MOUSE Alert! RAT Alert!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Panget and I usually have lunch at my mom's every Saturday.  So today, after lunch - we were all in the living room minding our own businesses, me and my Panget were busy with our internet surfing, my mom was watching her Koreanovela and the dogs, well - they were a bit pre-occupied with something.

Jenna and Hapee were running back and forth near one of the cabinets.  My mom noticed this but we didn't mind, we thought they were just playing.  And then I blurted 'Baka may daga!' (There might a mouse!)  And so my mom checked it out - and true enough, THERE WAS!!

The mouse was stuck in a series of wires, my mom said that it was the mouse's strategy to get stuck - so that we won't notice it!  This got the attention of my Panget and my brother - they each looked and agreed that the mouse - wasn't actually a mouse, but a rat!  It was big, big enough in their standards.  But the rat wasn't moving, my mom said it looked dead but then when I asked our driver to take a look - he said it was still alive and is pretending to be dead.

Now - what do to?  How do we trap the mouse?  How do we catch it?  I surmised that if it moves - for sure it will get away - again!  The driver together with another 'boy' moved the cabinet - so they could catch it, but the rat was able to get away!  They were actually looking where the rat went because it suddenly disappeared!  I thought to myself - the damn rat got away, dammit! 

But then I notice the dogs going crazy over the trash can near our main entrance - and then, there - I saw the rat, trying its best to escape from the dogs!  The rat was running like crazy everywhere, trying to get out the house!  It suddenly stopped behind the mini-ref that we had in the living room.  It stayed there for a while then we thought - we had to catch it, because if not - for sure it might go up to the second floor! 

So our driver devised a plane - he asked for a long screw driver, he wanted to 'trap' the rat by 'attack poking' it so it would move to the place where the 'boy' was.  But it wasn't working - then suddenly, I heard the cries of the rat!  I immediately put my hands over my ears!  I hate the sound of a rat shrieking!  The shreaking made Jacob mad and he too was barking like crazy!  The cries of the rat didn't stop for a while - I thought, well - because he was injured!  Then - silence... I thought our driver killed the rat, but then after a few seconds - the cries were there again!  But it didn't last long - because our 'boy' was able to catch the rat by using long nose pliers!  (Can you believe it?)

I had to take a picture of it - as proof that we caught that damn rat!  And here it is!!

I am honestly used to seeing small mice - this has to be the biggest one that we've caught so far!

Goodbye rat!! 



  1. Freaky, sis! Talagang may pic pa yung rat. Gusto ko sanang maawa dun sa face kaya lang they're really destructive eh. Galing naman nung nakahuli dito.

  2. Hi Rose, nakaka-awa sila but true.. they are SUPER destructive nga. Kaya di rin pwedeng maawa sa kanila eh!!