The Battle of the Milk Tea

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am a Serenitea loyalist and addict.  I have to admit that.

But last Monday - while nearing Serenitea Banawe, I noticed that there were a LOT of cars.  This prompted me to drive away and go to nearby Funtea.  It was my first time there - I've been passing by it numerous time - but never got the chance to try it yet.  You see, I'm the type of person who likes going back to the same place and ordering the same thing - every time.  So making this trip - was a little hard for me.  Hahaha!!

When I entered Funtea - I was greeted with smiling faces of the owners.  I immediately asked for their bestseller - and sure enough, it was their Milk Tea.  I ordered two large ones with pearls and my request was that there be no ice put in it.  I didn't mind that I wasn't asked for the sugar level and I love sweet things!  I remembered my recent trips to Hong Kong that my Panget and I would have Milk Tea every single day - it was because the Milk Tea places were everywhere - I mean, literally everywhere.

The service was really fast and I was impressed!  I was really excited to go home and try it.  But then, there was this urge to go back to Serenitea and order what I usually take - the Okinawa Milk Tea.

So, I headed over there - and sure enough, there was parking already.  When I got there - I was second in line - I ordered the Okinawa, my Panget told me to get him something new, so I got him the Malt Assam Milk Tea and for a change, I tried a hot Roasted Milk Tea.  The cold Milk Teas I always request 'No Ice' because I want to taste the full flavor of the milk teas, the ice for me makes it cold - yes, but the taste is diminished when the ice melts.

As usual - the wait was longer.  I really find it odd that it takes them a while to prepare the milk teas - considering that they're very well staffed!  I had to wait about 30 minutes for my drinks to arrive.  My drinks were actually done BUT they failed to call out my number.  I had to go to the counter to follow-up the drinks, and they have been standing there.  Hmm.. It was only then that I noticed that the large cup wasn't full.  I don't know why, but for my previous orders - the cups were really full even if I requested 'No Ice'.

When I got home - I took pictures to compare.

I really don't know why with this order, Serenitea's milk tea wasn't filled full.

I'm sorry, but I'm very anal with these things, here's another look:

As for the taste, Funtea's was not bad.  The sweetness level is okay for me, it wasn't too sweet.  The taste was good - like that of Hong Kong's milk tea.  I honestly prefer Okinawa, because it's my favorite.  So I'm a little biased.  But I was really disappointed with the milk tea not being filled full.  I mean, sorry - but what was that about?  I felt tuloy that I was cheated.  Hmmm...

I have to stay - the Malt Milk Tea was really good - now, that's something new to order!  Hehehe...

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