why I liked the show is because its made and aired by HBO!  I'm sure everyone will agree with me that HBO makes GREAT shows..  My favorite HBO series still has to be The Sopranos, hands down.


This is NOT one of my favorites, but this show - I've been watching with my Panget for the past week.  The show is about humans vs aliens, and not the plot thickens because there's a rebel aliens group!  Its not exactly my cup of tea, but it suffices - and with the years that I've been together with my Panget- I've learned to appreciate these kinds of shows.  What made me interested was when I saw John Locke!  From Alias to Lost to Falling Skies - John Locke still tries to put order in a not-so order-y place/civilization.  We're on the last episode and got a bit bored, because of the dialogue.  But let's see what happens.  I hear that the show's been renewed!


Another Sc-Fi TV show, but what makes this unique is that - its a Canadian show!  This, I think is my first time to watch a Canadian show.  And the verdict is - it's okay, something you can watch to kill time.  Its not something you will be excited to watch every week - but it suffices.  The show stars Rachel Nichol - who is from 2077 and was 'accidentally' sent back to 2012 together with some rebel prisoners.  It chronicles how she tries to hunt them down while adjusting to the backwardness of 2012.  Her co stars all look familiar - maybe because they've been on other US Sci-Fi shows!  I was told by my Panget that the show as been renewed.  The plot thickens on the season finale - so it's something you'd LIKE to watch, IF you have the patience and time to download.  Hehehe...

My take on Immigration Officers asking for OT pay

When I saw on TV that Immigration Officers were complaining of not being paid overtime, my blood boiled a bit.  My respect levels for the Immigration Officers in our international airports are quite low, and you know why?  Because these freaking people are not doing their jobs well!

Number 1 - How many immigration counters do we have?  Are they always open?  NO THEY'RE FREAKING NOT!  Even if the lines are horrendously long, these people REFUSE to open counters to serve travelers!  You'd see them entertaining VIPs and celebrities - chit chatting with other officers while watching people stand in line waiting!

We have only a handful of counters right?  These IOs aren't on duty ALL at the same time!  Why not do a shifting schedule to accommodate travelers 24/7?  Why do they need to ask airlines to pay for their overtimes?  Please dear Immigration Officers, don't blab on TV that its the airlines' fault that you are on OVERTIME!  I think you forget that these airlines bring in the tourists!!  And if you complain on the work hours - GET ANOTHER freaking JOB!!

When our PAL flight to Korea was delayed last April 2012 - we waited at the check-in area for a long time because there were NO IMMIGRATION OFFICERS AROUND!  What the hell is that about?  Aren't IOs supposed to be on duty 24/7?  Do you mean to tell me that IOs only work during office hours?  Our airports are OPEN 24/7!  HELLO??  When I asked the Security Guard on duty where the IOs were - he just told me, they're waiting for a certain time to come out.  And when and IO came out - HE WAS ALONE!!  How was he supposed to process all those people?  I found it really STUPID.

My opinion is that being in GOVERNMENT is considered PUBLIC SERVICE!  YOU DO NOT COMPLAIN ON CERTAIN THINGS BECAUSE, THAT'S YOUR FREAKING JOB!  If you would like to get paid higher - LEAVE and find another job in the PRIVATE SECTOR!  These government people fail to realize that our taxes pay for their salaries - therefore, WE ARE THEIR BOSSES!!

I'm sure Secretary Mar Roxas suspended their overtime pay for a reason.

Boon Tong Kee at MOA

 I think it was a couple of months ago, that I saw a signage in MOA that said Boon Toong Kee was to open.  I thought to myself - greatness in a very sarcastic tone, because MOA is one of those malls that I dislike.  Mainly because of the distance to where I live and it having open air areas.  I hate feeling the heat - and since I'm pregnant, being in a non-airconditioned place is - torture.

So last Sunday, when my Panget decided to bring Kailee to MOA (since there was not traffic on a holiday) I was giddy and excited to try Boon Tong Kee since I heard its already open.

