Skin Asthma

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday was a stressful day.  I had to take Baby K to the doctor to check out the dry patches in her skin.  It has been days that we have been putting on petroleum jelly on her but it doesn't seem to work.  I have been updating the doctor and telling her that the patches are still dry - she told me to bring K over to her clinic.

Last week, we have been noticing that the dry patches have a round shape.  I just dismissed it as dry patches - my mom suspected that it might be ringworm, but kept quiet.  When yaya told me that she suspects it was ringworm, my mom blurted out and told me 'I told you it was ringworm!'  This irked me so much because she never said ringworm!  She just said 'round'!  I was irked because she told me that I didn't listen to her - I mean, how will I associate round with ringworm right?  Oh, well - I just told her to tell me specifically what she was suspecting because if she drops hints, how was I supposed to know what's on her mind!  I value her opinion immensely and listen to her suggestions but when she gives me vague descriptions - how can I deduce it right?  Yaya also suspects that if its not ringworm, that it might be skin asthma.  And I dreaded it because I remembered my Panget's nieces to have skin asthma, and my SIL was having a hard time treating it.

So, yesterday at the doctor's office I was anxious.  When it was our turn, K was checked by the pedia and she confirmed what I have been dreading to hear - that it was indeed skin asthma.  She proceeded to ask me if there was a family history of skin asthma - on my side, there was none - but on my Panget's side, well - I guess so!  She then said that there was a whole regimen that we needed to do for the skin - it was to moisturize and moisturize, she dictated the steps to me.  I can't explain the sadness that I felt, I felt really bad for my baby, I mean at almost three months - she has skin asthma already.  I have friend whose kids have skin asthma and it was hard, hard because they needed special lotions and washes and shampoos!  I honestly did not want to go through that, but since K has skin asthma - then, I'll battle through it.  I felt really bad, even if I was told that it was nothing to worry about - we just need to moisturize there was still the bad feeling hanging over me.  Yaya noticed that I was stressed and tried to cheer me up telling me that at least now, we'd know how to treat K's skin, that at least it was treatable not like if it was ringworm that we had to look for the source.  I liked the fact that she tried to cheer me up, but I can't explain it - I was still stressing because K is such a good baby, I mean - why the skin asthma?  I then told myself to be positive and blame my Panget for his bad genes!  Hahahahaha...

So there, my K has skin asthma.

My question is - is there a cure for skin asthma?  I mean to eliminate it entirely?



  1. I had really bad skin asthma when I was a kid, on the inside of my knees and elbows. It was so bad that it would get sugat from my scratching. My parents tried a lot of things but nothing really helped...until one day I just outgrew it! :) Same with my cousin. Now I don't have anything, not even scars or marks from the skin asthma, as in you would never know I had it. I know this can be really stressful but know that there is a chance that it can be outgrown! Hang in there!

  2. I have been battling skin asthma all my life. It was at its worst when I was an adolescent. I am now in my 30s, but I am managing it better now. Try to stay away from using steroidal creams on a daily basis. It makes skin really thin in the long run.

  3. Left a message on your plurk. :)

  4. You might find this helpful :)

  5. my son naman had that too and i had to religiously apply aveeno lotion on him. he could only use aveeno and cetaphil for bathing. it got better pretty quickly!

  6. I had skin asthma when I was still a baby. Now I still had it on occasions. But don't worry in your baby's case is not that severe compared to mine. We are a family of asthmatics. hehe. Your cute baby is going to be just fine.

    By the way, I came upon here from Lovely blog.:-)

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