Purple Oven's Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Since getting pregnant, my taste buds have been wonky.

There's this constant urge - to eat a chocolate cake!  And you know very well that - I do not like chocolates!  Hahaha..

My first attempt was futile - because I threw it all up.

But the second attempt which was last Saturday with Mindy, was successful!  I got a slice of Polly's Brown Derby and it was fantastic!! :)  Yummmmmm......

And so I thought, maybe - I can eat chocolate now.  My good friend Kath who's also pregnant, was also semi-craving for some chocolate cake last weekend.  She told me she wanted to order Purple Oven's choco cake, and suggested we take half each - good idea, as I don't think I'll ever get to finish one whole cake! 

This morning, my half arrived! 

 Purple Oven's Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Everyone who knows me would say that the sight of a chocolate cake is not at all appealing to me.  So this particular chocolate cake is just the same.  When I saw the chocolate shavings - it didn't look as good.  Hahaha!!  But I had to taste it, I mean - I bought half right?  So, I cut a slice - and the verdict?  for a person who doesn't fancy chocolate - the cake was pretty good!  One thing I didn't like, which I'm sure everyone would love are the choco chips embedded on the cake!   But nevertheless, the cake was pretty good, I liked the fact that it didn't taste too chocolate-y. 

A close look on the cake..

But still, my chocolate cake of choice has still go to be Polly's Brown Derby.   I don't know why - maybe because it was the first chocolate cake that I liked?  And maybe because the icing was mocha?  Hmmm... Maybe!


  1. Yummy chocolate cake. Ako naman, I can't resist chocolates!

  2. @Badet! Go try Polly's Brown Derby!!:)

  3. Yum yum! It's been so long since I ate a chocolate cake, you made me crave!

  4. im craving!!!!!!!!!! i can never say no to chocolate :D