MOA was packed on a Sunday, I mean seriously packed!  There were people literally EVERYWHERE!  I haven't been to MOA in a long time (because MOA is not one of my favorite malls) so it was really something new to me!  Hahaha.  After a few rounds walking around the mall and having Kailee ride the carousel, my Panget decided that he was hungry and we headed to Boon Tong Kee.

Boon Tong Kee is located at the 2nd level of the Entertainment Mall, it was right across Highland Steakhouse.  When we got there, there wasn't much patrons inside and so we were seated immediately.  One of the things I noticed were that the tables and chairs/booths were mostly for a small group of 4, if you were more than four - you'd have to stay outside or stay near the door, but that's it.

I don't exactly remember the whole menu of Boon Tong Kee in Singapore, but what I remember was that their Hainannese Chicken, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Tofu appetizer and Coffee Ribs were so good!  So I asked the server if they had these - only one the Coffee Ribs wasn't available, so we ordered another type of ribs.  Service was quite fast, plus the people were all very pleasant! 

The food was great, the Hainanese chicken wasn't the same as I remembered it, but it was good enough.  The rest of the food were also yummy-ly similar to its Singapore counterpart!  I was quite happy with the quality of the food - Kailee very much enjoyed the Hainanese chicken rice.  I think what made the experience over the top was the service!  The waiters and waitresses were all very attentive, helpful and they seem to know their product very well! 

They were all smiles from start to finish!  We were actually very demanding because of Kailee, we needed teaspoons, small bowls, tissues, ice and etc. - but they all gave them to us with smiles in their faces with matching hi's and hello's to Kailee.

Boon Tong Kee
2/F Enterntainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia

Cinnamon Rolls FAIL!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Cinnamon Rolls recipe has been booked marked for quite a while now.  Since last weekend was a long holiday - I decided to give the recipe a try!  And so, I bought all the ingredients and was really excited to bake the cinnamon rolls!  To be honest, I was more excited for the frosting!  Hahaha..

So there I was, on a hot Monday afternoon - prepping the ingredients.  I thought to myself - it was easy!  I measured every cup, tablespoon and teaspoon.  I mixed everything by hand - and boy was it tiring!

When it came to kneading the dough - I sensed, something was wrong.  The dough wasn't as tough as I thought it would be.  It was actually jelly-ish, and I had a hard time kneading it because it was sticking all over!  I then tried to roll it flat and I was successful.  I put on the filling and when I started to roll it - that was when the FAIL started.  I couldn't roll the damn dough because it was too soft, jelly-ish and breaking!  My Panget even noticed that it was breaking up - he then told me to throw it out and try again.  But you see - I spent at least an hour prepping on it and I didn't want it to go to waste - so I just decided to mix them (the dough and filling) together and throw it in a loaf pan and bake it.  I'm sure it'll be alright - hahaha!

And so I waited for 20 minutes.  I left it to bake and when I came back, the kitchen (and the whole house) smelled sooooo cinnamon-ny!! :) 

And here is what happened, the Cinnamon Rolls turned into a Cinnamon Loaf!

I think what I did wrong was use Cake Flour instead of the ordinary APF.  But it still tasted good!  I like the flaky-ness.

I didn't make the frosting anymore.  I have yet to try to make it! 

Next time.

Starbucks' NEW Food Items!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Here are some of Starbucks' NEW Food Items! :)

They're all so excitingly GOOD! :)

Mocha Silvanas (P95.00)

My panget is such a HUGE fan of Silvanas and this tastes absolutely AMAZING, 
plus the size is to share! 

Falafel on Pita Bread (P150.00)

I LOVE middle eastern food and Falafel is something I've only heard and seen on TV! 
Thank you Starbucks for offering it, now I can FINALLY have a taste! :)

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shitake Mushroom on Flatbread (P155.00)

This is one of my FAVORITE sandwiches from Starbucks and I'm so happy that its returning!  
Yehey! :)  The combination of the roasted chicken and the shitake mushroom is so yummy that one (1) sandwich for me is NOT enough!  And yes, you read that right - I need two!  I'm eating for two you know!  Hahaha... :)

And here's something to look forward to - every Mondays of August!

