The Club's SURPRISE!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

 A few weeks before I got married, I was too stressed to recognize that I was in a for a surprise bridal shower.  My Panget led me to Chili's Greenhills for dinner and I was a zombie that time - so when I was lead to a table with people already seated I was confused!  It was only after a few seconds that I recognized that it was Fran, Paul, Jane and Chris!  Then I thought to myself - why were they there?  What were they doing in Chili's?  It was only then that it hit me - they were hosting me a surprise bridal shower!  Hahahaha..  I can't imagine what was going on in their heads as I looked at them confused!  Hahaha... 

Last week - Fran initiated a dinner, she said that it would be a 'before they leave for a trip' dinner and that it was going to be held in Cerchio in nearby Tomas Morato - and that I SHOULD go because it was just nearby!  I had to say yes - I wanted to see them before they fly off to the land of green money and I thought, it might be my last dinner with The Club before I give birth - so I said yes!

I was already telling my Panget that I would be attending the dinner, whether he comes with me or not.  So last Thursday night, when he suddenly said he wanted to come with me, I was ecstatic!  I mean - that meant, I didn't need to drive myself to the restaurant!

So last night, when I got home - I rushed my Panget to leave because I didn't want to be late!  But my Panget, having his new PS3 installed - was a little hard to convince to leave early!  Five minutes became ten, and ten became twenty and twenty became thirty.  I knew he wanted to still play BUT there was the dinner!  In waiting for him - I snoozed a bit, and when I snooze - my energy levels drop and makes me lazy to go out!  But since I already said yes - I had to go, even if I was sleepy!  Hahaha..

When I got to Cerchio - I was instantly impressed with the place, the restaurant looked very fresh and new!  But as I walked along to where our table was, I saw pink balloons - and this made me think, was I led to the right place?  And there - I saw the rest of The Club!  Apprently, it was a baby shower for me, a SURPRISE baby shower!  Hahahaha..  (Restuarant review to follow!)

I was shocked and touched at the same time.  I was honestly overwhelmed, and didn't want to cry!  Good thing, the crybaby in me didn't set in!  Or else, EVERYONE would have witnessed me crying!!

It was another surprise, pulled off by The Club!  Imagine, from the shower - we were just six!  Look at us now - we've more than doubled!! :) Who would have thought that blogs can bring people together?  Who would have thought that a common interest like food can make friendships blossom and develop into something more!

THANK YOU to Fran & Paul, Jane & Chris, Irene & Richard, Ro & Peter, Joan & AbetTrixie, Carlos, Tita Jane & C2 and Glenn!!  THANK YOU soooo much!!

I am deeply, deeply touched!!

Fisher Butter Toffee Peanuts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have been obsessing about Fisher Nuts since I tasted them en route to Seoul, Korea.

Since I was pregnant, I asked the flight attendants for more peanuts - and they gave me a LOT of the Fisher Honey Roasted nuts!  And I have to say, after tasting the Fisher brand - there was no turning back!  All other brands - were no comparison at all! 

When I got back to Manila, my limited stash was depleting - and this prompted me to try and contact Fisher US to ask if they have a local distributor here in Manila or in nearby countries.  I was prepared to have friends buy it for me!  I sent an email and after a few weeks - I received a 'tweet' from Fisher Nuts.  They sent me a direct message saying that they have a distributor in our country - they supplied me with the name of the company and the number.

Of course, eager beaver me - I had to call immediately to ask.  I looked for the person who's name was sent in together with the number in the direct message of Fisher - unfortunately, he was out!  But I left my number and asked for a ring back.  And they did ring me back - I spoke to a lovely Evelyn, she told me that the shipment of the nuts will be arriving 2011 and that upon its arrival here in Manila - she will give me a call to tell me.  She also was impressed that I got their number and that I was interested in a product that hasn't been sold or marketed yet here in the Philippines.  She said that for the trouble I went through just to look for them (contacting Fisher US) it must mean that I really like the product!  I told her that I was able to try packs of the nuts while on a Korean Airlines flight!

