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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm an old fashioned kind of gal when it comes to taking down notes because I like holding a pen and the feel of paper.  In this day and age where your cellphone can double as your notepad - I still rely on my trusty steno notebook and my collection of pens to remind me of things to do and appointments.

 Grabbed from Momme Planner's FB Page

Early this year - I became a mom, I am now responsible for my Kailee's needs.  And what a way to remind me of her doctor's appointment, shots that she needs to have, her solid food intake chart and other schedules.  Here's the new MOMME Planner!  This planner is specifically made for all mommies!  This planner is stylish and is unlike regular planners because its made to look like a bag!  The pages are special too!  They have a page for monthly expenses, health trackers such as the menstrual tracker and a short medical history page, an essentials page where you can jot down numbers and renewal notices for your important documents.  There's this great page where you can keep up with the whole family's activities - daily!

Its actually a wonderful planner - especially made for the modern mom.  Very innovative, stylish and most of all - practical!  Its everything you need in just one planner!

Please visit Momme Planner's Facebook Page if you plan to order!!

Hurry!  Stocks are LIMITED!!

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