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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Everyone, for me at one point in their lives collected something.  I for one am still into collecting ballpens.  I still surf the net in search for that perfect ballpoint pen and dream that someday, I will get to own one and maybe develop one for everyone to use!

When I was still in High School, my friend Kath was into collecting those Coca Cola polar bear dolls.  She was so happy when she received a Coke polar bear from a suitor!  Little did I know that there are avid Coke collectors out there.

The Real Thing diner is representative of an avid collector of Coca Cola items and turning this hobby into a business!  Honestly, I like the idea of a diner - it brings me back to the time where I read Archie comics - they always hung out in the Soda Shop.  How I wish there was something similar here in Manila.

The Real Thing diner offers food with a bit of a twist, they've incorporated sodas into their meals - which is really good because it makes the restaurant more authentic and more in tune with the theme of the restuarant.

Here are some of the dishes served:

 Cinnamon Sifter - P99.00

Eight O'Clock Chicken - P289.00

Sarsi Wings - P199.00

Eight O'Clock Apple Green Tea Dory - P249.00

Coca Cola Baby Back Ribs - P399.00

 Happily Appley - P89.00

Chookie Ice Cream Sandwich - P89.00

My favorite has to be the Sarsi Chicken Wings!  The flavor is just perfect!  This kind of reminded me of Bonchon's (even if I haven't eaten there yet) and Richard corrected me saying it was like Manang's chicken - only juicier!  I have to agree with him, the flavor was similar, but I am partial to these Sarsi chicken wings.  Richard and I couldn't stop ourselves from having more!!

I have to rave about the food - they've come up with unique recipes and there's a hint of sweetness because they've incorporated sodas and juices to the food.  This made me like the food even more because I like a hint of sweetness on my savoury meals! :)

The feel of the restaurant is cheery and happy, this is what a diner should exactly feel like.  I will definitely go back to try the other dishes.

The Real Thing Diner
2/F Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato, QC
Tel. 352-4320

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