Birthday Misua

Thursday, July 12, 2012

For the Chinese, the Birthday Misua is a staple in EVERY birthday.

This is a must eat breakfast - especially for the oldies!

For the longest time - it was my mom who cooked Misua for us.  I honestly never learned because deep down inside, I knew my mom would lovingly cook for me!

But since getting married - there's this tradition of my in-laws that I need to provide for the Birthday Misua whenever its my Panget's birthday.

And so the search begins - I asked help in Twitterverse and I got a couple of suggestions.  One of the suggestions (from Chico Girl) was from this caterer called Classic Chef, I never knew that they could make Birthday Misua!  This caterer stuck to me because I know for a fact that they serve really good food!  One of my aunt hires them every Christmas time and the food is really really good! :)  Another reason was that - it was nearest me! :)  hahaha..

Their price is also reasonable - P1,000.00 is this minimum and this is good for 10 people.  Affordable right?  I ordered good for 25 pax so, I had to provide them with foil containers because I needed them separated since I was giving them away to my Panget's parents, grandparents and etc. 

Here's what the Birthday Misua looks like!

I am impressed with the taste too!! :)

Here's to a new discovery!  Thank you Chico Girl for the reco!!

Classic Chef
 D.Tuazon, Quezon City
Tel. 731-2286

Starbucks Winners!

Monday, June 25, 2012

to the following:

1.  Cai Sio
2.  Jeffrey John Imutan
3.  Marites Quitoriano
4.  Ameth Villamora
5.  Kenichi Yuki

Here's what you have won!

One (1) Starbucks Tumbler
Four (4) Tall Beverage Coupons
(see image on the right!)

THANK YOU for joining and supporting my blog! :)

Please check your emails and reply ASAP!

Congrats again!

Thank you to Starbucks Philippines!! :)

Toki Q

Thursday, June 21, 2012

 The first time I saw Toki Q was about a month ago, we were walking to Tea Tap and it so happened that Toki Q was just across the street!  Little did I know that it was Pat Dy's!  Yes, THE Pat Dy!  My wonderful wedding photographer, Pat Dy!

Yesterday, I received an email from him inviting me to try the place - and last night, my Panget and I, together with Yaya D. and Kailee - we tried this place out!

I was very curious on the rotating barbeque!  So I immediately asked the cook, he said that they will be running the machine in a few minutes to show me.  He was telling me that there are three (3) different speeds - depending on the meat or item to be cooked.  The machine had these clips that held the sticks of the yakitoris, these lead the meats to a griller - then it will lead the meats to be dipped into the sauce (if needed, not all meats are dipped in the sauces).  It was fun to watch because the cook didn't need to keep on turning and tossing the sticks.  I failed to take pic because I was too excited to witness the run!  Haha!!

The newly cooked meats were delish!  I think the selling point of the machine is that it grills the meats to perfection!  The meats were tender and very flavorful, thanks to the yummy sauce!  (If you can, order the extra sauce!)

My Panget liked the chicken skin so much that I had to order two more sticks - to which I never got a bite of!  He said that it was really crispy!  I liked the wings, chicken fillet with asparagus, and the Tontoro Pork - I wish I could eat more!  We were also served with the Kara-age and Toki Bbq Corn - and they both were wonderful!  The Kara-age was tender and the corn was sweet - then topped with the powder - wow, it made the taste more yummy!  I loved the special powder so much that I put some on my rice, yes - it seems weird but I LIKED IT! :)  Haha..

Combo 3 - Chicken Ball, Tontoro Pork, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fillet + Unlimited Rice (P125.00)

Here's a closer look at the meats - YUMM!!

Here's the Tontoro Pork (P30.00/Stick) and the Chicken Skin (P26.00)

 This was what was left of my Combo 4 - 6 pieces of Chicken Wings (P145.00)

The menu is really simple but if you're the visual type and you want to see what you're going to order - check out the display.  The place is quite small - but it serves its purpose since its a fast food!  There are tables and chairs, the place can possibly occupy about 12 to 15 people, but it'll be quite crowded.  The place is air-conditioned and very well lit.  In my opinion, you won't come out smelling like grilled meat because they have very good ventilation - their exhausts are positioned strategically.

