Fisher Butter Toffee Peanuts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have been obsessing about Fisher Nuts since I tasted them en route to Seoul, Korea.

Since I was pregnant, I asked the flight attendants for more peanuts - and they gave me a LOT of the Fisher Honey Roasted nuts!  And I have to say, after tasting the Fisher brand - there was no turning back!  All other brands - were no comparison at all! 

When I got back to Manila, my limited stash was depleting - and this prompted me to try and contact Fisher US to ask if they have a local distributor here in Manila or in nearby countries.  I was prepared to have friends buy it for me!  I sent an email and after a few weeks - I received a 'tweet' from Fisher Nuts.  They sent me a direct message saying that they have a distributor in our country - they supplied me with the name of the company and the number.

Of course, eager beaver me - I had to call immediately to ask.  I looked for the person who's name was sent in together with the number in the direct message of Fisher - unfortunately, he was out!  But I left my number and asked for a ring back.  And they did ring me back - I spoke to a lovely Evelyn, she told me that the shipment of the nuts will be arriving 2011 and that upon its arrival here in Manila - she will give me a call to tell me.  She also was impressed that I got their number and that I was interested in a product that hasn't been sold or marketed yet here in the Philippines.  She said that for the trouble I went through just to look for them (contacting Fisher US) it must mean that I really like the product!  I told her that I was able to try packs of the nuts while on a Korean Airlines flight!

So last week, she sends me an email telling me that the nuts have ARRIVED!! :)  They're initially available in ALL Robinson's Supermarket outlets.  Good thing, there's one near me!! :)  So last night, I couldn't help myself - despite the time, I drove myself to a Robinson's Supermarket to purchase Fisher Nuts!  Evelyn told me to try out the Butter Toffee Peanuts - because its her personal favorite.  I was so excited that I opened the small plastic container and tried some - and indeed they're really goooood!!  A twist of sweet and salty - with nuts!! :)

Thank you Clever Cats!  Thank you Fisher Nuts!

THANK YOU Korean Airlines - for introducing me to this brand!!

Happy days are FINALLY here!!! :)


  1. hahaha! addict! i remember feeling the same way about the chili garlic sauce they use in cathay pacific. never found it though! have you given birth? =)

  2. Super addict talaga! :) I haven't pa, but doc said in two weeks or so pa daw.. :)

  3. marie imperialMay 05, 2011 8:18 PM

    i love fisher honey roasted peanuts too! also got it frm KA. thanks for your info. will go to robinson supermarket tom! :)

  4. Thank you for posting this! My stack of Fisher nuts that I got from Korean Air are depleting fast.

  5. Just saw this post.. I also tried the Fisher peanuts in KA flight.. and I'm really really hooked!!! :D Do you know if these yummy nuts are still being sold in Robinson's supermarket?

  6. Tried looking for these awesome peanuts in Robinson's Supermarket. Couldn't find any.

    1. You won't find them anywhere na.. According to the distributor, it didn't do well in the market. So they stopped importing it. I buy my stash in HK! Let me know if you want some.

      Love, didi