So last week, she sends me an email telling me that the nuts have ARRIVED!! :)  They're initially available in ALL Robinson's Supermarket outlets.  Good thing, there's one near me!! :)  So last night, I couldn't help myself - despite the time, I drove myself to a Robinson's Supermarket to purchase Fisher Nuts!  Evelyn told me to try out the Butter Toffee Peanuts - because its her personal favorite.  I was so excited that I opened the small plastic container and tried some - and indeed they're really goooood!!  A twist of sweet and salty - with nuts!! :)

Thank you Clever Cats!  Thank you Fisher Nuts!

THANK YOU Korean Airlines - for introducing me to this brand!!

Happy days are FINALLY here!!! :)

Shakey's: If it's WRONG it's FREE!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I enjoy eating pizzas, thus my Panget decided to get the Shakey’s Pizzanatic card. This card has served its purpose because since I got pregnant, we have ordered a bunch of pizzas. The branch that served us usually was the one located in Quezon Avenue, but for our last order – it was the Waltermart Munoz that served us.

Shakey’s has this thing – if it’s late, it’s FREE! The time frame was 45 minutes, quite long if you think about it because we’re so used to the 30 minutes or less thing but then again – I gave it a chance. So my Panget and I ordered, the hotline person I spoke to told me to synchronize our time – and I did. I also gave specific instructions to have my pizza cut into squares and to prepare change for a bigger bill. These instructions I repeated, so that the person on the other end will remember and take note of. After the order, my Panget and I waited. And we waited – on the 40th minute, I gave the hotline a call informing them that the pizza hasn’t arrived yet. And 7 minutes later, the pizza arrived.

Since it arrived 2 minutes late – it should be free right? Well, technically yes – but the rider insisted that he was early – he even showed my helper his watch! My helper on the other hand, pointed to the clock near the gate and the difference was a good 8 minutes. So whose time should we have followed? I immediately called the hotline to complain – according to their clocks, my clock’s time and their’s was the same. So my helper insisted that it was free, but the rider was – well also very persistent that he was on time – he then decided to give his supervisor a call. The supervisor also insisted to me that the rider arrived on time – when I asked to look at his watch, surprisingly – the time matched with the clock near the gate! My helper was already laughing when she saw this – she said, how could a difference of 8 minutes be an exact match 5 minutes later? Was his watch running too fast or was our running too slow?

After a few more arguments here and there – the supervisor gave in and said that the pizza will be given for free, but take note – he told me specifically that the pizza was ON TIME. I told him again – how come there was a time difference with the rider’s watch and our clock then after 5 minutes, they magically matched! I found it really silly – good thing, the hotline’s clock matched with mine. I was willing to pay, had the driver not insisted he was on time nor had his watch adjusted for the time to become later. I felt cheated that is why I complained! Had the driver been honest and apologized for being late for 2 minutes – I would have let it go and paid.

Fast forward to last night. I was craving and I thought, it has been a while since we last ordered a Shakey’s Pizza. So I called the hotline, placed my order and specifically told the person on the other line that I wanted my pizza cut into squares and to prepare change for a bigger bill. I had to say my instruction thrice – to make sure she understood, and she said she did. So when we synchronized our time, I was secretly thinking – I hope the branch that will serve us will read the instructions carefully.

I was hoping for another free pizza, but unfortunately they were on time! The pizzas arrived on the 40th minute.

But wait – my helper called to ask me ‘Is it okay if the pizzas aren’t cut into squares?’


Of course, I said it was not okay – I specifically gave instructions for the pizzas to be cut into squares, I even repeated it. I called the hotline to report and this person who took my call was English speakingly-challenged, I had to repeat myself three times, I already spoke to her in Tagalog YET she still chose to reply in English! (Out of Topic – there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t speak straight English, I won’t judge you! I’d rather you speak in Tagalog than make a fool of yourself!) The hotline supervisor told me to keep my line open so that the servicing branch will call me. So, the rider and I waited for the servicing branch to call us. And when they did – I immediately asked for the branch! And true enough – it was again Waltermart Munoz! They told me that the current pizzas will be given FREE and that the rider will come back with the correct cut pizzas and those I will need to pay. It was a good enough solution– I spoke to the assistant manager, I told her to check and re-read the special instructions EVERY time, so that they won’t have this kind of error again. I also told her that they this is the second time that they’ve serviced me and that there was always an issue. The square cut pizzas arrived about 40 minutes later – I honestly did not time it anymore.

