Christmas Solicitation FAIL!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's that time of the year again, when companies give out and receive solicitation from other companies!

I've heard and read all sorts of solicitations.  Some were nice but some were, my gosh - out of this world!  Take for example this certain letter.  This was shared to me by a friend - I omitted the name of the company and certain details.  Look at what they're asking!

Goodness gracious!

Fine, they're straight to the point - but man, to ask for certain gadgets and things?  Aren't these people materialistic?! 

Tsk.. Tsk..


  1. That's so ridiculous.. These people are so desperate... :/

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  2. Grabe! Iphone, Wii, Ref. They're asking for really expensive things! They should ask for money instead, because asking for big and expensive gadgets is so nakakahiya. Parang they expect you to give those things cuz they ascertain na mayaman ka.

    GRABE talaga. And to think the beginning sentence says that it's the time for remembering Jesus.