Happy Lemon & Paradis Ice Cream Shop

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy Lemon
Promenade, Greenhills

Last Saturday after sumptuous dinner at Choi Garden with my Panget's maternal side, I convinced him to drive me to Happy Lemon at Promenade!  I wanted to try Happy Lemon's drink with the cheese and rock salt.  You see, I've been reading about this drink from The Club and I got really curious.

Happy Lemon is located where the Fully Booked's graphic novel section was before - on the ground floor of Promenade, right beside Starbucks.  The place was packed when I got there - the tables inside and outside were all filled, this made me think that the waiting time is long.  That's why when I entered, I immediately asked the cashier if my order will take long - she smiled and replied that it'll take less than three (3) minutes.  I think - that waiting time is good enough!  I got their rock salt and cheese bestseller - the green tea!

And so I waited, and indeed in less than 3 minutes - my order was done!  The person who took my order asked if I knew how to drink the tea - I said no so she instructed me how to drink, she said for me to make short sips and not stir as much as possible.  And that's what I did.  The taste was actually weird - but yummy weird, as my friend Kathrina described it - it was savory!  It wasn't the normal milk tea drink that I am used to, but it was a good change.  I wonder tuloy how their milk teas are..  Maybe on my next visit!

Paradis Ice Cream Shop
Tomas Morato, QC

My BIL discovered a new ice cream shop along Tomas Morato, he didn’t even know the name of the store, he just mentioned that it was on the same side as UCC and it was a building or two right after. So after a pedi session, my Panget and I headed to that direction – not knowing where exactly the ice cream shop was located nor the name of the store.

My Panget and I then saw a signage that said Paradis Ice Cream Shop, we had a feeling this was it because it fit the description my BIL was saying. The shop was fairly new – it had the sign soft opening on their front door. And when we entered, the place was fairly new – it seemed like the interior was hastily done.

We were greeted by smiley staff members – I then asked what their products were and was told that they serve gelato – a healthy kind of gelato because the ingredients were fresh and all natural. They had gelato flavors such ash Beet Carrot, Green Mango, Chocolate with Saffron, and etc. What intrigued me the most was their Yolive – this was the healthy yogurt with a twist. Yogurt that has – olive oil. Can you believe it? Yes, it has an olive oil flavor to it. And since I love the taste of olive oil, I indulged the free sample they gave me. The yogurt tasted fantastic – it really had a hint of olive oil. My Panget didn’t like it – so did my BIL and MIL! They found the taste weird, but I LOVED it! Call me weird but I enjoy tasting olive oil in the yogurt. I do not know how they combined it BUT for me, it tasted great – the combination was wonderful. As for the gelatos my FIL found them too sweet, I didn’t get to taste the gelatos because I was enjoying my Yolive too much!!

Here’s my neice enjoying her Yolive!

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