Skin Asthma: Update!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being a first time mom, I experienced high levels of stress when I found out that my baby girl has skin asthma otherwise known as eczema.  My pedia, Dr. Joy Ty-Sy advised me to bathe my baby every other day and gave me a skincare regimen to follow that consisted of moisturizing and moisturizing.  In all honesty, I was quite uncomfortable with the taking a bath every other day - even if reading articles online seconded her advise.  I wished that I would get to read an article that says otherwise - but there was none.  To tell you the truth, I didn't follow the 'taking a bath' advise - but the moisturizing part, I did - to the dot.

Yaya and I followed the moisturizing part for about a week or two, what convinced me to seek a second opinion was when we noticed that K's scalp was red and scaly.  Yaya suggested we see a pedia-derma, so that once and for all - we'd know if the scaly scalp and body rashes were food related or just skin asthma.  I took her advise to heart and the next day started asking friends if their pediatricians were derma specialists.  I suddenly remembered my good friend May May - her son, Lucas has skin asthma too!  I asked for her pedia's number - and right there and then, I called the office of Dr. Carlos E. Paguio at The Medical City, I spoke to Malou, his secretary and learned that he was in - I immediately told Yaya that we were seeing a pedia derma.  We got into the car and within thirty minutes - we were there....

When we got to TMC (The Medical City) I was quite impressed with the building and the receptionist - it seemed like she knew this particular doctor, because when I mentioned the doctor's name - she immediately knew what room and what his specialization was!  We then headed to the elevators - this I was very UNimpressed, we waited a LONG time for an elevator - not just that, it was jampacked!  It seemed like to reach the 15th floor - and when we did, a very nice and smiling Malou greeted us.  I was asked to fill up a form and within a few minutes, we met Dr. Carlos E. Paguio.

His first words were - 'You came to me for a reason, now - let me see Kailee'  He told yaya to take off all of Kailee's clothes and lay her on the table - he examined her and asked 'How often do you bathe her?'  I honestly did not know what to answer because I was not following my pedia's advise, so I just told him 'The pedia told us to bathe every other day' he then replied with 'Kaya naman pala..  We'll do the exact opposite, Kailee needs to bathe twice a day.'  His reply made me smile wide!  I knew it!  He then explained that babies with eczema need to feel comfortable - and whenever we bathe, he says - we feel good right?  In-deed!  I can't explain to you the happiness and joy that I felt when I heard that!  He then told me to relax and not to worry because treating it is easy, he then told me that treatment and avoidance go hand in hand, if we don't treat - how can we avoid!  Galing diba?

Dr. Paguio is a very pleasant and jolly doctor, I honestly like him.  He's very enthusiastic - I've never met a doctor with such enthusiasm - and I like his humor!  He told us 'I-sa-Spa natin si Kailee!'  I wondered what he meant - he then continued to tell us what we needed to do (he also repeated 'Mrs. Panget, you don't need to worry - this is very easy!'

Step 1:  Massage VCO on whole body and leave on for 20 minutes (Twice a day before bathing)
Step 2:  Bathe using Physiogel Cleanser (for the face and body) and Physiogel Shampoo (Twice a day after 20 mins of VCO)
Step 3:  Apply Elica Lotion on scalp (Twice a day for 1 week)
Step 4:  Apply Cutivate cream on body rashes and leave on for 30 minutes (Twice a day for 1 week)
Step 5:  Apply AI Cream (Twice a day for 1 week)

He then told us to come see him after a week.   He also told us to airdry Kailee after changing nappies - this prompted me to tell him that we found it weird that Kailee seems to like it whenever she was without clothes!  He then said that she likes it - because its not hot!   He told me and Yaya to remember three (3) C's  Cool, Clean and Comfortable!  He also told us the enemies of these 3 C's - heat, dust, sweat and dirt!  We must keep Kailee comfortable as much as possible - if that means having her in an air-conditioned room, so be it!  He then said 'Bagay si Kailee sa Canada'  I wondered why and asked him, to which he replied 'Kasi malamig dun!'  Hahaha!!  I laughed so hard!  Doc is really funny, and I love it!

That night, we did the whole regimen and we saw instant results the following day - Kailee's cheeks were FLAWLESS and she even looked more white!  This I noticed while I was breastfeeding her, I didn't believe what I saw - I had to open the lights to inspect.  When we got to my mom's house - she also saw the difference!  We also noticed that Kailee seemed much happier!  She slept more soundly and was less irritable - maybe this was because of the itchiness of the rashes.  After a few days - Kailee was ridden of the rashes, her scalp was not scaly anymore - but her skin still had some patches of dry skin.  There was a VAST improvement!  And this made me, Yaya and Kailee very happy!

We next saw Dr. Paguio last week, and then again this morning.  I am happy to report that Kailee's skin asthma has been treated and the results are wonderful!  We've graduated from the medicines and was told to continue with the VCO, Physiogel products (they seem to work more than Cetaphil), and AI Cream.  I have to say - I was very much impressed with Dr. Paguio!  It was a wonderful decision to go see him, and this idea I have to attribute to dearest Yaya D., without her suggestion - I wouldn't have sought a second opinion.

THANK YOU - Dr. Carlos E. Paguio, you're a wonderful doctor!
THANK YOU - Yaya D., was it not for your suggestion - hindi natin makikita ang flawlessness ni Kailee!
THANK YOU - May May for recommending your pedia to us!
THANK YOU - Kailee, for being patient with Mommy!

So there, if you're a mommy that is stressed with your child's eczema, go see Dr. Paguio! 

Dr. Carlos E. Paguio
The Medical City (M-Sat 9-12nn)
MATI Room 1517
Tel. 634-4749

Sorry, I've been so out of the loop!  My MBP is sick!!
Please get well soon, MBP!!