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Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been watching TV a lot since last Friday.

Harry Potter Marathon

I don't know why, but somehow - my Panget and I saw the first three installments of Harry Potter.  And I must say - they're nice!  I never expected to like watching Harry Potter!  We actually saw two installments in one go!  Hahaha..  Can you believe it?

Found it quite cute that we saw the kids grow up!  The first two episodes they looked like kiddoes, but come the third installment, gwapo na si Harry!  Hahaha..

Burn Notice

My Panget has been raving about the show Burn Notice - and honestly, I didn't like it at first, but it somehow grew on me.  Now, I'm liking the show!  We're currently on the third season - and there are a lot more episodes to go!! Yipeeeee!!

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Last Saturday afternoon before going to the doctor, I caught an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.  My friend's husband has been telling me to watch the show - he said that it was so funny!  I saw the first three episodes of the first season about two years ago and it was funny, but not enough for me to follow the show.  But that afternoon, I found myself enjoying the show very much!  Larry David is really really funny!  He doesn't make me laugh outloud while watching the show, but he makes me laugh when I share the happenings of the show to my Panget!  The guy has a lot of issues - but man, is he funny!  I hope to catch the newer episodes on HBO!  I can't believe its on its 7th season!! Wow!

So, what did you watch?

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