Pan de Manila - WHAT??

Monday, January 31, 2011

 I was looking for the number of Pan de Manila Araneta Avenue branch.  I could't find it anywhere!  The reason for this search was that I was going to ask our messenger to buy me some - and I wanted to call and reserve in advance.  I searched online for the number - I found none.  All I got was numbers from other branches - and when I dialed them, they ALL seemed to not work at the same time.  Strange but what do you expect right?

Then I found the number of Pan de Manila's head office.  I thought to myself - perfect, now I can get the real number and call in to reserve!  But man, was I wrong.

I dialed the number (02) 631-7364 and a woman answered me, I then asked her for the number of their Araneta Avenue branch to which she answered she didn't know and asked me to call another number (02) 631-7362 and to look for Weng - because she had the list of the numbers of their branches.  She asked why I was asking for the branch's number - I told her that I wanted to reserve pandesal in advance and she giddily said for me to call the number she gave.

When I called that number, I immediately asked for Weng.  The person who took my call was Ms. Malou Dimaculangan, she said that Weng was in the other office and asked what she could do for me.  I told her that I wanted to get the number of their Araneta Avenue branch because I wanted to call ahead to reserve freshly cooked pandesal.  She then told me that the branch's telephone was not working - I then asked her if she knew a mobile number (because I believe THAT everyone has a cellphone nowadays) she then said she didn't know.  She told me to wait again and when she came back on the phone said that the number she has is a landline - so I asked she give it to me.  She then said 'but its not working' - WHAT THE HELL?? Wasn't that resolved already?  I thought she was giving me ANOTHER number!  Gosh - I then told her that Weng might know of another number of the branch, to which she replied that Weng was in the other office - I got irritated and asked if the other office meant it was next door or if it was in another building.  She then replied that Weng was in the office next door - I then asked VERY nicely, if maybe she can ask for the number from Weng.  She then said 'Ma'am, we're really not supposed to give out the numbers of our branches, its our SOP'  this reply I found to be the silliest and oddest reply EVER!!  I mean, why shouldn't you give numbers to your branches?  Isn't that supposed to be a good marketing tool - because people might want to order in advance or place bulk orders?  She then said - it has being their SOP not to give out the numbers...

My gosh - Is it just me who finds it silly and odd?

Sorry, but I got turned off - I mean, all I wanted was the number - plain and simple, so I can order in advance, but man - was I SHUT DOWN.

Tsk.. Tsk... Tsk...

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