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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I like watching cooking shows.

When I was younger, I remember getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch 'Cooking it up with Nora'.  I used to play with my then only girl cousin - a cooking show!  Since she had those Little Tikes kitchen set - we would pretend being hosts to a cooking show.  This I think helped with my fascination with the culinary arts.  I pursued this fascination by enrolling in Sylvia Reynonso-Gala's kiddie cooking classes.  I wanted to further my studies when I was in Senior year BUT there wasn't a college degree in culinary arts.  It was only recently that culinary art schools were put up that gave you a bonafide diploma on cooking.

You see, I have this idea in my head.  That being a chef is a title to be earned and not learned.  That one does not need a diploma that proves he or she is a chef.  I look up more to those cooks who earned their being called a chef.  Rachel Ray always said that she is not a chef but is a cook - and I understand what she meant.

Here in the Philippines - where a LOT of Chefs are mushrooming everywhere, there is one that stands out for me because he started as a cook!  He is Chef Boy Logro.  Chef Boy started his humble beginnings from being a houseboy - to a chef's assistant to a full fledged chef!  All that without going to any culinary school!  He says with pride that he was a student of U.E. - University of Experience!  And this for me sets him apart from the rest.

 Photo grabbed from THIS site

I am very glad that GMA-7 showcases is talent and pure genius on their TV line up.

Starting January 2, 2012 - Kusina Master, a 15-minute cooking show hosted by Chef Boy Logro; will air right before Eat Bulaga.

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