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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I knew there was a maternity line at H&M.

I was so glad that there was because when I went to Hong Kong last July - this was all I could think about!  I was so excited to go shopping.  Unfortunately, the items were not as vast as if it were the non-maternity.  Styles were limited BUT the variety was good enough.  I wished there were more but hey, I can't complain.

Last week, I went to Seoul - I had no idea if Seoul had an H&M, I was honestly clueless!  But while walking in Myeongdong - I saw Koreans holding bags of H&M - this made me a little excited, because it may mean that there is an H&M store in Seoul!  And true enough after a few steps, I saw it!  I went inside and walked around looking for the maternity line - and I saw none.  Sigh.

So when I got back to the hotel - I searched online and found a blog entry that mentioned that there was indeed an H&M Mama line in one of the Myeongdong stores.  Good thing, my Panget and I went back on our second to the last day!!

I was ecstatic because I found a pair of pants that was on sale and also a belly belt!

This belly belt cost Korean Won25,000.00 converted its P1,000.00.

That's for two belly band already - one black and one white.

The price is not bad for me since its P500.00 each.

The ones being sold here in Having a Baby is at P899.00 per piece!

Not bad right?

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