Moral of the story – had the branch read and understood the instructions, I wouldn’t be given the FREE pizzas. You see, I have been noticing more and more that people lately have poor listening skills and only hear and understand the LAST sentence or word that you mention. They do not listen to the whole conversation BUT instead only choose to hear the last sentence AND deduce from the last words that you utter.

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Little Darth Vader

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

When I have a son - I'd dress him up like the kid in the video - a little Darth Vader for Halloween!!

This was sent by my Panget - and I found it super duper cute!! :)

Shi Lin's Xiao Long Bao - BEST (In MNL) so far!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

I heard of this Chinese restaurant from my future brother in law - he said that they also serve Xiao Long Bao.  So yesterday - after doing some baby shopping, my friend Selene suggested we go to Shi Lin at the Podium for an early dinner.

I honestly did not know where it was - its has been a while since I was at the Podium, so I was wondering where it was.  The restaurant was located on the same floor as Toy Kingdom.  When you first see it - you'll notice that the entrance is quite narrow and that there's a show window where the cooks are making the Xiao Long Baos manually.  This reminded me of Din Tai Fung, one of my favorite restaurants abroad.  I was skeptical, I thought - I'm sure the skin of the Xiao Long Bao will be thick, and I said to myself 'No restaurant can copy the thin skin of DTF!'

So when we sat down - I immediately ordered the Xiao Long Bao - I was excited to see and taste this restarant's version of the XLB.  The menu looked familiar too - the red color, the design of the logo, even the fare - it was so DTF!  When the XLB arrived in bamboo steamers - I was quite excited, and then my chopstick caught one - and it didn't rip - I said to myself 'PLUS points for Shi Lin!' and when I bit into the XLB - I was already impressed.  The skin of the XLB was just perfect!  It was thin enough to hold in the juices and not break easily.  I thought to myself - 'This XLB - coming from a copycat (remember, this is my opinion!) - was very well made!!'  I mean, look at Suzhou's, Crystal Jade and Lugang's - the skin is still thicker than Din Tai Fung's! :)  And since it was a local copycat restaurant, I was more impressed!  Think about it - Crystal Jade couldn't do it - Lugang too!  But Shi Lin was able to somehow give us the thinner skinned Xiao Long Bao! :)  Shi Lin's Xiao Long Bao - has got to be THE BEST

The BEST Xiao Long Bao (in Manila) for me!!

I also remembered how good Din Tai Fung's Noodles with Peanut sauce was so we decided to order Shi Lin's version with a bit more spice.  The dish in general tasted great, my only complaint was that the noodles were not as fine as I was hoping them to be - they were actually unevenly shaped, but nevertheless - I enjoyed eating them whilst sweating out the spicy-ness!  I also ordered take-out for my mom to try!  And she agrees that its really good!

Spicy Peanut Noodles

The Beef Noodle was also good - the soup was very flavorful - and the nice thing was that when I asked for extra soup twice - they didn't charge me for them! :)

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

As for the Drunken Chicken that we ordered - it was served cold (as it usually is) this was the only complaint of my friend Selene - but my Panget liked it and was used to eating this dish, cold!  I didn't try it because I have this thing of not eating chicken that is steamed or with liquid-y sauce, but there are exceptions!  Haha!  Yes, I am that maarte when it comes to chicken.

Drunken Chicken

For dessert it was Selene's request that we order the Taro Dumplings.  This friend of mine LOVES taro so much - and true enough - they also tasted yummy.  The Taro dumplings dish was a refreshing end to our early dinner - it was not overpowering but it was tasty - the sweetness was just right.

Taro Dumplings

Overall - I enjoyed my dining experience in Shi Lin.  I was really really impressed - I don't know if I was just hungry or what, but I liked everything that I ate there.  I am excited to bring my family there to try it out1  I just hope that the skin will be the same - still thin.  Hahaha!! :)

Kudos to whoever thought of putting up Shi Lin - your Xiao Long Bao has to be THE closest thing to Din Tai Fung that we have here in Manila!  No need anymore to buy the expensive franchise anymore!  Hahahaha... :)  Galeng!

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MOUSE Alert! RAT Alert!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Panget and I usually have lunch at my mom's every Saturday.  So today, after lunch - we were all in the living room minding our own businesses, me and my Panget were busy with our internet surfing, my mom was watching her Koreanovela and the dogs, well - they were a bit pre-occupied with something.

