Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, I am stressed - with my ballpen addiction!

You see, there's this pen that I have - its called the Jetstream 2&1.  It has two pens, one black and one red - it also has a mechanical pencil built in.  My friend Kym bought it for me years ago upon my request, she bought it with instructions to buy refills.  And just last week, my refills officially ran out.  My black pen is no longer usable, as the ink has already been used up!

Image grabbed from THIS site

Since last week, I've been a little bothered.  I know it sounds silly BUT I'm that type of person.  I am very OC when it comes to my ballpens, so there - since my black in has ran out, I kept on thinking where and how I can get a hold of a new refill!

I asked my friend Kath who went to Hong Kong last week, but her schedule was full already.  Yesterday afternoon, I asked my BFF Kim - but I never got a reply, I think she turns off her phone when abroad.  I have another friend who's based in Singapore (he's also a ballpen enthusiast) - I am sending him the image of the pen and what the refill looks like so he can try and purchase for me.  On a last resort, I called the local distributor of Uni ballpens.  I spoke to a very nice lady and she said that there's a minimum order if I really wanted one - which was about 500+ pieces!  I have to admit, this sounded really tempting - BUT its not practical at all.


I am really stressing out!  Hahahaha... Silly noh?

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