Another thing that made the difference is the staff, they're very friendly and warm - they will answer your every question and they seem to really know what they are doing! Try this place out if you're in the area!  But make sure to go early because some food items run out!

Toki Q
Wilson corner P. Guevarra
Tel. 425-9867

D'Little Gyoza House

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've been seeing this place for months now, but it was only yesterday that I was able to go and check this place out.  It was just after office hours and so I was the only person there.  The location is quite weird because you won't be able to see it unless you pass by Miller Street often, and Miller Street isn't exactly a high traffic street for restaurant seekers - the area is actually mostly warehouses mixed in a residential area.  The signage is quite small, so if you are coming from Baler Street - its not really visible.

So yesterday, I went and ordered their Orginal gyoza and Chili gyoza for take out.  The service was quite fast because I was the only one there (it was just after office hours).  The waiter was also nice enough to suggest that I try their other dishes like the fried rice and ramens.  But since I was only after the gyozas, I politely declined.

While inside the car - the wonderful aroma of the gyozas taunted me!  They smelled soooo wonderful!  When I reached home - I immediately took a bite of the original gyoza and it was good!  It wasn't the best but it was good enough!  For the price of P120.00 for 5 pieces of gyoza - I think it was already worth it!

I wasn't able to get pics of the actual gyozas because we ate them all! 

I'm planning to go back again to try their other dishes. 

D'Little Gyoza House
Miller Street (Same street as Uratex)
SFDM, Quezon City

Lotion Smotion Potion!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Saturday, my friend Selene who is a LOTION ADDICT was telling me that she found a wonderful lotion that is non-greasy and absorbs easily.  Being a person who dislikes lotion (I only like lotions when I'm travelling) I took it with a grain of salt.

She then showed me the lotion - it was VANILLA! I was instantly interested - you see, I have a weakness for Vanilla flavored anything!  Hahaha.. She then told me to try it and I did.

And she was telling the truth!

The lotion was WONDERFUL!!  Selene was telling the truth when she said it was non-greasy!  The reason why I hate lotions is because of the greasy feeling!  And this one is PERFECT for me! :)

Would you believe that, that same night - I smothered it all over?  That's how much I LOVE THE LOTION! :)  I'm so happy that I finally found THE perfect lotion for me!! :)

The lotion is from Vanilla & Co., I was surprised that its a local company.

I wish they had a facial moisturizer that is like that!  Is it possible?  Haha!! :)

Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want to try the Hojicha Frapp & Red Bean Green Tea Frapp for FREE? 

Here's how to join:

PICK one of the featured beverage (Hojicha Frapp or Red Bean Green Tea Frapp) and describe a perfect moment on how you would enjoy it!  (i.e. After a long day's work, etc.)

a)  Leave your answer on this entry's comment section together with:
      1)  Your name
      2)  A valid email address
b)  You must LIKE Starbucks Phillipines FB page
c)  You must tweet this contest! Starbucks Contest Alert! Alert! at @candishhh blog! Visit http://candishhh.blogspot.com/2012/06/starbucks-contest-alert-alert.html (Leave the link on your entry at the comment section)

Example of an entry will be:
a)  After a long day at work - the Hojicha Frapp will surely pick my mood up!
     1)  Didi T.
     2)  candishhh (at) gmail (dot) com
c)  https://twitter.com/candishhh/status/212387049238564864

Please make sure to include ALL the details I asked.  Incomplete entries will automatically be DISQUALIFIED!

You may join as many times as you want!  But make sure your 'moments' are different, since I will be judging based on the answers!!  Contest will run from today until June 23, 2012.

The WINNER will be based on the quality of your answers!

There will be five (5) winners of: One (1) Tumbler with four (4) Beverage GCs!
(A person can only win ONCE!!)

THANK YOU Starbucks Philippines!

Hojicha & Red Bean Green Tea at Starbucks!

Monday, June 11, 2012

An Asian twist is coming to Starbucks!

