My kawawang Beef Pepper Rice

Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Sunday, my Panget and I had a very late merienda slash super early dinner at Pepper Lunch in Rockwell.  It was my choice because I have been craving for Pepper Lunch since three months ago!

So I was really excited to finally have my Beef Pepper Rice!

My excitement dropped and I was really disappointed because this was what was served me:

It looked like my Beef Pepper Rice was nalugi :(  It had just a few beef on it!  I remember those Beef Pepper Rice I've had in the past vividly and they had more than enough beef on them - this one looked super kawawa, thus - I dubbed it My kawawang Beef Pepper Rice.

My Panget's order of the Beef Terriyaki had a LOT of beef on it.  I was so sad.

I hope that on my next visit - it won't be another 'My kawawang Beef Pepper Rice' again..


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