DIDI'scoveries: Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I went to my friend Selene's house one night because my Panget had a basketball game.  I caught her having a very light dinner - a salad dinner.  Selene is very thin, that's why I don't understand why she still has salads for dinner!  She said that she's too lazy to cook, and that she found a salad dressing that she really likes.  She showed me the bottle - it was a Japanese brand - she called it the naked Japanese baby.  I found out later on that it was the Kewpie brand.

She offered me some fresh greens - I was honestly skeptical.  I thought it was one of those salad dressing that didn't taste good.  But when I tried the dressing, I couldn't stop eating the greens!  The dressing was so flavorful - it really did taste like roasted sesame!  When I asked her where she got it she said that she bought the big bottle from DEC along Wilson Street. 

Last Sunday, I went to DEC just to buy that salad dressing.  I was looking around the store and I couldn't find it - so I finally asked the owners and they told me the bad news, that they ran out of it.  Darnit!  I was raving about the dressing to my mom, too bad she couldn't taste it.  Grrr...

This morning, my mom was craving for a Kani salad.  We then went to a Korean grocery store nearby to buy some ingredients.  Of course, I thought that the Korean store would have the salad dressing right?  I then remembered, Korean, Japanese - different!  Hahahaha...

I then asked my mom if there were any Japanese grocery store in our area - and she said that there was, along Timog Avenue.  So when we were a bit free in the office, my mom decided to take me to the Japanese Grocery store.

When I entered the store - the salad dressing was the first thing I searched and voila - SUCCESS!!  They had it in stock! :)  I immediately grabbed one!!  Good thing that the store had it!  I was so excited to go home to have my mom and brother try it!! :)

Its so yummy!! :)

Fuji Mart
Timog Avenue,
Quezon City
Tel 410-0083


  1. Wow I was wondering where I could buy this, thanks for sharing :D Tasted this dressing at a Tita's house and I had a craving for this awhile ago so I went to an SM grocery store but they only have little bottles of McCormick toasted sesame dressings :( I bought one just to satisfy my craving but my bottle is now half empty D: Lol, hm how ia thia Kewpie brand? :)

  2. uh It's me again XD Wanted to check if you answered my question..but wth my last line should have read "how much is the Kewpie brand?" huh, must have been sleepy last night ^^; well anyway hope you can answer my question now :)

  3. Hi Suzette! The dressing costs P570.00 as to where to get it, I wrote the name of the place where I got it, you must have missed reading the end of the entry.

    Fuji Mart
    Timog Avenue
    Tel. 410-0083


  4. Hi there! I've always passed Fuji Mart since I live near it but I've never walked in. Seems really small. The only Japanese grocery store I've been in was Choto Ctop in Makati. Does Fuji Stop sell snacks and junk food? I've been looking for my favorite Meiji cheese curls. :)

  5. Hi Jasmine, I didn't notice anymore. Why don't you give them a call, I posted the phone number - to ask if they have the snack that you like?

    Good lUck!