Starting tomorrow - June 12, you'll get a chance to sample Starbucks' newest drinks!


Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino
 Hojicha is a type of Japanese roasted tea
combined with Tazo Early Grey Tea jelly!
Its soooo good!  (This is my favorite!)

and the Red Bean Green Tea!
With whole kernels of red Azuki beans
this gives the drink a certain bite to the flavor!

Aside from the drinks - here are the new food items in store for you!

Double Upsize Treat at Starbucks One Rockwell!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 Want a DOUBLE UPSIZE treat from Starbucks? 

Well, on Friday - June 8, 2012, visit Starbucks One Rockwell from 4pm to 8pm and have that treat!! :)

What is a DOUBLE UPSIZE treat?  Let's say you order a Short beverage - you'll automatically be given a Grande beverage!  Order a Tall beverage and you'll be given a Venti beverage!  If you forget and you order a Venti beverage - don't worry, they'll just charge you with a Tall beverage!  Cool huh?!

So don't forget the date and time - JUNE 8, 2012 Friday 4pm to 8pm

Where is One Rockwell?  It's along Rockwell Drive - a walking distance from the Power Plant Mall.  If you are coming from EDSA - take Estrella and turn left at Rockwell Drive, the first establishment you see is One Rockwell, enter the driveway and voila!  If you are coming from JP Rizal, take Estrella and turn right on Rockwell Drive - then enter the driveway to your right.

See you there!! :)

Prayer to St. Expedite

Friday, May 18, 2012

I got what I asked for and as promised, I am publishing the prayer in my blog!! :)

I am publishing this for everyone to recite!! :)

THANK YOU St. Expedite!! :)

CBTL in Malate!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's newest branch - Malate!

To celebrate the new store on May 18, 2012 (Friday)- they're giving away a regular iced tea when you purchase any of their gourmet items. 

Shinjuko Revisited

Monday, May 14, 2012

I've been to Shinjuko so many times when I was still younger.  I remember my aunts and uncles taking us there after watching a movie in Greenbelt 1.  I would always order the fried rice and chicken teppan.  It was only 5 years ago, that I learned that they also served ramen!  How silly right?  Well, I'm the type of person who orders the same thing in a restaurant - since I like certain dishes, why deviate right?

There was a time that a Shinjuko branch opened along West Avenue in Quezon City.  I think I was able to visit once - but then it closed down before I could visit again.  Last year, I remember seeing a closed down Shinjuko - I was sad, but was told that they were just having renovations done - and that they still have another branch in Makati - at the creekside area. 

So yesterday - we went to the Power Plant Mall to take Kailee out, as it was a Sunday - it's Kailee's day out!  It seemed like most Sundays - we've been having early dinners!  So yesterday, my Panget was thinking of trying Ukokei Ramen - unfortunately, it was closed.  So the nearest ramen place that I could think of was - Shinjuko.

When we parked - we instantly noticed that the place was newly renovated.  The restaurant was very well lit and looked super clean!  Upon entering - I noticed that it the AC was on full blast!  Plus points for this restaurant!  Since Kailee has skin asthma - we've been very anal on the AC of restaurants that we have going to.

The menu was simple - it consisted of ramens, udons, donburis, and teppan.  Basically the same things that were already on the menu years before except for a few additional new dishes.  My Panget got the Beef Ramen - in the picture it looked good.  I ordered a chicken terriyaki and a bowl of rice for Yaya, while I - I had the Chicken Ramen.

Beef Ramen P275.00

Chicken Terriyaki P330.00

Chicken Ramen P250.00

The runaway winners were the Beef Ramen and the Chicken Terriyaki.  The Beef Ramen was very flavorful - we asked the waitress for an additional cup of beef soup for Kailee - they willing obliged without question.  Kailee loved the ramen so much that we had to give her from time to time!  Yaya said that the taste of the terriyaki was good but the chicken was a bit tough.  The Chicken Ramen was so-so, the soup though was very simple and clean.

The staff is very friendly and attentive, upon entering the restaurant - they already offered a high chair for Kailee to use - its another plus point for us! Yey!

Makati Avenue