Fisher Honey Roasted Peanuts

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love peanuts...

But only adobong mani, the salted ones without balat and honey roasted ones.

On the Korean Airlines flight to Seoul, we were served with peanuts as snacks.

I am one not to turn them down - so I munched on a pack, the brand was Fisher.

And it tasted WONDERFUL!

And so I asked the flight attendant for another pack, and another and another.

Yes, this was my main snack while en route to Seoul!

I think I consumed at least 5 packs...

Hahahaha!! :)

I wish I can purchase more!!

Sigh... They're not available here in Manila.... :(


  1. kahit sa S&R wala? cge when I found one, bilhan kita. :) **sana meron** hihihi :P

  2. Dyanie! :) I haven't checked S&R pa, but parang wala akong napansin before kasi eh.. Pag meron, do let me know! I'll pay you back!!