Jenna and Hapee were running back and forth near one of the cabinets.  My mom noticed this but we didn't mind, we thought they were just playing.  And then I blurted 'Baka may daga!' (There might a mouse!)  And so my mom checked it out - and true enough, THERE WAS!!

The mouse was stuck in a series of wires, my mom said that it was the mouse's strategy to get stuck - so that we won't notice it!  This got the attention of my Panget and my brother - they each looked and agreed that the mouse - wasn't actually a mouse, but a rat!  It was big, big enough in their standards.  But the rat wasn't moving, my mom said it looked dead but then when I asked our driver to take a look - he said it was still alive and is pretending to be dead.

Now - what do to?  How do we trap the mouse?  How do we catch it?  I surmised that if it moves - for sure it will get away - again!  The driver together with another 'boy' moved the cabinet - so they could catch it, but the rat was able to get away!  They were actually looking where the rat went because it suddenly disappeared!  I thought to myself - the damn rat got away, dammit! 

But then I notice the dogs going crazy over the trash can near our main entrance - and then, there - I saw the rat, trying its best to escape from the dogs!  The rat was running like crazy everywhere, trying to get out the house!  It suddenly stopped behind the mini-ref that we had in the living room.  It stayed there for a while then we thought - we had to catch it, because if not - for sure it might go up to the second floor! 

So our driver devised a plane - he asked for a long screw driver, he wanted to 'trap' the rat by 'attack poking' it so it would move to the place where the 'boy' was.  But it wasn't working - then suddenly, I heard the cries of the rat!  I immediately put my hands over my ears!  I hate the sound of a rat shrieking!  The shreaking made Jacob mad and he too was barking like crazy!  The cries of the rat didn't stop for a while - I thought, well - because he was injured!  Then - silence... I thought our driver killed the rat, but then after a few seconds - the cries were there again!  But it didn't last long - because our 'boy' was able to catch the rat by using long nose pliers!  (Can you believe it?)

I had to take a picture of it - as proof that we caught that damn rat!  And here it is!!

I am honestly used to seeing small mice - this has to be the biggest one that we've caught so far!

Goodbye rat!! 


The Real Thing Diner

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Everyone, for me at one point in their lives collected something.  I for one am still into collecting ballpens.  I still surf the net in search for that perfect ballpoint pen and dream that someday, I will get to own one and maybe develop one for everyone to use!

When I was still in High School, my friend Kath was into collecting those Coca Cola polar bear dolls.  She was so happy when she received a Coke polar bear from a suitor!  Little did I know that there are avid Coke collectors out there.

The Real Thing diner is representative of an avid collector of Coca Cola items and turning this hobby into a business!  Honestly, I like the idea of a diner - it brings me back to the time where I read Archie comics - they always hung out in the Soda Shop.  How I wish there was something similar here in Manila.

The Real Thing diner offers food with a bit of a twist, they've incorporated sodas into their meals - which is really good because it makes the restaurant more authentic and more in tune with the theme of the restuarant.

Here are some of the dishes served:

 Cinnamon Sifter - P99.00

Eight O'Clock Chicken - P289.00

Sarsi Wings - P199.00

Eight O'Clock Apple Green Tea Dory - P249.00

Coca Cola Baby Back Ribs - P399.00

 Happily Appley - P89.00

Chookie Ice Cream Sandwich - P89.00

My favorite has to be the Sarsi Chicken Wings!  The flavor is just perfect!  This kind of reminded me of Bonchon's (even if I haven't eaten there yet) and Richard corrected me saying it was like Manang's chicken - only juicier!  I have to agree with him, the flavor was similar, but I am partial to these Sarsi chicken wings.  Richard and I couldn't stop ourselves from having more!!

I have to rave about the food - they've come up with unique recipes and there's a hint of sweetness because they've incorporated sodas and juices to the food.  This made me like the food even more because I like a hint of sweetness on my savoury meals! :)

The feel of the restaurant is cheery and happy, this is what a diner should exactly feel like.  I will definitely go back to try the other dishes.

The Real Thing Diner
2/F Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato, QC
Tel. 352-4320